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Am i better exposed. yup holding me down as always. you know what it is today shout out to. steak for having us back again um. you know what the goal is. we're cracking today we're giving out a. lot of bread shout out to everybody in. the chat i hope everyone's summer is. blessed so far shout out to everybody. showing love i see a lot of love in a. chat. no. yeah two legends in the same building. exactly let's go yeah let's go. what's up guys let's go. you guys ready for a fire stream or what. let's get it fired up man 11 11's on the. 11. that's like i picked this day for a. reason. i picked this day for a reason. we need something heavy. we need something heavy to start off get. back. it's all right that's right i have i. have a little i have a little juicer on. it oh my gosh. shout out to everybody tuning in from. across the world.

Live on twitch.tv state drake. it's one of my favorite things to do in. the world. be with the people. shout out to kai in the background you. already know chubbs is here gucci's here. i got a special guest for you guys. tonight hey yeah it's about to get crazy. we need some wins first though. we need some wins first though no that's. not what we need i'm gonna give it one. more here and switch the table i thought. maybe i'd go to the club i thought the. club was gonna be turned but. shout out to chicago showing love from. chicago tell me where you're from in the. chat too. tell me where everyone's watching from. i need that 12. oh yeah good okay we're. going a different table actually you. know what one more here. one more no well i'm dropping this um. this set the 17k on four for you cause. whenever you're in the building i know.

Four hits that's your number. need something nice. can't catch up can't catch a bucket. right now on this table. that was like six red in a row oh. there's also um there's also a hundred. thousand dollars on steaks twitter being. given away right now we're giving away a. lot of bread tonight i'm letting you. know we're giving away a lot of bread. you know i always have my million to. give away. i'm excited to bless a lot of people. tonight. oh yeah. yeah that's what we're looking for. that's what we need all right come on. well you know what time it is if this is. what do you want. 11 right there get back. oh my goodness. can't buy one right now. i'm not labeled at me i'm an ambitious. gp how many poetry. oh they're giving they're dealing with. they're dealing with us very rough. tonight. off the rip they're trying to make it.

Difficult it's okay though they're not winning tonight then no there's no way absolutely that there's an election yeah it is let's go let's go i need back to back now give me 11 11 12 10. take that 12. ah that thirtyfive is an extra event north york they're in the ends winnipeg denmark scarborough there's a two oh okay i mean that looked i looked i can't say you don't help yeah you know well let me turn this out yaseen yasin needs to run us run us some change right now yeah okay take it take it let's get it yeah let's get it right now night owl sound djing live right now you can always tune into them on sound 42 series xm that's our channel and that's a 10. and that's a 10.

That's whoa let's go come on. let's go come on. let's go guy now i want it now sorry. eddie now i'm pissed you're getting. tonight buddy yeah yeah yeah why. for that but yeah trust me. let's go. another one uh one gabriel one i know i. know i know i always go three i always. go three three true misses after i hit. you know and then we'll switch tables. switch it up we're back though we're. back at ten i need i need three 11's. right now that's what i need y'all seen. stop playing with me. there it is oh. that's a reason. refuge give me some give me some names. i'm trying to give away some change. there we go. little nine. yeah you're seeing it's time for you to. dip anyway. you're not really you're not really um. turning up the way i need you to turn up. yeah not really not really. oh yeah i like clay you know i like clay.

Definitely spin with clay i'll give clay. one. spin come on . yeah oh it looked good too. what do you think one more yeah. all right you know what i'm going full. completely. we're going psycho yeah it's fun. all right come on max 11. max. yeah. let me stand up so you can see the fit. too what is that velvet. see this you see the um cdgs you know. i'm saying. what is that villain. first 11 hits i'm bringing my special. guest out. first 11 hits i'm bringing my special. guest up and we got the and we got the. money bag here too money bag yo. next 11 hits i'm bringing my special. guest up you know i always. always got somebody with me hold on wait. wait it's about to happen right now full. complete 11 on their head top. get back. yeah it is there it is. okay we'll take a 10 we'll take a 10. we'll take the 10 and take a 10. we'll.

Take a 10. we will take a 10.. yeah clay get crazy clay get crazy clay. get crazy don't be afraid to hit that. one one. don't be afraid you're not going to get. fired or nothing yeah. oh. oh. play some pop for me real quick that's. gonna that's gonna get me fired up. i need that pop. yeah 14 that's fine we'll take that too. that's great i mean. two of america's most wanted that's me. and exposed right there let's go that's. what i want to hear two of america's. most wanted right now picture perfect. or you could play and you could play hit. him up after that too. eight eight eight. get over like. should i go back to the other better one. more one more slapper 11. what do you. think gucci cycle. psycho or just insane. psycho psychotic. get back. you know what that deserves you know. what that deserves. and i got my special guest in the.

Building yo take a seat ladies and. gentlemen oh i cannot rebet that oh. ladies and gentlemen i'm here with my. brother my twin i look like ah. that was that ham. yeah you just hit that i hit that. i need another one yeah we need another. one. cody you won't let me bet. what's going on i don't know froze for a. second. they're trying to smoke them. they're trying to um. they're trying to keep us from that. repeat that's the problem if this hits. 11 we got a real problem eddie. all right i would have still hit that. too. yeah yeah. they tried it. yeah the bronx is in the building you. see it south bronx ah. we gotta hit them with another hand yeah. exactly. now we need it get get get. yeah ten let's go yes sir. oh yeah we're rolling now. it's a problem now let's go. let's go. get back. sorry. sorry they deserve one i guess.

What's your number what's your lucky number my lucky luck yeah go to nine nine we're going full complete nine oh my goodness let's go full complete nine for frenchie full complete nine for french four that's fine that's fine we hit a little something that's okay it's okay that's rolling should we switch tables kai says one more turkish huh all right all right we're going to turkish after this bring the money back over here while we switch tables 28. dude check that money back by the way it's showing that's showing up yeah it's like all right this is the first person that we're giving some bread away to adriana from brazil adriana adriana from brazil oh you're gonna call her all right they're gonna call they're gonna get adriana on the phone and we're gonna oh i was gonna say we're gonna hit that 11.

I like this table to be honest. i'm not really into leaving right now. guys make sure you go get that montega. album out right now shout out harry. fraud. yeah. crack that letter for that yeah exactly. get back. no not like that. i want that big payday though. i want that big payday though. they're showing love in the chat r.i.p. chinks for real y'all ready you know. free max vr max b. what's up. how are you congratulations you won 25. 000.. i guess so i don't even know but say hi. to everybody though thank you oh oh oh. oh no problem my pleasure this is my. brother french. congratulations congratulations much. love. from brazil where in brazil. sao paulo shout out to everybody. watching from brazil. this lovely lovely lady just won 25 000. say hi to everybody enjoy the money i. hope you could do something great with. it.

All right we're get pass me the um money. bag we need a little good karma here. cause they took a 11 from us i don't. like that people are asking how you can. win money. every time i post. every time i post on my instagram to um. i post the email that you can send your. information to. 29. you got to take it serious. you gotta um send your information into. that um to that uh. that email win with the boy win with the. boy at what win with the boy at. stake.com send your send your. information there you could be the next. one with the racks in your pocket i. promise you. all right we need one now let's get the. energy back. you might have to throw on some max b in. a while yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. that's gonna yeah that's gonna make it. pop let's get this thing wavy in here. so max b we need some max be some. frenchy.

It's okay we got a little bit there we. got a little bit there i'm not mad at. that. taking a lot of register. i say we give this i say we give ivana. one more spin. and then take it to turkish the next. name for 25 bands. u.s dinero. is kevin from canada i'm excited to see. where kevin's from so you need to link. kevin right now maybe it's uncle cavs. all right no i'm i'm not really feeling. ivanna's two slots. oh yeah we have we do have some slots we. have some bonuses should we go there. dude hold on but you kept saying turkish. and it's bothering me. it's bothering me i need to do like at. least like you know five spins at. turkish or something see. i don't know if she's the one that's. going to be there no. that didn't work out well. seven okay i like seven that's kd's. number right uhhuh. let's stay in brooklyn.

Let's go yeah. oh let's get one. let's get one. i don't even know what that went 25. we need to do it next time so i could. bring a window up and go and play with. like just. talk to people you know. so we need to do it next time so like i. can have like people on the screen that. i could talk to yeah that'd be fun yeah. that'd be fun i want to play i want to. play with my people like why but i want. to i want to i want to you know do some. spins with some. we can do that yeah. yeah bring somebody up let's play their. numbers you know a little a little. change of change of pace change your. energy i know yeah i feel like i feel. like we i feel like we might go on a run. so gamer runs. get back. i'm going to play blackjack with the. best blackjack player of all time that's. what i'm going to do. hmm. montana you're up.

they caught us with that 11 when they. stopped the whole the whole game yeah. it's all good. you

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