12.05.2024 WE GOT A BIG WIN ON THE NEW SWEET BONANZA DICE! (Better than original slot?)

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Oh Are we getting these yes. I don't do that ever. what does it do after tomorrow. no what happened I don't know I haven't. seen those. stay clean. yeah yeah yeah. I'll laugh so hard if I see her with a. splitted eyebrow you're not gonna see. that you will see. you. know do this candy. well you can buy as well what do you. mean no I kill like. every day oh yeah. you can go home and lie no yo but. everyone can lie what's the final what's. the point of lying. yeah I mean with. we're saying I'm a liar they're a liar. and an actress they don't lie. well I'm gonna be here every day and. somebody is going to ask every day like. have you done it and if I would do it I. would laugh you know no now I'm gonna. lie I'm gonna laugh anyways but yeah I'm. not gonna lie it wouldn't. was my idea why would I like it yeah. I don't know how like bad they do this.

Likes to eat candy but. I think she's fine yeah I think Julius. is gonna be fun you know av2 you don't. do this. has a cabinet like a candy cabinet you. know and it just leaves with that oh and. you're me as well they just have a cat. with some candy and sweets that is the. most random thing ever you can decabbing. it not like candy cabinet but like a. drawer with a drawer drawer with like. four God. we like candies. could I ever have them could I ever. could I ever have that. Maybe. I could never. that's impossible yep. yep y'all you weirdo yep yeah. that's kind of weird why would you do. that why why would you do this it's just. you buy it and then you're like oh. I'm craving it now so I'm not gonna eat. it so that's pretty weird. if I if I buy some I'll eat it and then. like I'll throw the rest of it I no I. don't throw the rest of the I don't.

Throw rest of the candy away I. eat until I'm sick and if there is candy. left and I'm still sick I will eat it. you could have an empty candy cabinet. nice. empty candy cabinet. why is the balance like this again. hey those this is good are we getting oh. Are we getting these. yes we are yes. okay that was good that was good let's. go that was good. holy 1.1 nice 180 bucks only big. wins I'm telling you I'm telling you. nice very good very nice oh I like this. game. Sensational. let's go we got saved we got saved by. sweet Bonanza. against you too and again. go go go go go go go go. go go. Stars holy shitty drops big movies all. the time oh. come on. please thousand X. 5000x fat thousand X from this from all. these. three. can what what is a hammer attack nice re. yeah. thousand X making thousand X. the thing is that whatever they're.

Called. oh. oh come on oh okay. that sounds good let's go. beautiful come back of the century come. on Fanny we are back in it. we are back back in business. Asura was saying why is the balance. looking like this it does not it's not. looking like that anymore it's not. looking like that anymore but who knows. uh yeah I guess you you just have to be. you just have to be total you just have. to be honest but yeah you can drink you. know coincidence those are not like. sweets. yo I'm gonna be done here I'm friends. with the monster. that's really not funny actually. oh. Birthday monkey. yeah. what do you mean oh okay okay. with that. game is on fire. hello. big city big physics. yeah you stop you stop eating candy and. then you just like start chain smoking. honestly yeah. I would think it will take it stay home. it's okay okay again should we do the.

Tactical right. so tomorrow we're gonna start that okay. but I'm gonna I'm gonna. um very controlled uh better guys I. spent yeah I'm not gonna talk I'm not. gonna eat candy today even though I. could you could eat I could imagine guys. but I'm not going to do that. did you hear nearly what I'm gonna do. tomorrow. they're they're gonna start they are. gonna start the challenge and like the. loser has to get a eyebrow split and. just like rock this no it's a double. split. so yeah and tomorrow I'm gonna come here. in the office with like last year's pool. and candy and every every every good. that there is in the store. yeah it's a double eyebrow split. this is pretty bad bursaries that I will. close with candy now the candy how am I. gonna replace that with no yep yeah I'll. keep on sucking this I'll just. Stick it to it I'll be proud yeah.

it's gonna be bad if you do Panic if I. if I eat candy today yeah I mean no no. no I can't eat today because now I've. been three days clean. so yeah I don't see I've been three days. clean honestly I've been three days. clean. and those um. people joined the stream and he's like. clean up

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