12.05.2024 Microsoft Flight Simulator - Part 1 - FIRST SOLO FLIGHT!

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Ladies and gentlemen this is your. captain speaking. i just wanted to extend a warm welcome. to t martin airlines. special shout out to our executive. platinum pro plus. diamond gold club members we appreciate. your loyalty we know you have a choice. when flying these friendly skies and. we're glad you're flying. with us no but seriously if any of you. guys ever thought you were getting an. aircraft with me. good luck what's up guys and welcome to. the star of a brand new. series here on the channel welcome to. microsoft. flight simulator we are about to dive. right into this thing we are going to be. way over our heads but i'm excited. and uh it's just dude this this is going. to be an incredible game it's going to. be an incredible series. literally the world is at our fingertips. we can travel anywhere in the world.

See any landmark land at any of the 37. 000 airports go watch animals look at. live. traffic live weather that sort of thing. it's it's seriously going to be really. really cool. and i'm excited to embark on this. journey with you guys now. uh big shout out to microsoft they. provided me with an early review code so. i could hop on bring you guys some early. videos. uh the game officially comes out on. august 18th a few days from now. and uh it's it's the first flight sim. release in like nearly 15 years. and the first one ever to be both on pc. and on xbox so. be sure to check it out if you guys want. but um we're just gonna hop straight. into it here now i'm gonna be honest. with you guys off the bat all right. i am not the most experienced pilot. in fact if if we're talking aeronautical. knowledge it's it's probably.

You know novice at best but i am willing. to learn i'm looking forward to learning. i know there's a pretty intensive. training course in this game so i'm. thinking we're probably going to end up. going through that. i'm going to do research on my own i'm. going to watch other videos on my own i. know there's a crazy sim community out. there of people who are very. knowledgeable and very passionate. about flight sim games and i'm hoping by. the end of it we can become a decent. pilot so here's here's the main menu. this is talking about we've got a. training segment. so we've got everything from basic. controls to your instruments take off. landing traffic patterns. solo flights learning how to navigate. that sort of thing so. obviously we're gonna work our way. through this and that's gonna give us a. baseline. but i think to start let's just see what.

Happens. you know what i mean like we're just. gonna hop into this and we're gonna see. how we can do let's see where our. baseline is i'm gonna say let's let's. start at the executive airport in. orlando. and we're gonna fly to the executive. airports. in tampa here i was already kind of. messing around with the menus trying to. figure out how to get things started and. whatever else. but uh yeah it's gonna be a pretty short. flight about a 15minute flight. and uh i think i was looking at some of. the airplanes i think we're gonna go. with something like this. a beachcraft king air these things are. beautiful. they're beastly it's a i think a. turboprop is what you would call it. right it's a propeller plane. i don't know if it's a turbo prop you. guys have to let me know but uh they're. pretty fast they're very. luxurious it's basically like a step.

Under flying a pj a private jet. they do have private jets in this game. you guys can see we've got some cessna. citations. citation cj4 those are a little bit more. advanced and i think we need to learn a. little bit more about those before we. try to tackle them. from what i can tell it seems like this. this king air. should be fairly easy to manage i mean. we could start off with. something like a cessna that's you know. as basic as you can get. but i figured we could try something a. little bit special and eventually we're. gonna work our way up and eventually. we're gonna. fly 747 double decker oh man. we are in it now there are two ways i'm. stepping off of this aircraft. number one is onto the tarmac of tampa. executive airport. number two is probably on the side of. the road somewhere maybe in the gulf of. mexico.

Probably in a million little pieces so. here we are inside the cockpit of a. beachcraft king air. and uh i mean we're we're gonna get. ready to go dude this is so. insane we've got our copilot next to us. here back in the cabin back here we can. comfortably accommodate. up to eight passengers so invite all. your friends and let's ride out so it. looks like we want to disengage the. parking brake off the bat. joystick button six i'm not sure i don't. have that one. memorized so uh the cool thing is is. that. every button you see on this dash. actually has a meaning and you can. actually control it and flip them. and move them and stuff like that that. looks like a parking brake nope that's. landing gear it's a good thing. good thing those are down we definitely. don't want to uh to move that. but yeah like here here are all of our.

Our you know throttle switches and stuff. like that so we i can control those. manually. but then all of uh all of these things. like if i if i want to. turn approach mode on i can do that if i. want to move this thing around i can. spin it. even these are touch screens so you can. change different things. obviously we're going to learn what all. of this means as we go through tutorials. and as we learn. i'm not too worried about that today. really the only thing i'm worried about. is we've got to find the. where's the parking brake i have no clue. would it be up top maybe. panel lights we've got different gauges. and stuff there's our compass emergency. lights. i would imagine it would be so what's. this inop up that's inoperable. it's got to be somewhere down by the. feet hold on let me let me look over. here oh what's that guy.

Release the parking brake all right cool. we got it so let me recenter our camera. i'm going to zoom us out a little bit. and maybe make us a little bit taller so. we can see over the dash i am kind of a. tall a tall dude. so oh we're already we're rolling we're. rolling we're rolling okay parking. brakes off we're good to go. uh when we're on the runway the rudder. is the main thing you use to steer so. we're going to go ahead and increase. power a little bit just be really. smooth with it i don't think we need. full power to be able to take off. i'm going to move it up to about 80. percent power and again we want to use. our rudder to be able to keep us. keep us going in a straight line if we. go outside here you guys will see. right on my pedal turn just right left. on the pedal turns us left. let's just try to go straight down this.

Runway here. get to take off speed which i'm not sure. what takeoff speed is. of seems like the nose is starting to. lift here so let's let's try it. are we off the ground we're off the. ground baby oh landing gear landing gear. we gotta put landing gear up uh that was. that was down here i gotta move to the. right. looks good all right we are flying. i do think we're going to want we're. going to want to put our flaps up right. we're in take off you want flaps up when. you're flying. there's takeoff landing and then flaps. up i believe let's get back outside. what's happening i'm seeing lots of. lots of shadows and stuff we're good so. we're we're flying past uh past downtown. orlando right here we're stalling why. are we. oh probably bring our our fuel mix down. i don't think you need heavy. fuel mix after you're off the ground but.

Yeah that's downtown orlando off to our. right. that white building right there down in. the bottom right that's the amway center. that's where the magic play. and my house is off to our left. i can see my lake and i can see exactly. where my house would be i'm not going to. say. because i don't want to dox myself but. uh yeah that's dude that's crazy i can. i can see my lake and it looks exactly. like it does you guys can probably. figure out which one it is because. you've seen videos and. stuff like that but um all right so let. me. let me get back up in here the dude on. atc is trying to talk to us i don't know. how to manage comms i don't know how to. change frequencies i don't know how to. do that man so i'm sorry i'm just gonna. ignore you. uh we need to we need to focus on our. flight path. here i'm gonna try to go get on this.

Pink line i'm pretty sure this pink line. is our flight path. at least that's gonna tell us how to get. there i would expect that this isn't the. actual official flight path that it. really wants us to take because usually. airplanes won't go in a straight shot to. their objective they'll they'll kind of. take different routes depending on. traffic and weather and stuff like that. but yeah dude we're chilling dude. i mean this is the easy part of the. flight obviously takeoff and landing. are are the super intense parts of. flying an airplane the middle part is. a little bit more you know checking over. things communicating with air traffic. control as you enter different air. spaces and stuff. our our airspeed is still is still. pretty high we're up in the 190s i've. got. i've got our throttle down okay. now we're now we're losing airspeed a.

Bit that's good we definitely don't want. to go too high because if you're too. high then we're stressing out the. engines and. and we could run into some issues with. that i'm just going to bring our. throttle and our fuel mix. really far down and i guess uh i guess. we'll see if we can get this to a. manageable speed. let's go back outside the aircraft dude. this is so sick. we've even got our our instrument panels. and stuff out here so we can see our. speed in the bottom left. altitude in the bottom right. we've got our pink line there so it. looks like if we really want to line up. we probably need to go a little bit more. to the left here. i think you want that center line to be. in line with the other two parts of the. arrow so as we go this way it should. bring it a little bit closer and then. we're going to start to kind of even out.

Start to point our nose in the direction. of the arrow. stalling that's not good all right. we are pretty much perfectly online here. female i think he's talking to other. aircraft on the uh. on the coms currently i don't think he's. talking to us you know what. i'm going to turn our comms off did that. did that just shut him up i'm the pilot. now look at me i'm i'm the captain all. right. don't be talking to me don't be telling. me what to do we're at about five. thousand feet 5200. we'll stay here this seems like a good. altitude for us. our airspeed is is you know normalizing. we're getting down towards that 135 that. it wanted us. at we can speed it up if we give it more. throttle. but we're gonna go ahead and we're just. gonna go down to cruising. to cruising altitude here i honestly. don't know where our fuel mix should be.

I know you want high mix when you've got. like high rpms and you're taking off and. stuff. i would assume somewhere around 50 25. dude i don't know hey y'all having fun. back there all right just just look it. out for you want to make sure you're. having a good time. we're we're in route here we're looking. pretty solid let me take a look. at our map here let's see about how far. we have to go. we're almost halfway there so y'all just. hang in there. things are uh things are looking mighty. nice we got clear skies ahead. ladies and gentlemen it's your captain. speaking again uh for those of you on. the left side of the aircraft if you. want to go ahead and lift up those sun. visors you are going to see. flanders of field off to our left. it's a bit of a ways out there um not. really sure what it is but it's a point.

Of interest so i just want to let you. know all right. captain out look at us boy we got that. pink line perfectly lined up oh we got. burntwood ranch over on the right. now that i think about i mean i wanted. to do you know orlando to tampa just. because that's like where i live that's. something local to me. we probably could have picked a more. exciting place to fly we could have. flown over the grand canyon or something. like that you know flown over new york. city. but hey at least florida is flat there's. not a lot to worry about you're gonna. have good weather. this actually probably was a pretty good. pretty good spot to learn over time dude. there's going to be so much cool stuff. we can do so many crazy places we can. fly to around the world i want to fly to. the edge of australia i want to fly. around thailand i want to fly.

Through the mountains in japan like it. is it is gonna be. insane i'm just so blown away by how. cool this is dude. just the level of freedom you know what. i mean like if if you had an aircraft. and your pilot's license which is. obviously extremely expensive. both to attain the license as well as to. you know own and maintain an aircraft to. all the the maintenance and stuff like. that. but like just to be able to get up and. go 15 minutes be in tampa. like that's insane tampa has a portillos. portillo's is is kind of like italian. beef hot dogs. cake shakes kind of stuff like that i. think it originated in illinois that's. that's where i used to have it all the. time. we don't have one in orlando so. sometimes chelsea now will make a trip. over to tampa and we'll get it. not too often but occasionally and it's. like an hour and a half drive.

You know close to a twohour drive maybe. with traffic there ain't no traffic up. here. babe let's go hop in the the king air. we're gonna be there in 15 minutes. land you know rent a car whatever. have a car waiting for you go on over. get get your portillos and then fly home. fly down to the keys for a weekend stuff. like that do that that would be. that would be pretty incredible just. thinking about how like you could go. anywhere in the world. if you had an aircraft like this we're. well over halfway there you know. probably a little bit past three. quarters of the way this is. this is tampa bay over here dude it. would be pretty sick if we kind of. bypassed it and we went around we could. see like you know clearwater and saint. pete beach and stuff like that. some of the most beautiful beaches in. the world right here in uh.

In central florida but uh yeah things. things are going pretty well. it's just kind of just kind of puts it. along i think i'm just. starting to make out the bay on the. horizon there let's take a look at the. outside oh yeah dude. that's tampa bay and the gulf of mexico. beyond it. we have traversed half of the state of. florida. and uh i would imagine i mean our our. our airport has to be coming up here. pretty soon i know it's one of the. the first ones let's go ahead and focus. on the plane here oh yeah dude. we're coming in hot it is well before. the bay um. i'm thinking we might we might try to. you know. do a little bit of the scenic a scenic. tour how are we looking on fuel i know. our fuel is displayed out here. we've got 44 percent of fuel left so we. we got plenty of time on that. we could at least go by it looks like.

It's not actually directing us. into the airport you know what i mean. like it's it's not giving us like a path. and what runway to choose and stuff. i would assume that that would probably. come with with your air traffic control. talking to them that sort of thing. um so since we're not in contact with. them anymore that's that's not good for. us. but yeah it should be it should be. coming up right here in front of us is. it gonna show up on our screen at all oh. there it is tampa executive right there. we didn't even have the right heading. here i mean obviously we're. a little bit too high right now anyway. but the the you know it's it's diagonal. to us we we were not. we were not going to be able to land on. that runway so i'm thinking we go out we. go to the right we're going to loop on. around take a big sweeping circle maybe.

Take a look at the beaches in downtown. tampa you can see over there. and we might try to land the opposite. way you can open up a bigger map here so. let me let me try to open this. map up and let me see. if i zoom out a bit. so you can see that the the runway kind. of runs this way it runs. kind of diagonal we want to come in we. want to kind of be over this body of. water here this little like upside down. a. that should put us a little bit more in. straight line with the runway and we we. should. we should be able to land it i guess. we'll we'll see what happens. we're just gonna keep on cruising we're. gonna enjoy the flight enjoy the the. scenery and stuff because who knows. if we're currently on our last few. breaths this is so sick dude we've got. downtown tampa bay peeking out of that. left window right there right above our.

Left prop. looking beautiful as ever oh shoot it. looks like we're actually coming up on. another airport is this tampa. international don't tell me this is. tampa international. let me let me go inside and take a look. at our screen here. ktpa yes that's tampa international. airport right there that we are flying. over. an international airport this uh this. would not. be the best idea so we're we're just. gonna go ahead and try to try to skirt. on out of here. i don't think we have that much traffic. enabled but obviously. we're stalling we're stalling we're fine. turning a little too aggressively there. i'm not even gonna risk. running into anything or anybody here so. let's go ahead and uh let's let's try to. get ourselves situated like we said we. want to kind of come. over the the upside down a so that's. going to be a little bit.

To the right of the city look at these. views dude are you kidding me. oh not too much trev not too much not. too much be careful. obviously straight on. oh we're stalling we're stalling we're. stalling we're fine we're fine we're. fine it's it's gonna be all right it's. gonna be all right. i mean this thing isn't a fighter jet. you can't really do that i think we. would be better doing smaller movements. with our rudder and stuff like that but. we're. we're going to be just fine we are going. to be aokay. so i think let me see our a here. i think we're actually looking pretty. good yeah i think we're pretty online. dude. i think we're doing all right here i'm. gonna try to do most of this from. outside the airplane here i think that's. our best chance of success you know. trying to land for the very first time. inside the airplane is is not the best.

Idea but i i think we're. i think we're fairly online i hope i. really hope. let's go ahead and slow these engines. down and stuff a bit dude there's so we. got to put the flaps into landing mode. we got to put the landing gear down. those are the two things i know that we. have to do and apart from that i'm i'm. not 100. sure it's somewhere over here i wish we. could highlight it from a ways away so. that i knew. exactly what i was looking at shoot dude. oh there oh there it is right there no. we gotta go to the right and then we're. gonna have to cut it back left okay. we're gonna slow these engines down big. time we need to get inside we need to uh. we need to do. uh where were the flaps we want flaps. into landing okay i think i think we hit. the flaps too early it's also telling us. we need landing gear which i understand.

We definitely hit the flaps too early i. think you would have pulled the flaps. like. you know one of the last things you do. but we're going to do this the trevor. way. we're fine so we're going to go a little. bit more to the right we're going to. land on that big gray runway right there. a little bit more to the right and then. we're going to straighten her out we're. going to get it down closer to the. ground. we do have a decent amount of speed here. i don't know what our landing speed is. so i'm just going to play it by ear. i'm going to start to bring it down a. little bit. let's bring her in nice and steady we. are going to have to swap and put down. the landing gear at some point at what. at what speed can i put the landing gear. down i'm not sure. landing here okay we got to be careful. i'm going to put the landing gear down.

Landing gear down they down. yes they're down bring her in slow bring. her in slow bring her in slow. i'm taking off the gas. maybe two too too little gas maybe not. here we go i've basically taken. everything off. everything's off it's all off we need to. slow down i'm turning the engines off. engines are off. it's getting a little bit laggy well. that's okay. nice and steady tread but you're gonna. run out of runway you better put her. down. brakes nope nope runner runner to the. right run it. okay okay we landed it. engine's not started all right i'm gonna. give it a little bit more gas. let's do control e get these engines. started come on now just a little bit of. throttle. and we gotta taxi off the runway it's. not complete until we taxi off the. roadway dude that was sketchy. we're gonna completely kill everything.

Because i didn't think we were gonna get. to a low enough speed oh no we're. getting going again hold on. hold on we're good we're fine so our. rudders are the way we move and there. are breaks so let's let's not go too. crazy here let's not go too crazy hold. on we got a break we got to break boys. we got a break we got a break we got a. break we got a break. and then we're going to try to turn in. here. this isn't actually doing anything i. don't know why i'm using the yoke. all right i was on the brake there on. accident all right just turn. turn turn turn turn turn turn turn turn. i feel like we're going really fast. let's let's back this. let's back this back down where's the. hanger. where's the hanger i'm gonna keep our. fuel mix fairly low. keep keep all this stuff down towards. the bottom. okay there we go this is a little bit.

More manageable we just don't want to we. don't want to go too fast. i'm not really sure what i'm doing with. these two because they both seem to do. the same thing but sometimes it doesn't. like me when i put them both up or. sometimes it. it you know needs one down and one up. and i. i don't know it's it's kind of odd but. we are going to try to taxi this thing. in this is so weird. steering it with your feet you don't. touch the yoke when you're on the ground. that's so so odd but we did it dude like. we. we actually we actually. piloted an airplane across half of the. state of florida. like i i'm i'm blown away that that. actually worked 20 knots. uh speed limit exceeded yep we're gonna. have to watch out we're gonna have to. watch out for that. but i i can't i can't believe that. actually worked worked out as well as it.

Did. looks like we've got some some baggage. traffic. coming up in front of us probably gonna. want to slow down a bit. slow down a bit slowed down a bit slowed. down a bit. i don't really know where we turn in at. i don't think this is where they're. gonna put the airplanes but we're we're. just gonna. oh break break break break break you're. you're gonna hit those guys okay. i'm leaving it here turn her off we're. good to go we're back at the main menu. we made it safe and sound i told you. guys i was gonna get you there. it's just a bit of a gamble but uh. that's all right so i'm excited dude. we are gonna hop into flight training. next that's gonna be in the next episode. uh but uh we're going to learn all about. how to fly and we're actually going to. kind of get a better feel for what we're. doing. obviously the learning doesn't end there.

though there's there's a lot that goes. into it so i'm excited to see what comes. next. hope you guys are too drop a like if you. guys enjoyed if you guys want to explore. the world see all the. you know crazy terrain and the. you know points of interest in the seven. wonders of the world we can go cruise. around the statue of liberty we can go. you know anywhere we want to we could go. see the great wall of china we could do. anything that we want. which is is pretty cool so thank you. guys so much for being here. i'm gonna see you guys next time and uh. thanks for flying t martin airlines

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