12.05.2024 How To Use Chat-GPT To Win At Aviator (Test & Strategies)

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Chad gbt is great for a lot of things. but can it make you win money at an. online casino that's what we're going to. find out I'm captain Cass your online. casino expert and we're going to ask. Chad GT how to bet on. Aviator for info Aviator is a crush sty. mini game where you place one or two. bets then the plane takes off and a. multiplier begins to increase and the. goal is to cash out before the plane. crashes so the higher the multiplier the. higher the payout now let's see how we. can use chity to increase are chances of. winning I'm on Chad GT so as the. outcomes of the game are random I'm. going to ask Chad GT to give me a code. in Python that gives me when I run it a. random multiplier plus a bed amount. here's a prompt give me a code in Python. that chooses multiplier value between. 1.2 and 30 you can put less or more like.

100 it depends how risky you want to. play it but with the low probability for. numbers over five. so basically as the multiplier has more. chances to be low than high I'd rather. the code to give me lower multipliers to. cash out and that also chooses a number. between 1 and 30 so it corresponds to. the bed amount so again choose the. amount you're comfortable with but with. a lower probability for numbers over 15. cuz I'm testing this method for you and. don't want to lose it all if it doesn't. work so there we go we have our code now. let's run it I will put the link of the. website below if you want so I paste the. code and run it so it gave me a bet of. $3 and a 21.8 multiplier so starting big. great what is this do you want me to. lose now let's trade this on. Aviator I'm playing on King Billy Casino. it's one of the best for Australian.

Players and if you're a new player they. even give a welcome bonus of up to. $2,500 plus 250 free spins which gives a. nice to your bank roll I will put the. link in the description if you want to. sign up and we'll put other reliable. casinos you can play. at here we are on Aviator I'm starting. with the balance of. $2,964 so let's bet $e and cash out at. 21.8 come on come on we're over 10 come. on you can do. it come on come on oh man that was a. close one actually bigger multipliers. are always harder to get now running the. cut again this time we bet $1 and cash. out at. 5.5 come on can do. it I think we're going to do. it come on come on yeah nice one next we. bet $3 and we need to cash out at three. 3.6 knowing that we just had two big. multipliers it may be not an easy. one ah. damn so again this time we bet $2 and.

Cash out at 1.4 it should be an easy. one oh come on 1.3 really I am dead. inside let's run the code two more times. so we bet $11 and most cash out at. 2.7 come. on yeah cool we were able to cash out so. we've more than doubled our bet last one. for this video $26 bet and cashing out. at. 1.5 this one's going to be. easy nice okay let's stop I wasn't. really lucky for the big multiplier but. we still won. $34.65 which isn't a lot but still. better than losing so if you use CHT to. win at Aviator it comes down to luck. that is why I highly recommend to pair. it with other strategies like the ones I. showed in this video I made for example. and don't B blindly always check the. stats before betting for example if. you've won multiple times in a row maybe. time to take a break and assess the. situation if the code gives you a big.

Multiplier and one just came out at. weight of your robe before bedding same. for inst stellos if it hasn't occurred. in a while stop for a few rounds if one. happens wait another round before. playing again that way it will allow you. to leverage chip te and prevent you from. losing too many times if you want to. play avator and even test it with chip t. i put in the description the links to. safe and reliable online casinos I play. the most such as king bil Casino these. links will give you access to generous. welome bonuses when signing up I hope. this video has been useful to you if you. don't want to miss out on more online. casino tips and tricks don't forget to. subscribe to Captain Cass I remind you. that online gambling is forbidden to. miners in 18 and that you should never. play more than you can afford to lose it.

was Captain Cass see you soon for. another video

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