12.05.2024 Samsung Hotel TV Smart Remote Service Code and network settings

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They tell me that I'm never gonna make. it they want me to do something that. could make sense they hate when I keep. dreaming I'll be famous. deep inside of me but they hate when. you're successful cause they tried to be. they said they're being judgmental. because you trying things and they just. want you to settle and do the right. thing so get a good job don't slack off. wake up every morning make a good. impression on your bus don't do anything. that I wouldn't do and when you're. making money make sure you don't spend. it too soon that'll do what I wanna. do I got a different path from everyone. and that includes you over you to tell. me how to live life in these times it. feels like nobody's right yeah so imma. figure out what else we succeed and then. invest all of my time into that and. proceed I need whatever the hell could.

make me happy and I don't think you have. a clue what could that be they tell me. that I'm never gonna make it they want. me to do something that can make sense. but hey then I keep dreaming I'll be. famous

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