12.05.2024 Crazy Time

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Five twenty five hundred thirty six. winners again comma lol spin screen time. you're almost. at this player called comma. close close. almost there right all right enjoy. yourself guys. all right let's go again though. bum. you're funny pretending not knowing what. he's saying what do you mean pretending. what do you mean i'm serious over here. you know. i'm serious you think i'm laughing i'm. singing fine. all serious business here right. all right we got ourselves number 10. though guys of course he will defend. crazy time no wonder what lol what do. you mean defend. i'm chilling. right. like karma is the character in league of. legends i said i play her sometimes you. know so. very rare though because i'm not even. sure which matchups is she good at. no. so. it's like all right well i mean. so you have to know the match up snow.

You know when she's strong when she's. weak like i'm not picking karma right if. i don't know if i can play her right. anyway cash into everybody though final. that was final spin with me because uh. my wonderful. handsome. and you know let me tell you he's. cracked at fortnight uh colleague is. here don't you say all right here we go. fortnite questions guys i know you have. plenty of them you gotta wait out though. 100x right there right apex legends. questions of course and. uh guys he was a previous previous job. he was a moderator for hello kitty game. so this guy's saying all right so any. questions right if your hello kitty. account is banned guys ask him maybe he. has contacts maybe he can know all right. to get your account unbanned i know lost. you know big progress lost i lost my. account i messaged him you know what he.

Banned me hey hey i know it's you know. it's kind of. it is the priority here but just saying. this all right anyway guys cash with. guys all right. pick your. icon guys. all right here it goes though. uh 40 players clutched it all right so. there you go he's there and i'm out. peace out everybody all right peace in. the streets there was a reason why you. were abandoned. yeah it was because you were too rude. there. like you cannot be it's hello kitty. right hello everyone it's mr laotis here. you're hosting session how's it going. leo here. have. hey how are you doing how are you. feeling what are your cats there i saw. you just got a cashman there. beautiful bonus game my most favorite. one because yeah there's just something. about cash in there right. right. maybe. that'd be some fire. i think this throwing dude. there's dawning off with um two foot.

Around. it is a two uh. congratulations all the winners win at. two two thousand eight hundred twenty. four year competitive fidel six six nine. and heiden spending times here welcome. play some expense atlantic singles give. 5 000 x again did you catch the 5 000 x. with me previous time and uh we did. catch the 5 000 x. that was super amazing there. and i loved it in that day in the next. session we got a five minutes crazy time. as well i was thinking like what is. happening what is happening today. that's not host fault says wish me like. that so yeah. everything's random here i'm just hoping. on the best of the victory for you yeah. anything highlow is that for me oh so. nice so nice. this time it is a. dude is a two right here all right. congratulations all the winners with at. two three thousand twenty six winners oh.

Welcomes leo fidel hayden's as well. betting time to your welcome listen. expats danny how you've been how you. feeling pleasant c. and here we go. the last crazy time is two days ago no. we had a crazy time with me today. i missed that five thousand x hours give. me this time would love would love to. see that. uh i would love to experience that yep. and that was amazing i'm still so. surprised about crazy time in the 5x on. thompson. double hnj. didn't quite understand what you meant. because saying everyone who wants me is. tall though uh well i'm tall i am really. tall comparably to a lot of people. around me. this time we're catching the one here. number one be the one here all right. congratulations all the winners went on. one two thousand two hundred and five he. comes with two gal. together leo nami as well betting time.

To your welcome place and expects double. rj saying your voice. yeah it's uh. it's disappearing a bit you know because. i'm quite often super excited everywhere. like when there's something great. happening i i'm just like letting my. emotions go and then yeah and it's. disappearing a bit but i know a lot of. people do like how it sounds afterwards. here we. go the money saying man thanks again for. five thousand next crazy time you caught. it you counter 5000 x whoa. that was super amazing that was super. amazing i'm still so happy about that. you know it was such a great uh day and. great sessions and everything amazing. there. and this time i'll be catching a 10 the. biggest number segment on this reel. congratulations all the winners old. champions 2. 711 queen many in as well top pick for. more than 2 400 euros betting time for.

You welcome please and expats. and here we go again how many spins does. this wheel do for day roundly double h. that's a great question i really don't. know. i think you could like try to count now. what time is for like one round but like. the bonus games and everything is i. don't know. i think i'm going 3x on the dance line. is saying this guy is always great you. think i'm really slow i think i'm quite. a quite a quick person now. sorry saying when was that 5000 x on. crazy time new it was like five days ago. if i'm correct. uh this time we do have a two here. it is. congratulations winners went on to two. thousand six hundred eighty eight here. comes to fidel john and i didn't. spending time so you're welcome with. some expats. uh where is young oleg uh who is young. golic though. he's young. and ready or not here i am you can hide.

Glad to make this spin and let's make it. right now all right big space for big. man hopefully right. your bonus yeah well don't see some. bonuses soon as well. are nearby. maybe i don't know. might be might not be uh this time you. do have two foot around. and a two it is right here all right. congratulations all the winners with rt2. thousand eight hundred thirty seven here. comes leo fidel hayden's as well betting. time so you're welcome play some experts. and also all the newcomers welcome i see. here at a crazy time please let's see if. pleasant have you here hello reminder. you can bet on all the numbers segmented. one click open you can bet on all the. bonus game segments with one click go. button you can use the auto play if it's. well full for you and then last one he. runs i see i add a cashman to crime flip.

Uh three fans have been there a five a. lot of these and only. four ones here only four ones there. can you sing like eminem who i don't. know like the lyrics of the of his songs. there i've been like quite a lot. listening to eminem when i was a lot. younger but um yeah afterwards. not that much though. and this time we're catching a two. and uh. it is all right congratulations all the. winners with uh two two thousand seven. hundred twenty seven winners overall. there helps leo fidel harlock as well. betting time two welcome police and. expects nineteen saying when is uh five. thousand and five thousand thousand. crazy time. hasn't been wouldn't be possible but. like if you mean the five thousand x. crazy time he had it like uh less than a. week ago less than a week ago with me. it was on the. yellow flapper. crazy tavern 2x on that top slot.

Atlantic have you got such questions i. think those are kind of things you might. see in the context. it might be there. one little dashcam maybe might be due. one more let's go that's a cash gun here. we go see you there. there's a cash gun let's go one of my. most favorite bonus games i would say. even the most favorite one you have a. lot a lot of hundred x's possible that's. the max multiplier all right mix it all. up but there are a lot of 100 x's so a. lot of you. might catch the 100x that would be super. exciting hoping you're on that all. you're catching 100 x there right. all right. and. now everything is mixed up there now you. can make your decisions which of the. symbols will be yours a lot of them are. hiding the 100x underneath them. and uh yeah decide which one might be. the one for you i would have gone for.

what. upper bird there i like that one i would. have had a five x a lot of hundred x's. as you see two hundred seventy one or. you did. let's get a lot of victories with a. hundred x four thousand two hundred. seventy eight winners overall great job. councilman second place benneck as well. david

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