12.05.2024 How to Use WhatsApp Web on Android Phone

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guys today I'm going to show you how you. can use WhatsApp web on Android. phone the first up let's open the web. browser and go to the whatsapp.com now. click on R icon and switch your sorry I. have to check something yes it's. whatsapp.com only this now click on. three icon and choose the. subsite now we are redirected to the uh. web. WhatsApp and now just wait for the Cure. code now open the WhatsApp on your. phone click on the link at devices or. just open the settings and just link. device then click on okay and show the C. code to your. device as you can see now we are look at. it it's work perfect and this is the way. how we can do it thanks for the watching. leave us a like or a comment and. goodbye

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