12.05.2024 Dm Lab Overview

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Hello I would like to walk you through. uh and introduce you to the DM lab the. DM lab is a unique product capable of. producing a range of print sizes from. 6x4 up to uh 12in wide by 59 in my. colleague is showing you some of the. type of prints. available that have been actually. printed on this particular machine um if. you have to bear with us we're just. going to go through just to show you the. print quality which is absolutely. excellent and there's also a large print. here uh which is of the beach Huts um it. has actually it's 12 by3 6 in this but. as I say it is capable of. producing 12x 59 in the DM lab. uses. a system of inks there are six inks to. the system C magenta yellow black light. cyan and light magenta and these are all. D. inks very easily accessed the paper load. is very simple um it can do sizes up say.

To 12 in wide and you will see on the. slider you can go from 3 and 1/2 in wide. up to 12. in um it's easily loadable it's a nice. access. level one of the unique features of the. DM lab is the waste tank is accessible. quite easily by just opening a panel at. the side. um again coming back to. the access to the print head and the. paper. deck it is a very well engineered paper. Deck with uh absorbers for uh assuring. that uh the overspray of ink uh remains. uh uh doesn't go through the print deck. to ensure that the printer produces op. Optimum quality uh it is advisable to do. uh fairly frequent uh nozzle checks this. is the DM lab now powered. up um the DM lab is controlled by EC. controller this shows you all the. various channels that you can set up. obviously we've not set up every channel. but this is a a range of sizes that.

we've put in we'll do a print um from a. previous order. um got for that one this is the picture. of a. bear and so basically on this screen you. can do rudimentary editing you can do. quality adjustment you can do sharpness. but we we know this particular doesn't. need anything doing so we just press. print uh once you've pressed print the. order is then transferred across to the. DM lab and uh once the image has been. transferred across the DM lab will start. the process of printing the DM lab as. say sits on a base. unit and uh the print is now coming. through uh I think we've done an 8 by. 12 um we've only got. the uh 6 no s right we got the 8x12 set. up so there's the ACT ual bear. print and uh I think you can. see uh the quality that this machine can. produce is quite um well it's very very. good

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