12.05.2024 Are early pregnancy symptoms possible before 10dpo?

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One DP o DP o three DP o c3po r2d2. hang on we're not talking Star Wars. we're talking days past ovulation and. when you can experience pregnancy. symptoms hello lovelies and welcome to. not one of the videos of this very nerdy. fertility homeopaths thank you for. sticking with me but in this video I am. talking to you about a question that I. get all the time I get women to ask I am. one day past ovulation two days three. days four days and I have sore breasts I. have nausea headaches and then comes the. question are these pregnancy symptoms or. could I be pregnant and to that last. question could I be pregnant my answer. is yes I know yeah great right always. these diplomatic answers for me but here. is why the answer to this question all. has to do with implantation and I've. done several videos on implementation so.

I'll link one the cards and I think I'll. link a playlist at the end so make sure. to check those out as well because this. is how early pregnancy works you ovulate. right you make use of your fertile. window you make love to your husband and. then the little egg gets fertilized but. for the moment that's not interesting. initially what happens is you've got the. egg that is released from the ovary and. then progesterone is produced if an egg. is fertilized in the meantime it is. dividing dividing dividing and it's. travelling down the fallopian tube all. this time your body doesn't really know. that it's pregnant yet it only knows. when it's pregnant when that egg has. implanted into your uterus so up until. that point progesterone has gone up and. progesterone can cause symptoms. progesterone can give you Cerberus.

Progesterone can give you nausea even. can give you headaches etc etc but it's. not until the egg is implanted which is. usually about 8 or 10 days past. ovulation but it can happen as early as. 6 days and as late as 12 days and it's. not until implantation happens that your. body starts to produce HCG and HCG is. the pregnant. the hormone and it is that pregnancy. hormone that is usually accounted for. all the pregnancy symptoms however in. pregnancy progesterone goes up estrogen. goes up so those hormones can also cause. symptoms and this is why right after. ovulation when your body doesn't know. yet that it's pregnant progesterone can. give you symptoms that seem like. pregnancy symptoms so if you're only 1 2. 3 4 days after ovulation and you. experience nausea and sore breasts are. you pregnant. you could be we just don't know yet.

We'll only know once implantation has. happened in my experience pregnancy. symptoms rarely start before six or. seven days past ovulation at its very. very earliest so if you want to know if. your symptoms are pregnancy related then. look at when they started is it right. after ovulation and before that six. seven day mark then chances are it's. more progesterone related than anything. else if it's after that then chances are. that it is indeed related to pregnancy. if you're having symptoms throughout the. whole twoweek wait it doesn't mean. anything. you could still be pregnant so the only. way you'll really know is once you've. taken that test but make sure to have a. look at the implantation symptoms video. as well that I did because that can give. you some more clues about whether you're. pregnant or not when you're still in the.

Twoweek wait and in the meantime don't. worry too much about it because time. will come around and you will know if. you're pregnant or not now you know that. if your symptoms start before six or. seven days past ovulation they're likely. not pregnancy related and if they start. after that chances are that they are but. for you to know how many days past. ovulation you are you need to be. charting so if you haven't started that. yet you can do so with my free charting. course I will link in the description. how you can sign up to that if you want. to learn more about implantation and how. to survive the twoweek wait make sure. to click on the playlist. I've men. on your screen right now and don't. forget to subscribe if you haven't. already and hit that notification about. if you want to be notified that next. time I upload new content which is every.

Thursday in the new meantime see you in. the next video bye

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