12.05.2024 Russian Roulette Stunt - Derren Brown

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This here is bulletproof glass you're. going to be sat behind this for some of. the time all right okay this is the. table before you sit down I want you to. check under the table there are no. hidden cameras do that for me now no. that's good all right have a seat for me. thank you James can ask you to verify we. have not spoken since you agreed to play. the game no we are and you spent some. time with the armorer who's taking you. through everything again and also. explained this to you yeah this shield. yeah. can you explain what this is this is a. shield we've had made when you load a. bullet into a revolver you can see along. the side here and at the front where the. bullet lies in which chamber it is we've. had this shield made which fits onto the. top and stops either the camera or me. from accidentally seeing where the.

Bullet is are you happy with that and. you're happy that's all the shield does. yes yes yeah thank you thank you bring. the armor over. gentlemen these are live rounds. please cover your ears. James select around stand it there thank. you thank you. Armour will now leave along with our. cameraman for safety reasons the rest of. this will now be filmed using these. remote control cameras okay aside from. you and me now this room is empty also. want you to know we are going out live. at the moment and also James I've signed. a disclaimer I've signed a form that. absolves you from any legal. responsibility for this alright also. morally you are not responsible for this. it's my decision to do it and I'm. responsible for it okay okay if it. up it's not your fault alright. pick up the gun take the gun under the. table can you see the numbers yes okay.

Move it around a bit familiarize. yourself with the numbers make sure you. can see them clearly I want you to. choose one of those numbers you keep. that number to yourself that have a look. at them now and choose one this number. you choose now it doesn't matter which. one it is you can change your mind as. many times as you like which you make. that decision for me and you settle on a. number are you thinking of one now yeah. alright you need to repeat that number. to yourself over and over again quietly. in your head fix that number in your. mind. pick up the bullet you're going to place. that bullet into the number chamber you. were just thinking of as you do it keep. your fingers away from the trigger do. that for me now put it in check as it. goes in doublecheck that it's going in. the correct chamber the one that you're.

Thinking of is it going in the correct. one yes all right lock that number into. your mind keep your fingers away from. the trigger keep the gun pointed down at. the floor feel free to move the cylinder. around of it you can move it as many. times as you like I'll spin it whatever. you like whenever you're ready. close the cylinder snap it sharp make. sure it's cool. keep saying that number to yourself. James it's very important you remember. it okay all right pick up the shield in. the way the armor has shown you and keep. your fingers away from the trigger as. you do this you're going to place the. shield now onto the gun keep your. fingers away from the trigger it's okay. take your time. yeah it's logged in is it on yeah in the. way the armor is shown you again without. pointing the gun directly at you I want.

You to check that you can't see where. the bullet is neither from the side nor. from the front happy with that. yep can't sit great place the gun on the. table for me all right that's the hard. part over for you. all you've got now in your mind is. number between one and six you need to. lock that number in your mind so tightly. now all right just take a minute to do. that for me now otherwise with the. pressure of all of this it will slip. your mind over and over again to. yourself alright it's a number between. one and six that's all this is now in a. moment I'll get you to count from one to. six as long as you can do that you're. absolutely fine okay okay. behind me is the bulletproof glass. behind that's a chair you're going to go. and sit in that chair for your own. safety when I tell you to the chair is. bolted to the floor you must not move.

Out of the chair you must stay in the. chair all right whatever happens you. don't move and whatever happens you do. not try and stop me don't call out don't. try and stop it. all right if I'm not a hundred percent. confident I won't do it I won't pull the. trigger okay does that make sense like. it you go and sit in the chair. there are ear protectors on the chair. just put them on your lap for now you. won't need them quite yet you sat in the. chair yep can you see me in the gun yes. I can James are going to ask you in a. moment to count from 1 to 6 I'm only. going to ask you to do this once you. need to count clearly and slowly and. loudly so I can hear you from 1 to 6. listen very important as you count don't. give me any clues don't try and help me. if you try and help me James it will. confuse me and it's really important I'm.

not confused as that makes sense yes. yeah all right when I say go just take a. little while just take a moment just to. take a breath and relax and then count. from 1 to 6 loudly clearly and slowly. take a breath first go. one two three four five six okay thank. you I'm gonna set the gun to a chamber. that I feel is safe that's number three. number three number three I feel is safe. each time that I pull the trigger the. chamber will rotate one round so I'm. going to start by firing number three. which I feel is safe and then four then. five and six and then one and then two. number three I feel is safe James will. you put your ear defenders on number. three I feel safe. number four I feel is safe number five. set up Thanks. to reproduce Darren firing a blank. against his head this is what happens. yeah

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