12.05.2024 RPG Game Logic

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How're you doing I'm doing all right. what can I get for you good that's a. good deer so I was looking for another. weapon since when I usually use is. broken you got anything in close range. of course everything you see on the. table in front of you is available for. purchase or is everything ok cool cool. ok ok the boxing buffs how much for the. boxing gloves ah good choice would you. like the left one or the right one. you said you sell them separately yep. the left one is 80,000 red gems and the. right one is 90 you don't kind of the. better ninnies oh I do but unfortunately. there to eye level for you to stop it. how you gonna tell me you don't be on a. battlegrounds like a B you ain't here. you'll be in the forest the hidden. palaces and whatnot you don't know you. don't be slaying with me your lover 12. how do you know that yeah that's a good.

Question I don't know all of us. merchants in this game just know come on. that's plot what about this weapon right. here let me just buy that can I get that. oh that that's one of the most powerful. weapons forged by master avacado wielded. by a legendary warrior who brought it. back in pristine condition and there's. also just for display it's not equitable. items though huh that's stupid. that is right there I could literally go. grab it off the wall. I'm happy it looks so equipped of all it. looks so weak why does that even exist. oh I mean cuz it makes the shop look. like a weapon shop why don't you put the. weapons you actually got off could I see. the high level weapons please please all. right I'll be back thank you all right I. think you're gonna like these a lot. let me show you boom oh talking about.

This is all I need. how much is this one now this one is 800. thousand red gems eight can I bargain. order prices never change in this game. look that it's too much that is. everything I got how am I supposed to. eat are you injured no what you need. food for it this is the only weapon. better than the other ones oh yeah now. this one eighty thousand Reb Jim. see that's vomiting I'm tired. would you rather have this one instead. yes i'ma take this one okay then it's. final thank you all right you take care. I appreciate the business. what's wrong. you can't unsheathed that blade can you. you can't you want to know why you're. not high enough level you're not high. enough level like I said you should have. went with the the damn gloves the boxing. gloves. now what look at you stupid now I'm. stupid huh I look stupid that's what.

you're thinking you look stupid dumb and. look no returns either you keep that you. keep that and grind up with that with a. little broken dagger you got that low. broken knife you grind up with that. until you. you that

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