12.05.2024 2018 British Grand Prix: Race Highlights

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Sergei Silkin both he and Lance stroll. will start from the pit lane as will. Brendon Hartley if they can get his Toro. Rosso going and that is not guaranteed. he's crashed and Kimi räikkönen involved. as well that is massive disappointment. for the British crown for stepping ahead. of Ricardo head of racket and then LICO. hülkenberg and comes the Salva of shower. LeClair Valtteri Bottas pursuing. Sebastian Vettel that comes max. Verstappen Ricardo whenever I can and. hope the moment where of Tom Magnussen. and science coming to the top 10 are for. bikini rocket. now outside the Red Bull and räikkönen. gets ahead of Daniel Ricciardo there is. Gutzon there is bravery Ricardo trying. to fight back but he can't get through. it maggots already Sebastian Vettel is. be bastard Kimi räikkönen got blocked. off by Valtteri Bottas ball toss then.

Steams through and this is where the. action really starts as Paris did get. turned round by Ericsson and here's the. really bad news for Kimi räikkönen a. 10second penalty for causing a. collision Kimi räikkönen crashing into. Lewis Hamilton the stewards are giving. him a 10second penalty. Lewis Hamilton now Renault power. Mercedes power that is no contest that's. light heavyweight against flyweight. quite frankly I want something I can and. putting in an awful a lot of moves. aren't they in this race a lot of. overtaking to be done here comes. Charlotte lair front wing adjustment. medium tires going on for him and I. trying a and it under cut on Nico. hülkenberg he's going slowly that's not. full speed for a pit exit there's a stop. the car stop suckup switch up this is. the moment I think he's he went a little.

Bit hard early doors didn't he probably. took a bit too much out of his tires and. this clearly is for Lewis Hamilton. Marcus Ericsson has a very heavy crash. that either Salva so a safety car has. been brought out now she thought ass is. staying out. this removes any kind of doubt as to. Sebastian Vettel's that's quite a smart. move it's an obvious move from Ferrari. to get him in and put on it's a soft ID. so to the end of a team sets head a new. self so Ferraris did have a brand new. set of soft tires the second Red Bull. now coming towards me and Kimi räikkönen. as well so Mercedes who think they have. better tire wear in this race have left. both of their drivers out for track. position Valtteri Bottas leads the race. from Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton. Marcus Eriksen is getting out of the car. that's great news for absolutely.

Everybody turned in from the white line. maybe a little bit of extra curve. a racing driver you know it's not about. if you crash it when you crash from time. to time the safety car has gone and so. is proud to rebut ass leading this. British Grand Prix from Sebastian Vettel. Hamilton under pressure from the staff. at räikkönen under pressure from Ricardo. but Hamilton staying ahead of the red. bull of recomment keeping clear of the. other red bull as they make their way. through club and now Kimi räikkönen can. get a good slipstream behind max. Verstappen to continue his pursuit out. in front Valtteri Bottas from Sebastian. Vettel all the way down towards village. yeah Hamilton struggling for warmup. initial grip it seemed to me matter he. should have it covered now but ass with. the Ferrari anything go will will.

Reckon and I almost had to go into. another County to get past the Red Bull. but these bodies to do it Kimi räikkönen. gets max for sample of the restart but. first a burn he's gonna come back at him. and through Love Field of Honor what. could they go first Stafford is now back. ahead of Kimi räikkönen but for how much. longer racking it on the inside towards. cops going wheel to wheel with max 47. gets the inside line but first a burn. manages to hold on to the place and. someone's had a big off as well at the. start here and I wonder if that's Carlos. Sainz that is Carlos Sainz that has gone. off in the ran out turning to move it. he okay man yeah we see Chris here man. it's not nice yeah Sebastian Vettel. right behind battery box as it pulls out. voltage defender and just makes the. corner ahead of the Ferrari and avoid.

Contact there but Sebastian Vettel was. very very close as now through Love. Field we going on to would Kurt Valtteri. Bottas gets on the power and he's gonna. have to try and hang on to this lead. while his tires warm up and struggle. just a bit longer. räikkönen having a go first happened. behind incest Oh corner Kimi räikkönen. ahead of max Verstappen what a great. move they must to make contact surely I. said that Ricardo was getting close for. step and spins off his teammate speeds. past him better very close in turn five. as close as he's been he'll get DRS a. little bit of movement from the back of. the Mercedes it happens going really. slowly down the main straight I think he. actually might have a bit more trouble. on his hands as Sebastian fennel goes. down the inside on Valtteri Bottas what. a late move what a late lunch what a.

Brilliant move by Sebastian Vettel to. retake the lead of the British Grand. Prix out of the race and before the. bridge on the Wellington straight. pulling over to the side as Hamilton now. has a go at Valtteri Bottas and Hamilton. moves up into second place and whether. that was orchestrated or not that is a. very important place swap and position. change for Hamilton bit of oversteer on. the exit and now he's a sitting duck and. what he should have done when Vettel was. coming at him Kimi räikkönen up then. into the podium places the British crowd. the majority of them were hoping for a. golden day for the Silver Arrow it might. just be a redletter day instead. the destiny of the championship as. Sebastian Vettel wins the British Grand. Prix and Leto Lewis Hamilton in second. place and Kimi räikkönen in third the.

fight for five world titles goes on. Sebastian Vettel has the lead at the end. of the British Grand Prix and a victory. today hardfought and well worn

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