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Let's go one one ball twelve hundred. I mean it was going the right direction. all right. oh my God 2400 ball. we're gonna reload chat we're gonna. reload we have to we literally have to. call for it bro. yo. chat this is it right here watch watch. watch. okay okay okay okay okay. let's run it come on. holy . don't do this at home chat. there's no. foreign. this is like. I I raised it and it does this. let's go back to 500.. oh my God. oh my God what the what the [ __ ]. holy what happened. we back. what the hit dude. and it too did it hit 226s that's nice. 26 and a nine that's what it was or a. couple nines. something like that all right all right. yo let's go back we're going back to it. we're going back to it. that's that RTP though holy let's. go we're going back to it come on. come on we're going back to thousands.

Come on. it's all four in there. yo oh my God. so another four. you see this when you switch to the. Thousand bro. it's okay. the Thousand has not come out yet. come on. there's a nine there's a four. that's money back. come on bro. come on. something bro come on stay over there. oh. my God holy oh my God. oh my God that's Gallows oh my. god what the [ __ ]. yo I love gambling ah. holy . yo. what the . holy . holy bro. holy bro. oh my God bro you see this [ __ ]. oh I see this yeah dude no no I. told you I know like no degenerative. but degeneration I hit two 130s off. stream like within 24 hours. oh my God. that's and that was a thousand. right. a thousand dollars not the Thousand eggs. wow nah yeah. it was the Thousand X yeah oh my God. ah. dude what the you know it's crazy. you know it's crazy though the Thousand.

Hasn't come out yet dude the Thousand. has not come out. oh my God. oh my God. all right let's throw a few more balls. in here all right I'm the the cut off. I'm saying is like 120.. um. so Keep Us Alive blinko. oh there's a nine okay cool. we're going for that Mill chat I. told you if we hit that a hundred. thousand dollar giveaway in the chat. and every one of my family's getting 100. grand. that's a nine. back to back nines is huge that's huge. three nines is huge bro that's huge bro. that's [ __ ] huge bro. come on bro. just one of these just get over bro just. get over once nine one nine. don't play with my heart like that don't. jump over the ledge unless you want to. fully jump. don't have jump. it's crazy because now you could just. like spam them so that's why it's like. stupid. yeah come on. nine yes. I'm staying even it's crazy.

We're just hoping for one like random. glitchy jumpy one. mmhmm. or a 26 would be nice. something. a couple fours. oh what the yeah. oh. my God. yo Oh I thought that was it I thought. that's it I thought that I see a. thousand bro still though still oh my. God I thought that was it but I that's. not even what the . book Turks and Caicos book it. it. I want to stay in the villa. bro. dude how did we not go for it at this. point we gotta go for it bro my heart. almost dropped oh my God. dude quarter Mill right now bro quarter. Mill in the Bro actually a quarter Mill. of dollars dude. bro. wait why does it keep give me 130s bro. that's four in 24 hours bro. this style chat you understand how do. the Thousand X is bro and the way the. game works. from how it's been explained is it. doesn't matter if you put a dollar down. or the max bet.

whenever that thousand is going to come. out it's gonna come out does it matter. where your bet is. yeah and this has not hit when was. the last time a thousand came out. was it on like was it on like 20 bucks. or something. it was some yeah it's like a. known thing like people know when like. it comes out. people don't know but there's like a. there's like you can guess. based on how many balls and like bro. I've dropped 175 000 balls in this. game granted they all have not. been a thousand but. have you hit a thousand before. uh have I hit a thousand eggs yeah I. have but a nowhere nowhere near this bet. size it was a small bed. Chase if it's

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