12.05.2024 Big Bass Bonanza Keeping it Reel 10x Big Win

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How's the Panthers welcome back to bsp. this is a replay of a very very big win. I picked up on the new Big Bass Bonanza. uh keeping it real again I played Four. bonus rounds I've blanked out the uh. results of the video that you're about. to see it's quite a long one didn't. expect it to happen but let me just. quickly run through what happened before. that I was doing 150 Rand Bonus Buys as. you can see I did three they didn't. return much at all it was terrible I was. hemorrhaging money and I only played the. game four times but then I thought why. not put it up to 300 Rand and anyway. this is the replay you're about to so. you can find the uh keeping it real game. let me just turn the sound off because. of that that's off already right because. of copyright strikes I have to turn it. off but yeah you can find this game.

Using that method I showed in the other. game what I did here is I bought a. feature for 300 Rand I was not having. any luck with um pits this games it's. kind of interesting like I wanted to. give it a proper shot. and what you need to do in this game is. you need to get you know four I call. them one pits the guy with the fishing. rod and tilts have been dirty but anyway. you need to get one pit to appear a few. times and then you get 10 more free. spins or the two times multiplier. if you get even more in the next one. you'll get a three times multiplier and. a ten times multiply also what happens. is these fish that go into this basket. over here if that one pits over there. doesn't catch them and if you get a. golden umpit is what I call him. is a nice 140 Rand win to start off if. you get a golden one pit then you.

Collect all the fish in the basket there. we go you see some fish going with the. basket but what really told me about. this game is that the fish jump out the. flipping basket man it's so annoying so. you see that I've got like 160 Rand in. there you'll check these fishes jump out. there we go there goes one it's I don't. know why they do that I honestly don't. know why they do that but anyway I'm not. going to moan about on pit because he. was pretty generous to me during this. video yeah there's the golden armpit so. I collect that nice little basket of. fish and I picked up the extra free. spins there. I was playing on my phone. um and it was pretty late at night I was. actually in bed. I know I was I was I was. outside having a smoke and then I went. to bed afterwards while the game was. still running. and yeah.

Um I didn't scream or Shaft or anything. like that because it was a little bit. late at night but yeah you guys are. gonna see what happens. I'll kind of talk you through. as I as I can remember so so I was. pretty stoked to get the 10 free spins. because I didn't manage to get it in the. three previous rounds that I played. and then it got a little bit like a. little bit quiet for a while I wasn't. picking up too many wins. so there's a little two times multiplier. there 42 Rand All I was really hoping. for was here was just Olympics to come. make an appearance and I already made my. money back on this one I'd made 366. bucks I'd made a little bit of a profit. already and I was hate this is probably. where it's going to end. and then yeah that one started making a. couple of appearances. and at this point I'm like oh I really.

Could get to the next level because I. need one more of them I've got six spins. left. and there we go I get him straight away. but I wasn't picking up any like big. fish wins I was like ah let's see what. happens. so all the fish is going to the Nets. over there but yeah guys this game is. available on super you won't find. it on the main menu you have to lose use. that Lobby search function basically you. go into any pragmatic play game going to. the the search function or going to the. pragmatic play Lobby rather and then use. that search function to look for Big. Bass. I'm keeping it real. yeah I'm not I'm not gonna put that. sound on unfortunately just because of. that copyright strike so apologies for. the lack of of any sort of audio on this. one but YouTube's full of nonsense and. I'm not sure I can actually put the.

Music off in the settings on the replay. um I'm not sure what kind of music they. have on this and the Big Bass Bonanza. keeping it real. but anyway so we uh a couple um pizza. away here there's the Golden Pizza we. pick up another nice basket win there. there's 344 Rand. I was pretty happy at this point I'm. thinking wow 800 bucks already but I'm. two room pits away from picking up the. ultimate which is 10 free spins with a. 10 times multi there's another fish goes. into the basket there we've got six bins. left we need two more worms and there's. one more with the three times so there's. a 63 round win and at this point I'm. like wow it could be on it really could. be on getting that 10 free spins with. the 10 times multiplier. a couple more fish going to the basket. there a couple jump out so annoying when. they do that really really great to me.

There we go there goes that fish I mean. what kind of fisherman is this um that. he doesn't even have a proper enough net. that he that to keep the fish in there I. mean he's catching so much fish you. would think you would have a bigger net. but yeah at this point I'm thinking oh. my gosh I'm so close I've got three or. two spins left I need a one more worm. that's all I need for those 10 times and. that didn't get it yet. some more rubbish fish going to the. basket some little guppies. two spoons left. and I'm like okay well that was close I. mean we picked up a nice 900 Rand win. that's that's something that I'd still. be happy with and then this happened I. got a wimpit he comes in clutch when we. need him very unusual for this uh when. Peter over here and yeah at this point I. was like wow we could be in for a really.

Nice big win you see the baskets getting. nice and fully as well the fishing net. look at those fish that all want to jump. up there goes one. and I'm thinking oh dear We're not gonna. get any one pits to to collect anything. here. but there we go there's the first one. and look at how much this pays guys it. pays absolute bombs 600 Rand that 10. times multiplier is insane but trust me. it gets even better. unfortunately you don't uh get an extra. one but what happens is he does pull. across that net and he pulls away or a. couple of rubbish numbers and you do get. fish in its place instead which is nice. I think that's a very nice touch 720. Rand win there. so I was I was very very happy at this. point and I still had five spins to go. some more fish go into the basket now up. to 197 round couple gonna jump out 40.

Rand jumps out 40 Grand fish but there's. um Pete with 150 Rand look at that. 2160 Rand just on that one because of. that 10 times multiplier thanks to the. one. and yeah I think this is pretty much. where it ended I don't no no I picked up. uh I think one more small one after this. one there we go 60 round I think there's. maybe one more. but yeah at this point I was just over. the moon I was super stoked. and one's been left after this and. there's another 60 round yeah so that's. pretty much it guys I didn't pick up uh. any more monsters after that but it was. such an amazing session I was playing on. my phone I seem to be having so much. luck over on super bets at the moment my. balance is really really swollen and. yeah guys that's a Big Bass Bonanza. keeping real once again apologies for. having the sound off uh but as I said I.

do need to do that to avoid getting. music copyright struck on YouTube but. anyway guys hope you enjoyed it I'll. catch you in the next video have a good. one guys cheers

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