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It was loud loud. there we go. all right come on you sexy oh my God a. two thousand dollar fish. why are you not here Brian. that's just sad I get ear raped and then. you'd open two thousand dollar fish and. you don't collect it. okay. I mean you better give me something just. as good now. yes um 12 dollars. thank you. Ryan Brian Brian Brian. I kid you not already being baited on. that fish I think three times now in my. life and that's just annoying. so annoying it's a 2 000 X fish. yay. a little fast got to start okay. okay. come on we we should surely get in right. right. but we have 15 spins. come on Brian. okay that's fine. it's fine. okay decent actually. quite decent big win. Ryan come on keep going okay it's not. too bad just need one more. okay nice next level decent collect as. well we'll take that. very nice. can we get any boosts oh we can okay.

Any more boosts two more spins. okay. respectable. okay. finding on times two. foreign. don't be shy now. we're still in come on. Ryan. you have four spins left don't do this. don't do this. drop in I don't care if you don't even. drop a fish. okay but that fish is nice. okay 26.. all right we just need one more. just one more. last spin please. please hey okay okay okay times three. that's such a really nice collector as. well. okay. all right. time story hopefully we can um. we can get some hits here that'd be. really nice. come on let's just get like worn really. nicer please. oh that would be nice. okay dynamites yes okay. oh okay quite a few. oh. okay. okay. I like that. that was a nice hit that was a very nice. hit. oh my God imagine he dropped there holy. how much is that 21 oh my God he. didn't even land there. oh okay I mean.

chances of him getting to times 10 very. slim. we are getting a beautiful win out of. this. right can we can we actually get time. stuff probably not. honestly. that is beautiful that is a beautiful. win. your tears

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