12.05.2024 A Quick Aviator Session on Lottostar

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How's the punters welcome back to bsb. and today i'm gonna be playing some. aviator on lotto star got 160 bucks in. my balance i thought why not uh it's. left over from that lucky durian video. and i haven't really played aviator on. hot on. star before so i'm gonna go and check it. out i have played it on hollywood bits. there's lots of videos on our hollywood. bets. uh aviator on the channel so i'm going. to jump straight in here it's going to. be exactly the same as you'd find at. hollywood bets. looks like i'm joining at a pretty bad. time though. because there's been some nice wins here. which does make me somewhat apprehensive. let's start off with 50 round of bets. we're going to play quite conservatively. depending on on how far we go. not very far. uh let's. let's get that one down there and let's. get that one down on that one so we lost.

That one unfortunately i would have. cashed that one out at about 1.5. i wouldn't have had the time to to do it. on both. so this one we're going to have to. let's run a little longer. we'll cash out one out now. we'll let this one run on. for a while it's only 10 bucks. okay got. two 3.5 this is a very dangerous. dangerous time to be betting i feel. this was a good time to start betting. around here. after those really low ones. but let's see what happens. we'll cash that one out there. we'll let this one run on a little. longer let's cash that one out as well. two nice little pickups there we go okay. so we've picked up two nice ones let's. see how far this baby goes. oh he's flying he's definitely flying. this one it really would have paid to. have been ingredient. look at that baby go. i'm not bummed that i uh cashed out that.

One quite early. because this one's going to the moon. wow. 47 okay. um difficult time to bet because it. really went on a nice one so this one. i'm gonna. i'm gonna have to play conservatively as. well hopefully we can make about 500. bucks no we're not going to get there. without one let's get those bits on. again i would actually like to put a bit. more. there we go let's get 150 down. so we're going to cash out the one on. the right a little earlier. and we'll let the other one run a little. longer. so let's cash that one out. and let's cash that one out as well so. we cashed those ones out nicely beyond. 300 we've bought we've almost doubled up. our money but this plane does seem like. it's it's going on for a while. would it be nice to have have kept those. ones but uh what can you do it's aviator. you've got to take the money when it's.

There. ah man um. i'm really oh i don't want to i don't. want to bet 150 rand i'm not feeling. this next round i'm not feeling this. next round we'll cash this one out a. little earlier. let's take it at 1.5 there we go. are you still going he is still going. so we've now doubled up our balance we. started with 160 we know on 320. that's. kind of what you want to do with. aviation you don't want to push your. like too far. look if i'd been a lot more aggressive. in the session then i would be. probably while up i mean look at this. this is a great time for me to join. um. i'm wondering should i get a little more. aggressive let's put two hundreds down. let's cash them out maybe 1.5 let's see. we can get there. catch that one. and we'll catch that one and there we go. we've made our 500 bucks so i'm pretty. happy with that we've taken our balance.

From. 160 bucks up to 536 grand we joined in a. really nice time i could have made so. much more money if i'd if i'd pressed on. or been a bit greedy even this one seems. to be going quite well but we've made. some money you don't want to push your. luck as i always say once you've made. some bucks take it run get out of here. i'm going to take my my 300 odd rand. profit and i'm going to get out of here. i'm going to play some spinners okay. with it guys i hope you enjoyed this. very short video of me playing some some. aviator a lot to start went a lot better. than i was expecting i was expecting for. it to be a bit of a grind but uh we. managed to hit the target that i was. kind of going for nice and early guys. thanks for tuning into this video i hope. you enjoyed it and i would like to wish. you wish you the best of luck with your.

aviator bits have a good one guys cheers

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