12.05.2024 Emco F1 Retrofit

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Everybody fit here this is my M Co f1. CNC milling machine that I just restored. these machines were pretty popular in. high school so cars country in the early. 90s in 2000 and now they're getting rid. of them because the controls are getting. outdated and that's how I got mine so I. put on new closedloop steppers. proximity homing switches I installed a. lubrication system and I had to weld a. stand actually my friend did cuz I'm a. shitty welder okay and this is the. electronics this is Raspberry Pi it's. used to control the machine you would. normally use a computer but this works. just fine and here's the controller and. drivers for the steppers I left an empty. slot here you never know and the power. supply 48 volts or the steppers and. that's the power supply for the main. spend on the left and these two are just.

For one is 12 volts and one is 5 volts 5. volts is for the Raspberry Pi and 12. volts is for the controller. yeah and for the limit switches and this. is just a board with optocouplers 4 for. the limit switches. ok now let's first calm the machine. before we do anything it's gonna go. first on the. yaxis sorry on x-axis and no it's gonna. go okay and now it's gonna go in zaxis. maybe I could increase the speed just a. little bit okay the machine is combed. okay now maybe we could just run some. test code but first let's increase the. Athena right 1000 fine and here pocket. one I think that's better okay and just. quick starting now that's created. okay now let's turn on the spindle. but first let's set the RPM mm well. we're fine. what am i doing last 8,000 and I'm free. to turn it on okay let's go to 8,000. that's the actual maximum speed okay.

as I came by. okay let's start off. okay that's pretty much it if you have. any question down below in the comments

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