12.05.2024 I Hit the MAXIMUM MULTIPLIER on a CRAZY TIME Bonus!

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Um i'm never winning bro as a real. gambler. an actual gambler bro i'm never winning. but it's fun rick everybody had a 3x. crazy time so it's all good. guys this is actually looking good as. 3x crazy time i think we're going blue. gang boys. yes 3x on tesla everybody come on. thick and green. are you ready for the multiplier from. dublin let's triple the wheel. did they triple the wheel i didn't i. don't see it. oh this is so hard. we gotta stay true man we gotta stay. true i'm sorry. we're gonna get i told you i know. but. just get us in a double dude. come on please. come on don't don't come on another. double another double another double. another double do it just. everybody everybody everybody. 1200x maximum multiplying. come on. another double. another double. let's go. 1200x just like that 50 cents 600 win. cheers boys hey what's up guys thank you.

for watching my video i really. appreciate that make sure you like. subscribe that helps me out a lot if you. are new to steak and you want to create. a count i have a code for you so my code. gives you instant 15 right back if you. come to my twitch chat and you type in. your day username i can give you a. dollar a day for seven days you wanna. use this offer feel free if not it's all. good guys hope you enjoyed the vid have. a great day and stay safe peace guys if. we went any other color there i would. have never streamed again

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