12.05.2024 Casino (25th Anniversary) | Opening the New Casino

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Before i ever ran a casino. i got myself blown up ace rothstein was. a hell of a handicapper. i can tell you that i was so good that. whenever i bet i could change the odds. for every bookmaker in the country. i'm serious i had it down so cold that i. was given paradise on earth. i was given one of the biggest casinos. in las vegas to run. the tangiers by the only kind of guys. that can actually get you that kind of. money 62 million 700 000. i don't know all the details matter of. fact nobody knew all the details. but it should have been perfect i mean. he had me nikki santoro. his best friend watching his and he had. ginger. the woman he loved on his arm but in the. end. we it all up it should have been. so sweet too. but it turned out to be the last time. that street guys like us. were ever given anything that invaluable.

Again at that time vegas was a place. where millions of suckers flew in every. year on their own nickel and left behind. about a billion dollars. but at night you couldn't see the desert. that surrounds las vegas. but it's in the desert where lots of the. town's problems are solved. a lot of holes in the desert and a lot. of problems are buried in those holes. except you got to do it right i mean you. got to have the hole already dug before. you show up with a package in the trunk. otherwise you're talking about half hour. 45 minutes to dig it. and who knows who's going to be coming. along in that time before you know it. you got to dig a few more holes you. could be there all night. who could resist anywhere else in the. country i was a bookie. a gambler always looking over my. shoulder hassled by cops day and night.

But here i'm mr rothstein i'm not only. legitimate. but running a casino and that's like. selling people dreams for cash. i hired an old casino pal billy sherbert. as my manager and i went to work. for guys like me las vegas washes away. your sins. it's like a morality car wash it does. for us what lords does for humpbacks and. cripples. and along with making us legit comes. cash. tons of it i mean what do you think. we're doing out here in the middle of. the desert. it's all this money this is the end. result of all the bright lights. and the comp trips of all the champagne. and free hotel suites and all the broads. and all the booze. it's all been arranged just for us to. get your money. that's the truth about las vegas. we're the only winners the players don't. stand a chance. and their cash flows from the tables to.

Our boxes. through the cage and into the most. sacred room in the casino. the place where they add up all the. money the holy of holies. account room. now this place was offlimits even i. couldn't get inside. but it was my job to keep it filled with. cash that's for sure they had so much. money in there you could build a house. out of stacks of 100 bills. and the best part was that upstairs the. board of directors didn't know what the. was going on i mean to them everything. looked on the up and up. right wrong the guy's inside the. counting room. we're all slipped in there to skim the. joint dry. they do short counts they lose fill. slips they'd even take cash right out of. the drop boxes. and it was up to this guy right here. standing in front of about 2 million. dollars. to skim the cash off the top without. anybody getting wise.

The irs or anybody now notice how an. account room nobody ever seems to see. anything. somehow somebody's always looking the. other way now look at these guys they. look busy right. they're counting money who wants to. bother them i mean god forbid they. should make a mistake and forget to. steal. meanwhile you're in and you're out. past the jaguar of god who gets an extra. c note a week just to watch the door. i mean it's routine business as usual in. out hello goodbye and that's all there. is to it. just another fat walking out of the. casino with a suitcase. now that suitcase was going straight to. one place right to kansas city. which was as close to las vegas as the. midwest bosses could go without getting. themselves arrested. that suitcase was all the bosses ever. wanted. and they wanted it every month. now they saw a mormon here he had to fly.

In with suitcases once a month nice and easy the bosses would come from all over the place detroit cleveland milwaukee all over the midwest and they would meet in the back of his produce market in kansas city i mean nobody even knows one of the guys made his mother do all the cookies now these old grease balls might not look it but believe me these are the guys who secretly control las vegas because they control the teamsters and that's where you had to go if you wanted to borrow money to buy a casino nobody got a teamsters loan unless the guys in this room knew they were going to get their little suitcases guys like this and take over here out of detroit or especially guys like remo gadgets the outfit's top boss definitely the most important guy in this room about 20 pounds so that's around 700 000.

I know it's a little early for las vegas. but i do want to welcome the ladies and. gentlemen of the. gaming industry as far as the world was. concerned. andy stone the head of the teamsters. pension fund. was a legitimate guy very auspicious. occasionally a powerful man philip if. you would rise. he even played golf with the president. on behalf of the teachers pension fund. it's my pleasure to present you but andy. also took orders. and when he was told to give a pension. fund loan to philip green for 62 million. 700 000 for the new tangibles. he did what he was told now here was the. perfect front man. i mean what the else could he be he. didn't know too much he didn't want to. know too much. especially that the bosses made the. teamsters lend him the money he wanted. to believe the teamsters gave him all. that money because he was smart.

i say that knowing full well just how. much competition we have in this great. city. and where they got green from who the. knows. all i know is that green was an arizona. real estate hustler. who barely had enough gas money to come. and pick up his own. check and of course it was the boss's. man. andy stone who gave all the orders not. the chairman of the. board philip green i understand. now all they needed was somebody they. could trust to run the casino. and who better than ace i mean he was. already in vegas a couple of years and. he had the second place clocked

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