12.05.2024 Heartbreaking: The true story of two sisters stuck in the pool searching for a diamond ring

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At the bottom of the pool a large diamond ring  is shining the sisters took advantage of no one's  . attention decided to go into the water to salvage  the administrator saw that no one was on the water  . so they pressed the button the pool cover was  closed deep in the pool the sisters were unaware  . of the impending danger still concentrating on  shaking the ring trying to pick it out of the  . crevice suddenly the water swept the sister's  long hair inside she tried to break free but  . choked on a large mouthful of water in a panic  sister instinctively looked up to find someone  . to help only to find the pool cover is slowly  closing and was about to seal the water surface  . she immediately panicked she grabbed her sister's  hair directly from the middle to rip off then the  . Two Sisters rushed to the surface towards the  unsealed water surface but although they swam.

Fast but because they found it too late already  cannot catch up with the speed of the cover plate  . closed finally the edge of the cover slammed into  the interface the pool was closed by the time the  . sisters came to the surface gasping for breath  but already trapped in the pool there was no way  . to climb up the sister was panicking do not know  what to do the sister quickly reassured that it  . was okay there must be someone else out there the  Two Sisters beat the cover hard at the same time  . shouted for help trying to attract the attention  of the administrator however today is the last  . day before the long holiday the administrator  left work early when he was leaving he vaguely  . heard a movement in the swimming pool but he was  in a hurry to get home and didn't care after the  . janitor left only the two sisters were left in  the swimming pool they shouted until they ran.

Out of oxygen but no one paid attention to them  can only give up the idea of asking for help  . but what was even more devastating was after the  pool was closed there was only a gap of less than  . 30 centimeters between the cover and the water  surface the pool was originally open and bright  . at this moment it seems to be extremely dark just  looking at it makes people's bones creepy in a few  . seconds my sister felt dizzy and nauseous it was  hard to breathe she was so nervous that she was  . about to faint fortunately my sister found her in  time she immediately took her to the diving area  . to the bright diving area sister finally feel much  better began to work with her sister to find a way  . to escape they raised their hands and stepped  on the bottom of the pool pushing upward with.

All their might trying to push the cover out of a  gap to get out but the cover is made of fiberglass  . full of elasticity no matter how much force is  used in the end it will return to its original  . state this method did not work the Two Sisters had  to find another way the sister searched along the  . edge for a tool that could pry open the cover  while the sister poked around the diving area  . trying to find the flaws that make the cover easy  to break soon the sister found a piece of plastic  . plate from the water inlet after breaking it open  she could use it as a knife my sister found an  . exhaust port on the cover if you expand a little  sure to be able to climb out of here seeing hope  . the two of them were immediately energized the  sister put the plastic sheet into the exhaust  . hole rubbing at the edge while her sister stood by  and took over every half hour she was replaced by.

A break soon two hours have passed but the size  of the exhaust didn't change at all the sister  . began to blame the sister's bad idea because the  plastic could not break the fiberglass at all the  . sister was also very helpless since the solution  does not work then we can only wait in the water  . waiting for her husband to come home from work  found himself absent he should call soon suddenly  . the phone that my sister had left outside rang  she excitedly said to her sister she did not  . answer the phone her husband will definitely come  to the swimming pool to look for her we will soon  . be able to get out however my sister could never  have imagined her husband had to work late tonight  . he had to come home late at night the wife did  not answer the phone he didn't think much of  . it either until the sun went down the sisters  were still trapped in the pool no one found.

Them missing what's worse the sister has severe  diabetes must inject insulin every six hours if  . we don't get to shore soon for the injection  it won't be long she will go into shock the  . consequences are Unthinkable just when the sisters  were desperate the door of the swimming pool was  . suddenly opened the night shift cleaning lady came  in with a cart she saw her sister's cell phone and  . bag it once she thought what a lucky day at that  moment the sister shouted for help she startled  . the cleaner who was looking through the bag she  saw someone trapped in the pool she froze for a  . long time before she said yes at the sound of her  voice the Two Sisters side with relief they were  . so happy that they hugged each other tightly soon  the janitor came into the control room the sisters.

Were about to escape but the next second she did  not open the flap instead she turned off the four  . monitors in turn then she turned on the lights  again then slowly walked to the pool and the  . two sisters chatted about the day the sister was  frozen now is not the time to chat but in order  . to get to shore early she's still chatted with  the cleaner very politely however five minutes  . later the cleaner was still chatting not a word  about the rescue the sisters felt something was  . wrong so they smile awkwardly and said why don't  we wait until we get up there and talk again but  . soon they could not laugh anymore the janitor  actually took the sister's phone and asked her  . to give the unlock code the sister shook her  head gently indicating that this person is very  . strange don't give her the password but the sister  didn't think much of it not only did she give the.

Password She also asked her to call her husband  little did she know from this moment on the two  . sisters were completely trapped in the Trap set by  the cleaner after unlocking the phone the cleaner  . opened the voicemail on the shore play the message  inside when the sister heard that her husband did  . not find her missing was completely devastated  asking her what she really wanted so I'm gonna  . need your PIN code for your bank card crazy   yeah an attitude like that probably what got you  . here such blatant blackmail the sister was so  angry that she gnashed her teeth couldn't say  . a word but before she could think of a response  the pool light suddenly went out then the heating  . device also stopped working after a while the  janitor came back to the pool with his wallet in  . his hand he said you can either freeze to death or  you have to pay to save it's up to you faced with.

The threat of death the sister hesitated I had  to give out the password but it wasn't over yet  . the janitor got the password but did not let them  go instead he just left the swimming pool leaving  . the Two Sisters shivering in the pool in despair  As Time passed the pool water became colder and  . colder the water vapor was frosted on the cover  the two were so cold that their faces turned pale  . no longer have the strength to speak the Silence  of the pool was filled with an infinite darkness  . and despair their already tired nerds were on the  verge of collapse after an unknown period of time  . the swimming pool was still silent but cleaners  did not return the sisters hopes were gradually  . dashed they could only respond to the harsh  reality with silence but if you don't explode  . in silence or perish in silence my sister suddenly  picked up the plastic piece carefully examined the.

Sharp edges then took it to the rough poolside to  polish to make it as sharp as a knife the sister  . was surprised she didn't know what she wanted to  do but my sister said confidently the cleaners  . will not stop when they get the money when she  comes back I will teach her a lesson sure enough  . as soon as the words were out of her mouth the  cleaning lady came back she was not satisfied with  . the balance on her card she wanted to continue to  Blackmail them and get some more benefits from her  . sister but this time but this time the sister  was not going to let anyone manipulate her she  . whispered on purpose she made the cleaner put her  ear into the air vent then she grabbed the plastic  . sheet and stabbed it upwards with a harsh Scream  the janitor covered his ears he collapsed to the.

Ground in pain my sister was very pleased with  herself I thought she would not dare to Blackmail  . me again I didn't expect the injured cleaner did  not run away instead she completely lost her mind  . turned on the pool's purification system a large  amount of chlorine gas was sprayed into the pool  . through the pipe raising violent bubbles it didn't  take long the Two Sisters will be unconscious due  . to chlorine poisoning but luckily the cleaner was  just greedy for money he didn't want to kill them  . as the sisters were dying she turned off the  purification system and offered as long as the  . sister handed over the wedding ring she would let  them out the matter has come to this although the  . sister was heartbroken but she handed over the  diamond ring which was worth a lot of money with.

The ring in hand the janitor was in a good mood  even the ear wound didn't hurt anymore she put on  . her coat satisfied she went into the control room  ready to release the Two Sisters but the cleaner  . entered the code but the flap wouldn't budge  she tried a few more times only to find that  . the password had been changed by the administrator  she couldn't open it at all now the cleaner also  . panicked she explained and put her sister's bag  and cell phone back to their original place then  . she pushed the car and fled the swimming pool the  contrast between hope and despair completely broke  . the sister's will she couldn't hold on any longer  she passed out directly at the moment of Crisis  . sister suddenly thought of something she tied  her sister to the isolation rope then she dove  . into the water dive into the bottom of the deep  water tugged on the grill and pulled it upward.

Desperately during the day when she took the ring  sister remembered that the middle partition was  . not fixed tightly sure enough within a few moments  of tugging the grill came off the bottom too late  . to be happy my sister rushed to the surface of  the water with the corner of the grill to hit  . the air as expected although the cup is tough  but cannot withstand the metal chisel soon it  . became torn apart my sister put her hand out  of the Gap and during the pain of Flesh cut  . by The Edge little by little the Gap widened into  a hole then she dragged her unconscious sister to  . the shore she retrieved insulin from her bag and  injected it for her until her sister miraculously  . woke up only then did her sister's heart hang  in the air the smile on her face could not be  . stopped but just at that moment the cleaning lady  reappeared she raised her gun intending to kill.

Her not wanting her blackmail to be exposed  when she did this her sister was Furious she  . looked at the cleaner with sadness so sad that she  couldn't say a word finally simply bowed her head  . she waited calmly for death to come the janitor  hesitated the sister's courage was unexpected  . she suddenly felt despicable to have made two poor  people look like this compared to the two sisters  . who were already free but she was still stuck in  the swamp of greed it was so sad thinking of this  . but janitor slowly put down his gun he returned  the sister's diamond ring finally squatting on  . the ground with a sense of relief let the sister  call the police at this point in time although  . she regrets but also do not intend to escape  the law but just when the cleaner thought she  . was going to back to prison her sister hung up the  phone and looked at her and said get out of here.

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