12.05.2024 How To Find your Epic Games Security Code (EASY!)

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In this video I'm going to show you how. to find your epic games security code. it's a very quickly and easy process so. make sure to follow along first I will. point out that this process works if you. using a computer laptop a phone doesn't. matter now you need to come on. epicgames.com and sing into your account. okay after doing that you need to come. to your name click on account and you. will come to this page right here you. need to click password and security. and if you swipe down you will see the. option that you activated to turn on the. the security code so for example third. part authentication app SMS. authentication or aail authentication if. you need this security code to SN into. your account I recommend you to check. your SMS on your phone your third part. authentication app like Google. authentication code or your email to see.

if you have a security code. authentication okay so after checking. these three options you probably will. see your security code and you just need. to enter the security code to log to. your account okay you can also come to. this page turn off or turn on this. options right here okay I recommend you. to turn on because this make your. account more safe I hope I help you on. how to find epic gamees security code so. if this video helped you in any anyway. hit the like button and subscribe to our. channel to receive usful steps

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