12.05.2024 Train the Trainer - How To Run A Great Training Workshop

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Everything you do every choice you make. every decision in your training room. should be about how does this improve. the learning it's the only reason to do. anything once you walk through that door. whether it's drawing pictures using. humor getting people to do activities. asking questions everything is about. supporting the learning of your group. there's nothing else that's important. the reason I say it's quite difficult. sometimes to get general principles is I. find the more reading I do these days. about learning the more confusing the. whole thing gets because you come across. a lot of things that talk about learning. styles I'll talk about learning styles. in a while I don't talk about learning. styles anymore because the observing. sounds were the big thing at some point. everyone everyone sort of comes along.

And suddenly think oh loading stance. people learning all sorts of different. ways that's interesting every model of. learning styles you'll ever come across. there will be somebody saying it's. rubbish that taking notes of that and. there's a whole industry now growing up. almost challenging every model of. learning styles somebody'll take it. apart and say well where's the basis for. that no scientific basis you can get to. a point where you're just so confused in. what I don't know what to do I just just. make any sense so I'm just going to. stick to what I think a fairly practical. things have generally accepted and said. what does that mean for you as trainers. there's a huge amount of interest these. days in like I said brain friendly. learning and neuroscience and some of. that is very useful and helpful some of.

It isn't some of it again if you look. through some of the forums on LinkedIn. there's a lot of discussion about. developments in neuroscience and. different parts of the brain and what. they do my question is always how does. that help me in a practical sense I'm. only interested in that if it makes a. difference what I can do in a training. room and help people to learn more. effectively I don't care. do you where the corpus callosum is or. what oh how that or the frontal lobes. particularly I'm not going to be a brain. surgeon I'm a trainer I just want people. to learn more effectively so is that. telling me something that's a practical. value and sometimes it isn't then one of. the reasons I like the cold cycle still. is that it's useful for designing. training. so a simple way to design effective. training is to try and see if you've got.

All four parts of that cycle built into. your training session or training event. whatever it is so you've got to build in. some sort of experience that people. doing the thing that you're talking. about if possible they've got to reflect. them on it you've got some time for. reflection some time to sort of form. theories and connections and think about. how that works and some time to plan and. think what does that mean for me what am. I going to do differently next time. all your training I'm suggest is about. changing people's behavior training I'll. come back to this when I talk about. content training is not about giving. people information it's about what they. do with that information how does it. change their behavior if it's not going. to change your behavior why do they need. the information everything of value that.

Happens again write this down this is. important because because I might forget. it again them and I want to put in my. next book every everything of value that. happens in the training route happens in. your learner's heads all the internal. processes that's where the learning. takes place it's not to do with what. you're doing you you do what you do to. set up that internal process and that's. what's happening here all this needs to. be going on in their heads the times at. which you start step back stop talking. stop giving them stuff and let them do. that reflection is where all that's. where the money is if you like that. that's where all the important work is. going on lots of different ways you can. use this speech bubble out of here sort. bubble here because I can't use it any. more now because everybody's going to.

Use it and people begin we've seen that. I've used this for lots of things he's. saying something she's thinking. something so introducing lots of things. yesterday I was doing this course on. successful meetings so I had a person. was saying I don't feel like doing any. work today I think I'll call a meeting. and she's thinking oh great. oh I've done warms up performance. appraisals performance management where. he's saying something oh it's time for. your annual review and she's thinking oh. great. the. the worst of time or something like that. then you can use that for multiple. things or delegation oh I've just left a. file on your desk and she's thinking. actually she always seems to be thinking. oh great. what an idiot so you just write what an. idiot in this one and he can be saying. almost anything basically and she could.

be thinking I don't know why I married. you in the first place

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