12.05.2024 MASSIVE WIN on GATES OF OLYMPUS $250 Highroll Spins ⚡ AyeZee Stream Highlights

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When does the youtube spin. take place like two to three days. afterwards okay this is a 200. bet please don't it up like. yesterday. nice that's a good start. more multi shout out to. pintu gupta from nepal hello. hello hello you peek at 17k viewers yeah. when he raided we had like. 15k viewers and then 10k for the whole. stream the rest of the stream was insane. gave away like twenty thousand dollars. this is really good please multi this. if this this is gonna it up again. isn't it. please please multi yes. 8x2 and the retrigger more multi. more multi please more multi. crowns i was so close what is this. okay all right not bad. it just turned around so quickly all. right plus five spins. 15x multi 10 spins to go come on multi. just more multis. that's all we want to see more multis. rings multis. come on wake up mate.

Okay multitusk just increase the multi. increase the multi retrieve. okay we're back to almost the start of. the bonus 12 spins. come on just. come on man just multi bro. another retrigger multi retrigger multi. retrigger multi retrigger rings are. hitting. yes multi nice retrigger. no okay that's another 17k alright. this is exactly what you want from the. big bet bonuses when you get them. no hit there come on come on. more hits we need it to get to profit. land okay multi this. yes nice yellows and then chalices come. on. wait how did yellows hit there anyway. that's a 29x multi for six spins. guys if we get one good hit now on a 200. bet because this was with double chance. on so we own 200 this could save the. whole opening. come on come on. come on. rounds maybe crowns would be insane no. okay. okay this is a good screen to keep going.

purples maybe okay chalices. purples and chalices please malty it's a. 2k tumble yes. 2.2k tumble 32x 36.. what is this keep going more multi. whole bonus opening is saved let's go. man what is this. 98 grand. there we go i said it the whole bonus. opening is saved. and it's still going that was the most. insane tumble i've ever seen on this. game. yes i thought i up the opening. mate. yes that feels so good. that feels so good because i thought i. up the bonus hunt by going to. djing at the end guys. by the way youtube i'm sorry you won't. hear the slot machine noise because i. clicked the wrong button for sound but. you

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