12.05.2024 Dropping $15,000 of Plinko Balls with ONE CLICK!

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Yo yo yo the max bonus Buy on snake. Arena you guys commented let's see some. of that snake game it's been too long. since we played with the snake so we're. gonna start with the max bonus buy to. prove a point I got the biggest snake. here in this Arena. okay super super simple game one of my. favorites because it's so simple it's. like a oh okay. basically we're eating up that little. dude but we can't trip on our tail okay. so we're hoping he's like up here this. little guy okay not the greatest spot. for little guy I'm gonna be honest. little guy is playing with us he now. needs to be on the left side left side. baby we die we're just dead we lose so. much money why this little guy gotta do. us like that if you see him bro he's. just standing there. too much money to burn on the first bet. let's do 2100 this time and avenge.

Ourselves this is one of the very few. slots that I've actually maxed one on it. was insane I least expected it I was. fried to the gills in Amsterdam with my. boy Matt Cs and one of our designers. Arco super chill dudes I was having an. absolute blast just burning money and. out of nowhere. out of nowhere we get all the way to the. end of this ooh not bad not bad okay so. as you see you get the gist we need him. to be in very favorable positions the. middle would be terrible this is the. best position or no not the best good. not bad not bad here you still need a. nice board to make profit though and we. haven't been really getting too many of. that. damn damn. okay it needs to be on the right right. here right here right here. I think we die or nope we just barely. live. come on right side boys right side yes. man yes come on top left baby top left.

Oh that's bad we die here I'm pretty sure 99.9 the one two three come on baby come on come on oh we're dead or that for sure for sure not our greatest not our worst we appreciate these wins but we don't cherish him we don't hold on to them we just let him go let him go in the wind epic win sure sure let's do one more of these snake Arena buys should we Max it out for the finals you're not subscribed you said oh my listen dude I got the stats I got the stats you need me to pull them out 52 of y'all aren't subscribed I understand but I you know I'm desperate man what a man gotta do to get that subscription we almost have 500 000.

Kind of crazy kind of crazy oh whole lot. of lamb chops on the left side the. bigger the snake the bigger the. connections the more money we make the. bigger the erections you guys know how. it goes the soundtrack the vibe here I. feel like I'm in a medieval Kingdom but. I Dethrone the king and make some bread. there we go there we go not a great. connection though these boards. Street dookie again this is the max. amount we can spend on a bonus buy. that's good that's good come on top. right baby top right top right. that's a massive W's all around but he. trapped himself come on Center oh did we. die here yeah. no oh yep bro who paths like that bro. now I'm gonna start beefing with the. snake he could have just gone up what is. he doing the snake is a total Munch bro. worth the I spice. here we go I saw Dave Chappelle last.

Night that was pretty fun with my friend. oh wait we die already oh my heart bro. the snake is Tiny bro I'm even bigger. than the snake. if we just lost 3.5 K there I would have. cried I would have broke I would have. fallen to my knees that's massive. massive like my schlonger top right. corner perhaps. bottom right I take that button I take. that that is very good very good oh man. I'm horny I'm horn come on crowns oh. pop symbol baby that's how we do. okay. 60 bucks okay okay oh that's these these. sir these sir we're going down though we. have this x people are filling up come. on come on eh we die still a nice little. win on the way out how much we talking. how much we talking how much how much. how much. not bad not bad. hey we nearly doubled our money on that. final Buy. that's what we love to see man next step.

Plinko all right as game Dumb calls it. wow this is a track. this is fire we're gonna go high risk. because we're a little bit. got a couple loose screws in the head. and I want to try to get the Thousand X. multiplier which is basically. impossible this is three thousand seven. hundred fifty dollars and balls we're. about to drop let's get started yeah. here we go. here we go kalinko's pretty nice because. you get this whole little like bet sheet. on the left side and you can see how. hard you're getting dogged all right. well let's get a thousand X multiplier. Save the Day. Save the Day. come on glinko come on come on I'm gonna. try to put my cursor on the balls that. are going in the holes that I want them. to ball ball where are we going where. are we going oh nine that's our biggest. one yet I think 300 over 50 percent of.

Our balls have fallen that's the bad. news. the good news is. there's not much good news I think it. could have been a lot worse. no yes wait come on you're the chosen. one. four if we do less lines we get. obviously smaller multipliers but a way. higher win chance so what we're gonna do. with this I'm gonna raise my bet to 75. all I ask if you're enjoying the video. comment down below are you in profit in. total while gambling or not. I'm not not even close and you might as. well subscribe while you're at it and. turn on post notifications so you never. miss an upload we rock out every single. day bangers in the sub box you wake up. in the morning you open your phone for. lunch or here rocking vibing having a. great time eleven already I got a good. feeling about this 7 500 worth of balls. are falling right now pixelated balls to.

Be exact and. okay I'm seeing a lot of red on the left. okay. when I said I was feeling good we didn't. see much red all I see is red no no no. no no no man what are you doing this for. oh oh Max Max no so close. so close bro another one another one. plus. you man okay now they're going to the. forest I'll take 11. I'll take 11.. Beggars can't be choosers bro boss me up. real quick this is ASMR for degenerates. I swear on everything bro. I'm so relaxed right now I was relaxed. now I'm getting heated. this is no longer ASMR. huh profits. profit man all right I get we're. probably bored of this all right we're. going 11 rows 150 dollars per Bowl 100. times 150 equals 15 000. this is the. most insane Plinko sesh I've ever done. risk level high come on 47 000 starting. balance look at our look how fast it's. training that come on can we start with.

120 just you know get the Vibes right calm me down a little bit because I'm terrified bro oh my God look at the left look at the left oh my God we're burning we're burning bro what have I done wait did I up I think I actually up come on give me a 14 I need it I need it yes okay I didn't pick up 120 bro 5.2 there we go another 5.2 please ah okay dude it's scary because when you lose 20 in a row your negative three grand bro that is too much we need to hit some five and a half some 14s to stay mentally sane bro come on man look at the left it's red red red red red where's the max when 18 Grand if we hit that come on come on 14 14 5.2 at least thank you oh no why am I saying thanks bro come on 14.

Raw 1.4 guys I don't want to be that guy. that complains and cries but we're gonna. bounce. have we done did we Extreme Home. Makeover at our balance for the worst I. want my home back. 5.2 oh my God come on bro this is this. is him nope. that was terrible. that was terrible. I I over stressed my body for what I. didn't even get anything out of it oh. those rewards though yo if you want to. play on one of my favorite crypto. casinos head over to rewards over on. gandon.com claim promo code Juicy you'll. get a nice 15 rake back for the first. week you play and when you boss up when. you boss up like me I'm in the freaking. Royalty Club look at that instant rake. back dude you'll get my exact same rake. back plus one percent with promo code. juicy for the first week you play I also. get a nice daily surprise because you.

Know I'm royalty so let's claim all. these bonuses beautiful let's go gamble. it all right we're gonna end this video. with one of my favorite slots and we're. just gonna try to get a nice Mega win. fifty four hundred dollars. let's do it. I'm a little bit nervous I'm not gonna. lie scare money don't make money and we. are far from profit so we might as well. multiplier to start off doesn't stick. okay what do we got five okay. I hate this I don't wanna I don't wanna. jinx it but this is probably gonna pay. nothing I mean look at this there we go. finally our first multiplier after I was. like what seven baits. I swear the more he baits the worst or. win chance is dude it just never ends. well when he's trolling us like that I. mean so far it is raining true unless we. get some scatters and retrigue this dude. run away.

Uh 5400 bonus Buy. it's terrible unless. no man four spins left eight ax. multiplier it doesn't stick ain't no way. if we make profit from this I'm giving. away some money I swear there's not zero. percent chance we won this. we need a multi. still no multi they could drop a nice. four it's not bad it's not great it's. what 1800 yeah not bad. we need to make three thousand dollars. in two spins though 10x doesn't stick. and we're out of luck. all right you guys get a bonus buy get. it it's a bonus this is the last one I. swear yo 18 plus as always if you check. out gamedom and please gamble. responsibly because I showed you guys. how fast and easy it is to lose 10K. unless of course we get a massive Mega. win here but. yeah we're probably gonna lose a lot of. money today and that's my job I gamble. so you guys don't have to.

We have fun we rock out come on can we. get another multi here this is a massive. connection bro give me 10x or something. two bro come on try ten. bro. pretty close to Rings super big tumble. we just have no multi to win there I. mean that's how you win big you just. keep on tumbling one more scatter gives. us five spins. I'll take it man as long as we're. getting a multiplier I can come back to. save our bonus Buy in the end. 4.2 Grand on the line here man 5x we. take it. 350 win five spins left. it's crunch time boys. oof photo spins left come on now come on. now I feel like we can get profit here. but. no I'm cringing I'm cringing so hard. anything we got Rings here yeah. beautiful now drop a multi we make our. money back you. you. oh my God. all right well we lost twelve thousand. dollars today gamble responsibly boys.

promo code juicy if you want to support. the channel as always and I'll see you. guys back here bright and early with. another Gamba session tomorrow and if. you want to watch more juicy I got. videos on screen or to subscribe see me. back here tomorrow all right peace

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