12.05.2024 Down $3,000,000 Drake TRIES Again !!

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Foreign. guys welcome back to another OG. highlight I don't know if we're gonna. have to make this like a part two part. three I'm not even sure what part we're. on yet but they're done they took a. little break to give out some money. they're done guys we're gonna hop right. in just check out the links in the. description leave a like on the video. let's hop on and try and let's try and. like let's try and have a um he's back. on wanted someone's like that was a paid. actor. that's hilarious. I don't blame you for thinking that like. all this shit's like scripted but. I think he paid 100K for this. okay. all right all right all right. of course it doesn't open. so of course it doesn't work. what. I'll actually be surprised if he doesn't. end up going back to roulette return on. wanted tonight has been really bad. it usually is yes.

But watch this this is the one watch if. you heard what Lil yachty just said he. goes you got fifty dollars back from a. hundred thousand I'm telling you yo. these Bonus Buys are freaking Criminal. paid 100K got 50 bucks back. open. like crazy. I don't even think he's got most shots. we've ever done on a stream by the way. yeah. is there like a reason to do you think. that the thoughts are. probably because we're just like we're. we're locked in waiting on something. special. he's he's supposed to go to me he's. pouring in. like for himself I was gonna say I don't. even think he's gotten three verses to. drop out once yet I'm pretty sure he. hasn't even gotten a three drop yet he. wants to eat there. that's crazy and just like that slot was. just like yeah. I want to know like who like really. believes in that did you lose your mind.

Or is it because of your name no okay here five little yachty couldn't even believe that fifty dollars okay oh nice neighbor tip appreciate it a lot man oh wow this has to go do not die okay realistically you want to get to 10 10. okay save all right yeah yeah before yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah that's not getting too excited but hey deucase come on go crazy here don't save them boys me 2020 right is that the max this one is 20 20 the max or 20. no it's 20. Chad you don't know the mobile is way higher right so yeah I think the multi can go up to like 31.

I have no idea. is 2031 which has never been seen by the. way wow maybe it's nice in there. 99.. I bought it for 160. so it's like damage. control. yeah or that's what you call it right. yeah I mean. I call it a 60k loss oh okay. you call you what bonus you you call the. bonus. duel I want that one hit yeah no yeah oh. okay yeah I want that one hit wonder I. know me too 150.. give them a three drop or a four. a little laggy here a little laggy. 100K people. that's right. it's a little like okay people kick. going crazy tonight. yeah gotcha I don't know what's going on. it's just got really laggy of course a. zero out what else would it be or a full. screen or maybe just something something. that's insane. I think there's so many like big. streamers on Kik right now it's. literally like almost crashing the site. Aiden's freaking streaming right now.

Drake's got a 100K 100 000 people. watching them right now I think there's. a bunch of other streamers too. thank you. huh. need at least three to drop man oh no. I know I love hearing that sound yeah. that sound would like wake me up out of. my sleep yeah. yeah I've dreamed of a full screen. before I was sick as that is you never. had I had one one time yeah I won six. million. what was the bet. honestly don't even remember I wasn't. even paying attention oh my. oh. I mean money back we'll take we'll take. we'll take. what do you pay 150 we'll take profit a. little bit of profit. not much but. don't go go for it brother organic just. the fact that you could buy this . for a hundred thousand dollars and only. get 50 bucks back I I can't get over. that but like I also just you know I'll. just stand by for a second. breathe a little bit Yeah breathe out.

Breather Breather yeah thanks for. everybody for joining us tonight. little uh little different vibe but you. know we stayed alive for the most part I. think well we're not done yet but. way different with slots and roulette. okay okay. I got you I got you. guys. I'm lost inside joke I guess. I'm gonna go to the bathroom you guys. will get a special feature or a full. screen I'll come back I don't know we'll. just go over here. all right so you come here often I've. actually never been here before. yeah all right. got about four million. nice. three three we're down three but we're. also up seven. Ain't No Way sure ain't no way in a way. but you like Blackjack I do I'm a black. jacket the only game I play facts at the. casino w low yeah I hate this. little because I I I always hate I. always hit. when I'm not supposed to and I and I.

Love to stay on okay on 16 do you hit or. hit or stand against wire against let's. say. um no let's say against eight or or. seven. um what would you do just I think you. said you. let's see should but I probably wouldn't. I'm sorry you're still not sure about it. and you love Blackjack yeah but I I mean. it's just it's I I don't know I don't do. the same I don't go about books so I. don't do the same thing every time yeah. it's a it's a gut feeling right yeah bro. I would do everything when it comes to. gambling I would love to see Lil yachty. play some Black feeling like should I. play this or that hit or send or. chat what do you guys like. you know I could kind of tell like he. knows how to play Blackjack you can kind. of tell because he knew it was 16. against the seven you're supposed to hit. he said he wouldn't you guys already.

Know I play the same damn way you're. supposed to hit a 16 against the seven I. personally stand on them. um 16 against a 10. I'm I guarantee he. would have said oh I'm hitting it. in boats. both. I hope they go to Blackjack. I want to see Lil yachty play some. some BJ pause. yo this is like. I don't know. he's trying to spin in a bonus but. from the 300 000 watched hours I have on. train wrecks. dude you could literally spin the slot a. thousand okay people watching what's up. guys. you could literally spin this you. could literally spend this a lot a. thousand times and not get a bonus. I've seen it appreciate it a lot I. haven't done it before getting in I've. seen it. what's going on out there man what's I. mean I don't I like talking to the. people man not me okay no that is okay. I'm just uh this is a hundred thousand.

People it's not fair to not gotta. communicate okay okay yeah okay I'm. doing a shitty job then okay. all right all right all right let's uh. were you guys eating that's a good we. were talking about that and you said. Pizza is your like goto like this is. Michael and you said no you never said. the toppings like what is your pepperoni. pepperoni straight up like pizza or part. like a turtle pizza that's what I call. it a turtle Pizza you remember oh like. Teenage Mutant yeah yeah yeah yeah. that's like well no one's looking I'll. spend 200k. two hundred thousand dollar bonus buy. that's the way it goes yeah he's down to. 6.9 now. we're bigger go home he's down 3.1. million looks like we're going home. you know I want to say something too I. was going big and going home. oh. you see the first reel coming you think.

It should be criminal though to like not. like uh. it's a hundred and ninety seven thousand. five hundred dollars. Pizza. Pizza should be criminal too yes give. back one that was not even one what uh. two weeks was that two weeks of it I. literally just said that earlier. criminal I wanted to say though I think. it's dope that he does these streams oh. three the bottles the bottles connect. this bottle yeah big numbers here two. lines big numbers you need big multi. I need 50 25 big multi. all right 195 profit right yeah nice. piece left still okay yeah but don't. forget he just lost 198 000 on the last. one and how much to do you know. it's a good win you'll take it but. yeah I was gonna say I think it's dope. that they do these streams because it's. like you get the like especially like. Drake Lil yachty like they live such.

Exclusive lives. that like it's kind of like a peek into. their life outside of like music for at. least an hour or two however long he. streams like you get to see. high profile celebrities just just be. you know just like just being them. not doing not doing like what they. normally what you normally see them do. music and I think it's dope. you get to see another side of them. even if it is degenerate. a little yeah he can't even believe what. he's saying have you ever seen anything. hit on the last spin. um wait A friend of mine just had a. reason a full screen Maxwell I saw that. Adam yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah that was. the last spin Max win all right we'll do. one more one more one more Hades and. then one more wanted and we'll get done. yeah that's it it's either our it's. either our our uh. yeah I think he said you could see like.

Drake's trying to wrap it up he only. streams all his streams have only been. like an hour to an hour 20 minutes tops. yeah. he got a couple 500 that he got a 500. 000 win I think the one was I can't. remember six hundred thousand. I like what that is. overall he's down three point something. million but. foreign. yeah all right we looked up. we looked up Drake's net worth earlier. was. it again. we'll take that. need one in the next like two spins. 200 250 to 260 million Drake's worth. Google says it's usually wrong. all right. take one more. and then it says the Lil yachty's net. worth is 8 million. okay Chad come on Chad fire up. yeah here we go here we go. a little bit of lag. come on Hades now Hades. are you kidding me. I. know that's the best setup you're gonna. you could ask for in it. throw it off one more yeah. what I was gonna say is Drake's.

Basically gambling with Lil yachty's net. worth right now bro that's why Lil. yachty's just standing there like what. the f. uck. okay nuts. okay okay. good start. come on drop another. I uh. come on nine. so bad. oh last gave it to him the last spin. another video is getting a little blurry. here and there but there's nothing I. could do about that there's just I think. there's way too many people on Kick. right now that like their servers like. not even used to this type of traffic I. know they're. um again we're gonna gift office in. twenty thousand twenty twenty thousand. subscribers okay. we're all this. for all this. if he gets another one in the first two. reels. come on just one or two yeah. cats come on. come on. wait is that it oh no. the full line there yeah that's good. okay. should be profit or one or two yeah.

It's profit oh I hate it. yeah. that's what I'm talking about that's one. more spin. one more spoon. come on something makes me crazy with. them. good double up right yeah. take it. come over what 160 or what 120 120 all. right that's that's good roulette no. I thought he was gone. you know what I want we want to see. those 10 15 12 million dollar wins like. last time this oh like this I mean we. need I think our Max profit on this has. been like what 100K yeah yeah I mean. definitely it's. the disappointment yes. and we were going like okay we put you. on the flyer hacksaw it's like you know. what I mean yeah at least you could do. it right that's right and it was the. first game that we played I know I know. he said we think you guys aren't in the. business of uh selfpromotion I see he. said we put you on the flyer.

He's talking about the picture that they. tweeted out I had the first verse versus. or Sonic wait no single verses oh. there's one amazing yeah wow. anger. crazy. all right another 150 guys. asking how do you win. good question boys how do you win. good question. do you just pray for a bunch of verses. to drop in it just never happens. trust me I know. I didn't. he's bought in this a decent amount of. times tonight for anywhere from oh three. but it's horrible it's horrible no it's. horrible. yeah I think so the Jacks the Jack goes. all the way and his full lines here yeah. the Jack apart from the jacks or Kings. or whatever it's horrible. way back at least yeah or I don't even. think it's money back. it's not. not really. it's a dude. all right chat I'm gonna I'm gonna do. one more and then we're getting out of. here tonight.

Shout out to everybody though showing. love a different vibe tonight you know. yeah. I mean I'm playing very aggressive we. didn't literally like you know it's like. yeah yeah we're all Bonus Buys you know. you know how it goes. you know how it goes but we appreciate. the love for sure. everybody tuning in from all over the. world we will see you soon. whether we see you in person or whether. we see you back on the stream shout out. to steak. appreciate kick for having us. full screen right here. go straight to the plane. I forgot how long ago his last stream. was and oh. It's been a. some months all right. I think it was like when kick first. maybe first started I know I feel you. it was like the first month that kick. was a thing it was his last stream which. was what had been at least like six. months ago right Subs yeah the okay so.

20 000 Subs will be giving out after. stream randomly different channels so 20. 000 Subs what what that is a lot there's. a lot of money. 20 000 Subs I don't even know what that. means but it sounds good it's a hundred. thousand dollars I believe twenty. thousand Subs at five dollars a pop all. right last one twenty thousand stuff on. Kick twenty thousand times fives 100. different Subs I'm not stupid right and. I will also add 10 more yeah yeah what a. guy yeah what a guy. I mean 10K enough 10. I mean 10 million. right yeah yeah roast giving away 10. million guys congrats congrats to gifted. Subs right there. this man's still ripping these Bonus. Buys I'm surprised he hasn't gotten a. decent hit like I was saying before he's. bought in this for he's bought this for. we didn't see it anywhere from 100 to. 200 000 at least 20 times a night right.

Yeah they want they want I mean even though he took a break from a red you still played it so yeah that's good I mean pretty much lots of roulette seem pretty pretty well you do you made some good money didn't you yeah though on the other hand oh yikes he's out we won't spin one one spin back to roulette all right for the final cutting call this last yeah I know you guys want to see that 11. I guess he's ending soon I'm going uh uh not these ones man oh no no no no you're gonna it no oh my gosh nine we're going 997 000 total bet this is what they came to see bro playing he's a table club and we're hitting the club afterwards this is what they came to see he's on 3 11 22.

I don't know oh I have it wait you have. it it's only uh uh wait how much did you. bet. he called it a ticket. yo there we go that's rich people talk. right there he just called a million. dollars a ticket I don't think I've ever. heard that before that's hilarious. how much did you bet a ticket. a ticket to what. a concert in heaven for a million. dollars. that's how much a ticket to a Biggie. Smalls concert is a million dollars. give him something. I don't like that one that's how we end. it oh you know you know what people bet. zero with the green one. put their socks on yes serial killers. yeah zero for real. that's not how I wanna wait but y'all. want to you you want blackjack no no. that's a grind yeah. Drake said hell no with the Blackjack. Chad what no matter what happens. uh before I even click this it's been a.

Lot of love. Lil yachty here with me of course Roche. always here showing love uh we. appreciate you like I said you can come. see both of us on tour this summer. um we have so much love for you and uh. glad that you all tune in and we get. these personal moments. um I'll be back obviously streaming soon. enough like six months you know even on. the bad nights it's always great to. bless all of you and uh just see you all. you know showing love wishing for wins. you're gonna let me on your stream yeah. I mean you're it won't go like this oh. man what's up one more let's do it last. one last one it's not over y'all see. that little hug that little hug Roshan. Drake just that was a little awkward but. it is what it is. so whatever whatever I hope you actually. I hope he actually comes through to. roasting stream though that'll be dope.

Do a bonus hunting or roasting drink. this much cheers. all right. I don't know it's terrible this is cool. the fact that he only streams for like. an hour he should try to do these shits. more often I know he's probably super. duper busy but to bring a laptop on the. road when you're on tour or some . and when you got a night off I don't. know just fire up for an hour you know. what I mean like. who invented that right yeah. let's. see if you actually if this is actually. the last one. it's funny watching him getting sucked. into the slot because this just sucked. me into dude oh this sounds just a sound. there's multi that was it. the slot is rough man something's. healthy thank you the break even kind of. no it's not. Road. and uh. please hit something. oh yes all right guys in case this is. his last one drop a like on the video.

Leave a comment check out the links in. the description you could go follow. Drake's Channel over on Kik tune into. his next stream when is that going to be. I don't know but. himself. I'm I'm adding 10K on it as well. he's a good man I mean my budget doesn't. allow it but he's a good man. so 20K from Drake 10 from me the slot. has done nothing wrong. we're up. I know you. all right guys he's I believe he's gonna. end it he's been live for. wait a minute all right one more I'll do. one more I'll do one just one more oh my. God 200k this is outside the script. my manager is not gonna let me watch. your stream anymore that's the. difference. by the way I I think I've like I've been. up I've been up watching your stream and. you've said you're leaving like 20 times. I've said I'm leaving like this is the. directors Cuts yeah.

Bluray Edition gas station VHS so this. is just gas station VHS he's gotta be. something you want to buy DVD DVD. I mean. I'm getting ready to press the full. screen button there's a button that says. full screen but um. yeah wow okay just so right okay. let's get paid it's decent it. ain't gonna pay big because it's. 390. we'll take it yeah yeah we'll take. it I mean yeah. that's how you ended with it. all right daddy never mind that was a. little bit more than I thought. we'll take it we'll take it we'll take. it we'll take it we'll take it all right. thank you all right love. um all right guys they're out I'm out. remember don't gamble save your money. don't be stupid save your money guys. he's out I'll see you guys in the next. one peace

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