12.05.2024 Red or Black? - Betting your whole life on one roulette spin

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Ashley want you take a moment get. yourself composed then we'll go over the. rules of the. game are you sure you want to make this. bet with your life saving yeah I'm I. want you to know we would never. knowingly condone or accept someone. taking. a wager of their entire life savings but. we know that this is a culmination of a. grand adventure for you and hopefully. the start of many more and more. interesting Adventures to that extent. once you're ready just give me a head. nod and we'll start. it once the ball is in the track and. spun if you haven't declared yourself. before the ball has traveled two times. around the wheel we will call it a no. bet and we'll start. again is this acceptable to you yeah. good. luck. what color. then I don't. know. here oh man too many decisions. um big glad I kiss. it. okay. good go. r.

kill. her. come. on. that

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