12.05.2024 TRAPPED in ONE CHUNK W/AshDubh

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Hello there and welcome back to a new. series I don't know I said welcome back. to anyway we're doing. um a Minecraft world where we stuck in a. chunk and me and Ash hello oh gotta do. tasks oh I can't punch you to ask him I. was gonna punch you out that's oh yeah I. just moved into I don't know if you just. heard but because I accidentally went. into the into the Border you cannot. leave the magic border look oh but you. could place blocks outside the the. Border. what the hell. whoa. wait can you keep going. hi editing squid here just a quick one I. realized I didn't even say what the. objective of the series was you see at. the bottom we have task we're gonna. complete the task the more tasks we have. complete the bigger our world gets when. we complete all the tasks we finish the. series woohoo back to the video.

Mud let's go in. okay I mean. we should probably get going so yeah. we're gonna chill. um we're gonna try and this probably. gonna be a chilled little series we've. just gotta um you know expand our little. chunk together. oh don't worry we're gonna get crafting. table all right I'll do that there's. some meat in the chest here I've made. you a steak sandwich oh nice wooden. pickaxe look at us we're doing this. already cool can I have some of your. wood yeah. this is a speed run like all our other. videos we've got a speed run. every time oh I think it's two I think. it might be two craft the stone pickaxe. can we reach this chest Series. so yeah well thanks for watching guys. jokes on you sonny we can dig down hey. look at this there's some Stone right. here oh get it get it boy I don't have. to take a requirements oh okay for a new.

Pickaxe I'll uh let me cell phone maybe. I don't need one maybe make a stone one. I'll get some extra Stone just in case. it's asked for a furnace because I've. got a business it's gonna be like yeah. or a furnace. getting some stuff okay so there's some. Stone you need more wood I look ready. bro don't worry. oh upgrading I see you working hard down. there I'm gonna yeah I'm sweating Merry. Christmas don't say I don't give you all. there you go look out okay there you go. you can you could be sword man I'll be. dig. manually sword ones let's go what's it. saying now get right oh oh so there's. got to be a cave underneath us right or. something yeah I mean if it's asking for. us to get rotten I can't see a thing. down here now drink night time so I'm. gonna wait till night time maybe maybe. but I'm pretty sure we can find.

Something. something googly down here oh yes go for. it here's some extra things well look at. us doing stuff yet what the hell saying. maybe we don't need the food. foods for Chomps man exactly we're not. Chumps we are not just professional. Champs should we just keep digging down. because I even get like a cave yeah I'm. actually just going down uh I did ruin. the staircase because I started digging. down quite a bit so we'll have to fight. oh no it's dark I hate the darkness yeah. I'm just trying to dig as far down as I. can to see what happens but uh so far oh. I hear a zombie oh. you wanna hear a zombie next to me um. okay. let's fix this uh staircase up Do not. drop down. you don't take full damage though that's. fine oh yeah we're all good yeah so it. was over here somewhere I think yeah oh. yeah I could just can see just whisper.

Towards me I can't. oh yeah you're right you're right yeah. oh maybe it's aware my friend maybe is. it above us maybe I should have got some. torches oh I hear a cave noise. oh wait can you can you get torches. uh well if we built a furnace I'm gonna. go up and see if I get some torches. because okay they're saying it Chief. wait you don't have any cobbled here. yeah I do yeah oh you do you're enough. for a fairness yeah okay I can't even. see what I'm doing where's up and. where's now and what day is it. um I'm gonna burn trees with wood that's. not how this works squid that's not how. this works either we need to build it's. it's labados in it it's like proper. thick boys yeah. zombie villager. oh don't hey don't kill him if we can we. can cure him. we can kill him oh wait there's a. creeper oh. I'll be down in a sec honey I'm cooking.

Some torches up well you better hurry. because this Creeper's threatening to. blow up our villager all right I got a. one charcoal we're gonna okay wow. hopeful torches I'm gonna try and leave. the Villager up and block the the. creeper off. bro what happened to the staircase this. is like I I told you I decided to dig. down I got bored hey there he is yeah. there's a creeper in there somewhere. oh I can hear some oh geez okay oh okay. okay. climb that sun I said climb that oh. what's the plan here boy you gotta kill. him. don't kill him. screw you a bit every man for himself. I'm gonna kill her I gotta kill a zombie. rip back oh there's so much stuff here. bro I got him I got it I got him trapped. Oh I thought you can spam on this yeah. double up my own flesh you son of it oh. no. no no no no no. I'm killing him what the hell just die.

Whatever. oh we got two. so bad now he's in his little hole Yeah. I'm gonna make this a little bit wider. because I don't trust the fact that he's. there. okay where brother there's like a family. in here did you just killing the family. oh my God another one sorry okay so they. can just they can oh call for torches. call for torches. oh yeah that's what we need. okay. I've got the iron I've got some coal I. need a spider. you hearing spiders. I'm here in Opportunity. um for death so it's uh no have you lost. hunger okay I can't get any more stuff. yeah I've lost a lot because I was. thinking okay we need to go back to the. surface oh great you've already got one. nice. go up uh pickaxe I didn't know you oh. yeah. sorry should we make a proper tunnel a. proper staircase because this is going. to be like the main shoot nah.

That's too perfect isn't it you do need. to dig up here somehow. would be nice you stay there mate I'm. gonna make a staircase bro yeah it makes. decades now that's fine I'm not a. neanderthal you know we need a proper. you in here often Terry you know what we. need ladders there we go there's some. other staircase yes. okay. ironing. boom just cooking we're making the good. progress. he's going for the good stuff okay. ah spider Mr Mr Man with the sword. help. text me I am I am useless plate. me. ah Bro Look we've unlocked most of look. there's a little farmy place here. oh can we get this yet oh so I tell you. what we'll do straight away. bruh there's like farm eggs here there's. like chicken cow pig we can make a. little farm. okay stop doing that gonna be careful. when you're with the whole I know. just chill out sorry there we go wait we.

Need the oh that's what they're all. doing torches. yeah I'm gonna go back in the cave I've. got some awesome. down up here. I'm gonna go see if there's any more. iron okay. Mr Terry man is protecting our land. look at this. probably gonna need that um. food. Jesus Christ okay okay I need to heal. sorry like that caught me by surprise. Teddy Brothers they're attacking. attacking. for blood. oh my God. oh this is the worst bloody night I've. just heard. a phantom what that's exactly what we. call your butt the Phantom the Phantom. squeaker the Phantom squeaker why is he. out he's only been like a dare. um did you upload the map and then log. out maybe yeah I think it might have. counted the days. Jesus Christ I think when it's on the uh. when it's on a uh we've got a ram I. think it's just continuously on ah. so I don't who knew I did not yeah I.

Don't know but you know if we have the. biggest hacking cave down here like not. even joking okay I think it's. unstaircase. yeah yeah just put it down anyway yeah. okay I was literally just about to throw. it down as a trial but then I thought we. need this. any reason why there was the reason why. you got spider pet no. oh Jesus oh Jesus double have you got. any torches mate I'm like legally blind. I've got 14. as I slowly can you come. down there we go oh. Jesus. Jesus where. also okay here he gave me some bread. he turned some Cobblestone into bread. for me nice I love Jesus thank you for. the Minecraft breaded Jesus. spiders fall on it okay well we've got a. mob squatter now nice free XP and all. that crap. oh get an iron chest it's okay. how much is it it's. six it's eight isn't it for chess piece. should I set up a little should we set.

Up a little house down here oh yeah. let's be hermit to live down here for a. bit okay yeah we Gamers we're pretty. pale we don't end up vitamin D I'm gonna. I want to try and get the chest I want. to see. okay I've got two irons melted in oh I. hear that. I just blew up the freaking mob spawner. what a jerk wait he actually blew up the. mob spawner yeah okay so we don't have. one so we we don't have any we can't. make a fat grit thank you creeper so. I'll tell you what we do have. we have a new house. look at this this is a nice fancy we've. got two windows that look out the. spiders and stuff he's ruined the series. already oh oh we did we did get some. bones some horse armor and in the. champion book yeah you got any more Ryan. uh no but there is some upstairs. okay so yeah I don't know if we can get. it or not.

Oh we can one hold on can you jump out. and get it do you think there you go oh. no gosh. oh. I've got an idea I've got an idea I've. got one yeah tunnel no no no put water. put up put water down. Digger let me try this let me try this. okay got a new tunnel oh okay I see what. you're doing uh. no it just push backwards doesn't it. send me up to the top. limo no I was nearly there I was. touching it. oh no I reckon we can do that you reckon. yeah 100. this is okay I'm gonna go over the. speeder okay Speed Run I'm gonna I'm. trying to make the tunnel more tunnily. so it doesn't. Ready Set Go. son of a gun. I had my toenails on it no. no did you teleport you or does it fling. you you have to like three guys it's. like bro you're cheating. wait we've got pigs. the Oink is I got the iron yeah. yeah I'm I'm so stubborn I I can't.

I'm too stubborn mate oh I just punched. the mic twice mate I'm sorry I didn't. mean to do that. so rude just get in the hole though. it's literally right there there it came. serious man I just see you ping I'm. doing two more attempts. and then I'll just cry uh Pig. disappeared so I'm coming down. got a good feeling about this this. attempt. this is so annoying oh my God okay. whatever I'm Gonna Leave it no no I'll. leave it I've got this I've got this. we'll find more iron there's plenty more. iron in the world no no I I can do this. oh. okay. okay I'll let you go cause I'm just kind. of all right and then we do this raging. on it right now do this. and then if we do it you're gonna use. water you could use water yeah yeah I. mean didn't you say that originally and. I was like no I'm gonna speed with it. you can't I don't think you can place.

Water outside I think it just threw it. back into my inventory oh really yeah. because I've got the buckets full. like hold on. try that. hmm. that's it. are you kidding. it doesn't matter you moved it you moved. it. I feel like I'm like an arcade slot. come on. we beat the game screw you developers. yes. I'm gonna fix this hole a bit because. it's a mess up here. no he messed in my friend I am we are we. are next in. very nicely we're living down here. assistant yeah this is the plan we're. now moving in okay we need one more iron. I think I might get dragon this piece. because this is the last piece we need. wait where does it go oh yeah it's. underneath oh okay yeah. oh well you're gonna have to do a bit. more repair in there mitt. hey oh Jesus. any ideas uh yeah we just got a dig. oh God. slaughtered. we'll dig. we dig we're gonna tell these guys we.

Need a shield I don't know. yeah. I think straight down I don't need. okay let's make things a lot easier. I'm just thinking straight down. you think of big boys dear come on when. you get chance there's uh. hmm. there's a hole. dead there's a hole yeah in my bucket. I've dug a hole can you uh yeah yeah. let the river flow. Zip There you go yeah oh this has gone. weird all right let's move on okay so. now I've got torch that yeah and I can. just mine here. this one's still staring at me I'm not. gonna lie. okay you try to get that one I'll try. this way this is so annoying maybe a. bigger staircase is what we need. oh we're expanding the staircase no I'm. going for the other day and suck that. that's boring come on let me do this. yeah you strip mine you'll probably get. them before me how have we not got. enough iron like we wasted it on a water.

Bucket we have like how many buckets. have you got two I've got one bucket No. I gave you my bucket yeah I've got two. buckets how did you get another bucket I. don't know I was asking myself to be. honest I don't know that's where our. Orion's gone I have to go on so many. buckets we've got buckets but that's it. the game's like well it's your fault. now I have to mine up this whole section. and just. expand more iron because. yep. pickaxe is gonna break oh what are we. doing with our lives. I don't know but I've not found anything. yet. no not my pickaxe is just broken as well. yes it meant. ah. we'll have to use. okay I'm just gonna kick myself back up. to the service okay an enderman's just. like literally I can hear that. where is it. what is it where is it. you can hear him somewhere. come on in bro we got nothing you're.

Scared of water why can't I kick myself. up to the top. there we go I was stuck in a loop there. glitched out. okay. cobblestone. I hit the ball to the Border sucks bro. whose ideas the whole point of the. challenge. all right I'm gonna go back down because. I want to see what's next. yep I'm gonna go back to my little hole. no more buckets here goes that you hold. that oh wait there might be iron on this. level yeah yeah true we need to dig. around. what version of Minecraft is this on. uh. do we have. teams update with the massive caves. okay so that's a no. I said I don't know it could be. okay that's ask me another one chief. ask me another one another one I think. this is this is impossible. not the challenge was me getting this. one piece of iron oh you're still trying. okay yeah I'm gonna give up now because. I'm it's not happening I should have.

Really given up a bit a while ago. maybe maybe. okay. torches. we were flying through this bridge no. and now we're stuck on iron gone down. this way. come on game I've hit the Border again. come on Notch give us some luck no it's. not mine this this guy is getting it. this piece here. oh. you're good. bro stupid freaking ball it's not on the. ceiling is that we haven't missed any on. the ceiling there's someone that Jeff in. the ceiling I've been waiting and I've. looked up and there's like a whole. freaking Vein on the ceiling yes. right I've got iron either all we needed. to do was look up change the perspective. oh no. take a step back well at least we know. now. oh look there's iron here. where look up. so dumb okay. iron. okay we need a pickaxe so we might as. well grab I've got the I've got the four. iron to. we can then make into a pickaxe so I.

Mean you've got four yeah why why is the. Torches in the furnace. it's been a while since we're Minecraft. did you know what I mean yeah I thought. they might have updated stuff. oh okay so the good news is we can both. make ourselves a diamond pickaxe. they're an iron pickaxe why did I say. diamonds we've got diamonds on the main. you've got damage on the brain bruh. right I'm going. I'm going where do you see cowards on. this uh game. um I don't actually know can you not see. cards on this game. you have to I think you have to kind of. wants yours like uh the realm side. not for God's sake Bedrock what are you. playing on in your life. I'm digging straight down easy we're. gonna find diamonds okay straight away. guess what I found diamond iron. I found a bookcase no sure found. diamonds oh he found diamonds I found.

The stronghold library what the job you. found a stronghold library yeah no shot. what is going on grab the diamond. pickaxe you got any wood down there nah. I've got bookcases oh wait what's this. made out of wood I got one okay. so you do the next one then oh there's. oh I can reach the chests. are you down here with me no I'm I'm. upstairs I was gonna craft uh an iron. pickaxe but I don't need to now so I'm. gonna wait in case it says to craft some. iron. uh like an iron sword or something just. in case yeah yeah. it's coming okay okay hella stacked. right now. yeah. oh my goodness. attached to the struggle this is. actually the struggle with the frick. what the frick bro okay it's our. favorite players to get lost oh no I am. not doing that again one of the. challenges is gonna be complete could. defeat the Ender Dragon.

This early do you think no it won't be. this early but it definitely has got to. be one of them isn't it oh yeah all. right we now have a we now have a a pen. full of animals. yeah I'm a deep slide oh snap watch me. fall straight into lava I hear cave. noises again. I'm in I'm in you're in lava. I'm coming Mom oh yeah. yeah. now this is what we're talking about. did I bring water of course not did you. no of course. all the way down here there's no. freaking obsidian oh why don't we just. take lava up top actually let me just. grab a bucket that's big brain that is. big brain and then I'll just jump in. lava and die and lose everything that. small print. I'm gonna jump in I'm gonna trust you. with this one. oh look at that I've got full health as. well this is so nice. it's fixed. that's awesome okay cheers mate yeah.

Thanks. I'll see what you were doing then you. freaking I swear. yes neutral. you've just been down with all the. diamonds that's all right I've got loads. of diamonds uh oh wait did you actually. get loads throw me the iron you can have. the diamond. oh. oh it smells like tentacle sweat let's. go oh lovely lovely. right well we're probably gonna leave it. there for today because we've done. enough progress we don't want to finish. it in one episode. we're known for being too um I don't. know what the word is what's the word. productive too good too productive two. too too hot too spicy yeah I don't. really use the word productive because. it's not something that comes up in my. vocabulary often but today is a. different day it's a new man. you enjoy guys and the next one we gotta. go to the nether so um join us then.

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