12.05.2024 $100,000 GATES OF OLYMPUS ACTION WITH @potentiallyG

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What's up everyone and welcome back to. another video today I've got a special. special special guest. stop potentially G himself g'day guys. thanks for making me of course g'day. g'day we're jamming to music in here so. the slot sound is just on one pretty. loud all right. bro. what do you think I don't know what the. plan is today. I'm going in and I feel like it's time. for maxwood since you're here. overall I just I don't like losing. anymore. I've actually been a winner the past two. weeks yeah I've been winning I'm happy. for you you've been getting a lot of um. premieres. I'm happy for you. lots of pain it's actually been really. good he needed to turn around yeah I'm. running like way too bad oh. yeah thanks bro it's been really nice to. just like actually have some fun in. between because it was way too like.

Before. by the way guys I just wanted to let you. know you're going to hear about it again. later in this video but since Georgie's. here we're giving away ten thousand. dollars this month to someone who. substitute Georgie's Channel David's. Channel and my channel it's just got to. be a recent sub it's not really anything. too crazy as long as you hit that sub. button you're good you entered so all. three uh channels good luck. nice. unlike our situation here mate. if you do a 24K lucky one. aren't you trashing my 24K buys the. other day I was guy okay trash. was my 24K and then all of a sudden he's. pulling them out if this pays more than. 24K um. ripping a 100K bye. the goal of this video was just to do a. gate session. and then see how it goes okay like no. big buy Plan nothing crazy no sideways. no no okay but if.

He wants to you know. give a little asir little juice a little. juice we can be. good to go and the other thing is. that count on the face. cool. announcement I'm very few I am Phil I'm. very feel. I mean that's progress at least nice I. mean. gotta stay positive yeah true ah. please retrigue please retrigue. puppet. yeah. I feel like if you don't have anything. higher than Apex by the time you hit the. 10 speeds. yeah your toast. besides my video from a few weeks ago. bro I got. no multi. and I had four spins left right on a 100. KY oh no 50k buy. I got a 35k tumble. and exact 5x it paid like 170 Grand it. saved you in one spoon I was like what. like what kind of script is this I've. never seen it it waited 15 spins. pretty. much okay anything no I mean this is a. little bit of a turnaround it's nothing. too insane but.

Oh oh guys I'm claiming Rewards. okay rake back 4K roll back gonna spin. the balance should be like 110 because I. also claimed a 9k reward. 7K bro. 7K trust trust trust in the seven kids. just in the 7K. do we said okay Georgie's magical. numbers 7K guys all of his videos like. everything's going to shoot he does a 7K. buy and it pays 9 million dollars Max. win baby I was gonna ship 100K buys. enough this Max wins when it could have. been 100K buy no I don't blame me all. right is that. is gonna zap now Bob. now it's a good tumble we get us that. please make your summer like. seven times bro at least it's not gonna. zap anymore and stuff yeah I told you. it's done I think that was like eight. hits yep. uh chalices Reds. Reds could lead into zhonyas and crowns. okay that was a bit. hmm. oh. I had to ignore it. I've been seeing the number 555.

Everywhere right and it happened to me a. few like years ago. and then it stops and now it's back and. then I told Georgie about it the other. day and because we were behind a car and. the car had 555 in the number plate I. was like it's so weird I'm seeing this. all the time he was like really. I was like yeah look. and then that car moved out of the. way and the car in front of it. also had 555 in the number plate and our. brains just exploded you've been seeing. it way too much it's kind of scary it is. those. uh. uh on. don't embarrass me like that 7K. we get Blues yeah. okay whoops. what's up rays. are you telling me about your 7K buy I. think. financially bro yeah we filled a big. part of the video for cheap price. Logan was this. look at this bonus first spoon. and I've been trying to spin in bonuses. on my last 10 videos.

With them instead I was like let me spin. in the bonus. I I'm feeling lucky I'll spin it in. actually spawning my first bonus today. in a while on Sweden. nice paid five grand. possible the triggers no the triggers 3K. chicken. 3K I'm hungry man. you thought about the lollipops. hello everybody Max win brother you good. yeah. all right guys it's the moments of Truth. sorry to interrupt the video guys I just. wanted to let you know we are doing a. ten thousand dollar giveaway way to. enter is if you are subscribed to Z's. Channel my channel and David's Channel. and yeah we'll just be picking one. recent subscriber guys for this month. who's up to all three channels to take. home ten thousand dollars cash good luck. good luck right I hope this goes well I. recently had some really good videos so. I'm not too stressed about it but yeah.

It would be nice if it pops the off. before we get into it I just want to let. you know if you want to support me a. little bit further if you head over to. cashion roll but go to referrals and. enter code easy this supports me a ton. it also enters you into my monthly fifty. thousand dollar wager leaderboard which. is getting some nice updates soon plus. you can get some coupons and other stuff. in Discord and Twitter but for now we. want to zap goodness open did you say. coupon coupon. all right. come on. bro he's gonna do it bro. zap please zap please zap please zap. please zap please zap please zap please. just get the zap in mate runs in Crown. saying please zap yes. I didn't see that there was it but. you have a decent multi before the 10. spins. but I thought it was crowns I was so. excited. stay positive yeah.

Oh nice that's it good good [ __ ] it's up again oh one for purpose this is nice though this feeling alive well I think why is she oh don't die the sap would want Maltese happen what's happened look at the screen nice made the zappers in just nice yellows blues and yellows yes very good Blues into rings nice zap again ah it's still good though really really good made 15K away from Break Even please just squeeze it in there any 120 connect I think so 120 connect bro uh one for the road come on it's okay like it's workable yeah oh oh I can't believe crowns didn't hit there I thought they were in like I I didn't oh this is a bonus yeah bonus dude that 500x okay Bob yeah I'm either gonna do an 80k Buy or 90. like if we get a base game that takes us to 90.

If. I've watched that movie before bro yeah. it was a great one. I lived happily ever after the tale of. Georgie and uh Z chasing a Max read. okay. all right here we go luck bro. that's a scatter formation yeah yeah. it's a good . please can. oh bro atex and 10x mist and Crown's. gone. you. ah. Look Away . you can just feel it just [ __ ]. off Zeus. mate like this screen could go. that multi though. Shins. this is gonna zap with 2x watch this. look look. wait for it here it comes look look a 2X. is coming. up again oh maybe if this zaps again. it's a 10K tumble zap. I knew it I knew a 2X was coming. on a good tumble that's a little bit of. a save but like bro yeah. like where are those stumbles when you. actually have a respectable multi. existing really laggy. yeah yeah I think a 32k will fix the. lager. I think it's gonna fix the legs if we.

Stop gambling. quit for the day oh nice. greens yes zap again yellows blue zap. again I've made so zap again loose. okay now zap. farfetched. at least we got a zap the first spin we. have a multi now. oh. hit that multi before the 10 when was. the last time you got a retrigger A. little bonus on this game oh I don't. remember. a while back. in mind. there. a thousand years ago. Shameless this guy is. absolutely Shameless. for massive Gates video you and I. together 100K by Will Smurf it will do. well and instead we just get shafted I'm. sorry I couldn't bring the luck bro I'm. really sorry I don't think it's your. fault I think it's just Gates so I have. a comeback Strat for us comeback season. Al chance. maybe maybe maybe zap it. lose stop it zap it zapper just zap it. for the money mate it'll be it'll be. money if you zap it.

bruh that would have been an extra 10K. then doubles app okay. look at this man we got an extra lab. Max bet. s which would pay 98k. we have an 11 chance. of winning 98k no worries guys this is. the easiest thing of our life we just. need to hit a glowing gold this needs to. say 8X or more and then we'll claim. right back and no we can't but. so let's hit this first let's hit this. first come on. bro and it's 7.78 imagine. 0.22. all right guys thanks so much for. watching thank you for joining me bro if. you enjoyed smash a like make sure to. check out Georgie's Channel he's posting. some really sick content and uh yeah. we'll see you tomorrow for the next. video

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