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What's up everyone and welcome back to. another video i'm going back to our. nemesis today which is gates of olympus. i really feel like doing a bonus buy. session on this game i did a 5 000 buy. earlier on my stream for a viewer that. did not profit but it did drop. a 10x multi instantly which made me feel. like maybe just maybe we could have. something going here tonight. and i figured since you guys like it i. like it i'm chasing a max in here why. not let's see let's hope it's a good one. the really bad start. i feel like i'll never stop trying to. get a max vineyard it's just like my. goal. i'll never feel like. content with my nice with my slots and. gambling until i've gotten a max venue. although you're never content with. gambling really but. it's been chasing it for so long guys. like i chased fruit party and i got it.

But there's a ridiculous amount of buys. there although i feel like i've done a. similar amount of bites here i just. haven't gotten lucky zap hello. hello. uh yellows maybe yeah okay greens maybe. no. okay reds could drop in and then rings. nah. yeah we need one more red then then i. think we've gotten rings too. what are these screens looking so good. but so bad somehow. wow okay. we retreated this bonus right okay. we have a 4x multi. wow okay. free trigger again we need it actually. unless we get like no wow okay that's. ten not even ten percent of the money. back i'm gonna go for a race strat nice. i like that trigger i don't know what my. overall goal is here like. buy wise but i'm definitely not going to. say i'm doing a 100k buy if we have a. winning session i'll keep raising. but i'm not committing to anything too.

Crazy as. my first two streams back were very. brutal so i'm being a little bit careful. yellows and reds reds are in please zap. this yellow. 1.2 k tumble not one multi. one yellow and then. blues. oh. nope. nope. i mean it's uh. impossible to zap right now i don't know. what that good feeling i had from my. stream was earlier but. clearly not accurate. i don't know just like getting an insta. 10x zap early on my stream on that 5k. for the viewer really made me feel like. this good. pop tonight but it's probably just me. hoping for the best. one all these onions that would have. been nice because it probably would have. triggered yellows maybe blues into. crowns should have been nuts. okay zap this and we actually have some. money back nice all right and a 4x maybe. another zap maybe reds no. okay that's definitely not break even.

Nor is it profit but it's something. which. gets us closer it's nice okay this is. actually hitting nice. look at the crowns guys. hey who spins with this multi please hit. because 9x missed no tumbles okay. it's the last but at least it was like a. save towards the end which is. crucial. like big buys like that. let's hope this one is profit and then. we end up like break even or maybe in. profit on the video nice yellows. okay one off blues. one off yellows too nice it should i. love it when you see a hit already when. you have a zap so you know you're. getting it all right i'm fine with 6x. because then the next time it zaps even. if it's a 2x we're going to have 8x. multi which is something it can break. even. okay. can break even by the way. hello. please retweet this. what. right 11 x multi to go seven spins we. need to get back.

28k all right 13x zap again maybe yeah. these are probably the worst tumble. screens i have seen in a while. greens blues greens blues okay blues are. in now maybe yellows into now no no. charts another zap maybe no. yeah that's some money again but it's. not profit so. come on man. please. oh. this is something good here nope. all right that's another 15k lost i'm. gonna race to 32.. this goes badly i have no idea what what. i can even go for here because it's. looking so bad. okay nice i didn't think there was any. connection there but there was a good. that didn't look like a connection to me. zap this please just pull the multi. please zap this to build a multi. please zap this to build a multi three. chances and you can't do it. please zap this purple's and then zap. maybe yep now zap. yep nice okay. it's fine as long as it just slowly.

Builds towards the end we'll have like. 20x which could be profit nice that's. really good that's max greens if you can. zap this please purples are landing now. palaces maybe we need one chalice now. please just zap this mate please zap. this this is such a good tumble please. zap this this is such a good tumble. 2.2 k times 8 let's say worst case. scenario 2x would have been 10 times 2.2. k 22k. just for that tumble that was so sick. because of the max greens i think it was. that would have put us so close to break. even. okay now there's just multis everywhere. right with no tumbles yep. hotel thing guys. game hates me. please. nice. if you can get yellows maybe into. zhonya's no bunnies could have hit there. all right. why are these spies like so. toxic. right i'm gonna go for 40k we're already. down like 40k on the video let's hope.

This somehow pays 200x or 2x on the buy. so we break even and we can continue but. if this is a rip i'm not too sure what. i'm gonna be doing. for the rest of the video guys this is. just been brutal i don't know if we can. clear this somehow. one. no okay. nice max blues zap again please. zap again greens maybe. oh no. hey that was a sick tumble but multi is. definitely not there wow. this is going to be the worst one of. them all. purples drop a lot of purples and stuff. okay two rings three rings maybe. mate this is gonna be rings rings please. no one offerings. okay seven x we're getting there seven. spins land this multi yes you do zap. again. no. like i feel like with nine x we can. break even one good tumble zap again nx. on a good tumble but. give us that good tumble please dan that. was a screen. mate come on give us that good tumble so.

We can break even. oh guys. one spin to go to get back. ah there's no way. ah. i had one probable by the whole video. i'm gonna do it guys i'm doing it please. do something i shouldn't be doing this. i've had two brutal streams. but please do something. no. please just zap so we have a multi on. the board. why did i do this guys. we have no multi. does retrigger so badly nice zap please. again. is that no. i mean. thank you that was really needed. considering we started nine spins no. multi. just a dead retractor guys five extra. dead spins look at this. yellows and blues okay. zhonya's are in if we can get a zap here. please zap this please zap this nice. okay nice now two purples two greens. rings another zap maybe nice greens now. and then maybe rings yep both nice okay. another zap too good guys this has. to be profit right yeah it is nice okay.

That's almost a save on the video i. didn't realize how much that was nice. that was a ridiculous tumble. okay. i'm not so depressed about this game. anymore we almost break even on the. video i'm pretty sure we break even on. the video actually nice blues are in. maybe into purples mate. drop in some purples here and then some. rings and we've already got a. 31x multi. hi. okay. i can stop whining about this game now. guys i was so so tilted earlier on in. this this specific buy. but the retrigger that was dead and just. nothing happening that was so. frustrating please land greens and then. zhonya's no. but i'm still asking for more nice. almost 400x. now we're up like 80k on the video i. think like 85k beautiful. and i'm just gonna cut it there because. i always rip ten zillion dollars on this. game every single time and there's just.

no point in doing that anymore because. when i'm up i should take it especially. after the streams i had let me do five. one thousand dollar sprints with double. chance on one. i wanted to accept this. three. four. five done all right guys i hope you. enjoyed that video i really did that was. an amazing comeback i was so tilted you. could probably tell towards the end. there. if you did please smash the like as it. helps channel pick up some momentum. again since we had a few off days and. i'll see you tomorrow for the next one. you

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