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Hey guys what's going on it's risky here. back with yet another video today's a. bit of a different video we are going to. be playing on the gold bar roulette now. this is a really weird slot uh not slot. roulette spin table uh that i want to. get around okay so basically how this. works um so if you win you get a gold. bar you can place that um on the bet for. an 80 up to 88 x multiplier which is. absolutely correct uh we have two two. two and so seven so we need to see. us hit a number here. no never mind again. seven gold bars i was up for grabs if we. hit that but unfortunately we did a not. so we're going to try and so five one. gobbler i'm trying to get my head around. this i've seen this game pop up a lot. and i wanted to give it a try today uh. and just see. what potential there is i like all the. gold bar view as well it looks.

Elegant as which is why i want to. play it uh also if you guys want to. check out rocketport there will be a. link in the comments description below. where you guys can find 100 deposit. bonus up to a thousand usd with a 45 x. wager as well as instant access to daily. loss back just message support three. goal bars there. not really the best but we got 29 i. think that is a miss oh my god. bro i thought we would have hit it there. but no nothing let's try i really want. to try and hit a number here just to see. the potential uh in this gold bar. roulette i think i have posted a video. on this game before i'm not too sure but. it's you can win gold bars each with 88. x uh if you win on a straight up bet. with regular chips you don't even win. the regular cash paper but also rent a. number of gold bars you can use the gold.

Bars to bet on straight up bets in the. future game round for a chance to turn. into a fantastic multiplied cash payout. and even more gold bars you get. additional gold bars if you went on a. straight up when using the gold bar to. bet so pretty much if we hit a number we. get this gold bar so three of them. uh and then that we can seven off. man. so we need to hit a gold bar and they're. worth 88 x and you can bet them on. numbers i'm assuming. jesus this is what we want to see wait. does this mean you can bet like this. does this mean you can bet like this so. if we hit one of these it gives us gold. bar i don't know i want to see this now. i want to test this game mode let's do a. little singing and around we go what the. all right let's see how many gold bars. we get here we got two. nothing. nothing. three. three gold bars who the running.

At the back and changing them huh thirty oh sake that's a is that a hit still do we get the gold bars it has to be on the particular number right yeah it has to be on the gold bar itself uh on the number itself okay well that makes more sense now so we're just gonna try and hit a number to get some gold bars so maybe if we just do like a bigger bet here yes we're going to lose a lot of money doing that even with this we're still going to lose a bit i think no 5 times 36 is like 100 and something there we go that should be good let's see if we can hit a number now we literally have like a 33 like just over 40 chance to hit a number here three five six okay that's a decent amount of gold buzz come on let's hit a number here please thirtyfive are you kidding backto-back 34.

Oh. man. we're gonna run that back 95 all right. so we could try this i just want to hit. this and see the gold bar and see what. they they we can do with them because if. you can bet them on particular numbers. my god see one gold bar is 88 x. oh that's a lot in that first one. three okay. four. two. and one okay not bad that's 10.. quick math. hit hit hit 26 that's a hit did we get. the gold bars. oh my god that's a decent amount of. golden bars. 100 how many gold bars do we get did we. get any. we got 10. okay. so we can bet these on oh this is sick. all right let's save them all for the. end of the video we got to pick numbers. here that we we want to pick and play. okay i just want to try and see if we. could hit one first that's all i cared. about now we need to try and hit a. number okay the more numbers we hit the.

More gold bars we have to bet at the end. of the video so. that's that's awesome got three. can we get more. four. seven okay that's a good number i like. that maybe hit number seven with seven. gold bars would be a seven. seven. thirty three that's a hit yes sir look. at that man beautiful bro. another seven goal bars we have 17 now. i feel like jeff bezos with these gold. bars look at that. i love the sound effects too let's. repeat that same bit and we get the win. as well this is awesome bro i . like this game mode oh no. why is her mic so loud bro. jane come on jane show us where we get. the gold bars okay we want to see. 20 million two. three. yep. five yes okay five being a hit number. now maybe you hit number seven now. number seven with five you know what i'm. saying a little something i like this. bet man we're covering a decent.

Motherboard and we just need to try and. collect these gold bars. 17 that's a dub. right okay nice look at that. so can we put these all on the table we. can put these on the whole thing right. oh my god. oh no this is revolutionary. this is nice i like this. because if we if okay listen if we hit. it with five dollars that's five times. 88. three. six. oh my god please hit bro. we'll have so many gold bars. please. 22 29 28 no it's a. man 22 would have been it man i do. like this game mode a lot i i [ __ ]. with it because it's five times 88 right. and we got 22 numbers so we can have. 22. out of 36 numbers that is that's decent. odds in my opinion we just do the whole. board a number of hits we're. gucci right is there a condition on how. much we can cover three four. five. i'm pretty sure right i just want to. understand this after betting the time.

Expired feeling the 20. i'm trying to. understand here. 33 that's another hit let's go. bro another five gold bars we'll collect. these. we're like playing mario brothers with. gold bars right now by placing a second. gold bar you get 176 oh this is so. up so is it inside bets on. straight up only i think so you have to. bet it on a number am i mistaken you can. place too many different kinds of bets. bets gold bars can only be placed to. straight up bet spots by placing single. gold while you bet okay so you have to. bet on single ones. five six. seven okay. let's get seven seven and then number. seven because you bet seventy dollars. with seven gold bars it's gonna hit. number seven right. it's all the way around here 25 that's a. hit still let's no it's not. outrage man outrage we have two. more shots at this and then we're going.

To be doing the goal bar bets i mean we. could have 27 spins here of get trying. to get 23. but what's the fun that we. want to bet a big area because 88 times. five what the is that we want to. save them too you want to be smart. working that's 440. so we're guaranteed. 440 if we just cover it but one three. five all right so i think we'll probably. just play numbers like this what with. the gold bars instead see if we can hit. it because any number we hit would just. pay absolutely insane come on. 24. 33 that's another hit let's go. another five gold bars beautiful man. 33's shown up three times in our session. so far and we got the win as well let's. cover some more here that way we can. repeat the bet next with more numbers. covered more numbers covered equals good. yes i feel like it's gonna be a low. number though we'll put on three.

I fill in three don't know why but we're. gonna follow with it okay we're gonna. follow through not like our chance but. we're just gonna follow through. okay got one. three two. five okay another five we can go up to. 20 gold bars that is ridiculous though. come on man let's let's see it. number 23 that's a hit nice man that's. my favorite number that is. beautiful that is very beautiful. another five gold bars how much are we. at 37 jesus christ collecting these gold. bars maybe we can add them in now oh i. think this would be cool we just add. them in here and there as we're winning. there we go come on. this would be absolutely insane. stacked on the five dollars as well. god this is sick i love this. game mode we got one. two. three three four five. seven okay. that's how many how many gold bars we. bet so if we can hit a gold bar and win.

More gold bars that would be lit. let's do it come on. 18 that's a hit right that is a hit. is that the is that the 88x. oh it's almost though i mean we'll still. take it though we get the gold bars back. we're gonna repeat that same bet now i'm. gonna cover more here let's do it this. is a really long video but i really want. to play this game with these at the end. i feel like betting with gold bars at. the end of this game mode is just gonna. be sick they're at five dollar. stakes though so if we were to bet more. we would have gold bars at a higher. stake but five dollars oh that's a lot. three. four. six. seven okay. i think we're gonna have eight but. seven's all right we'll take that again. if we can hit it come on let's do it. let's hit it real quick real quick make. a honey. for. we can't repeat our bet anymore i can.

Remember the numbers that we played. there we go we'll play that let's hit. one more number then we're gonna bet. these gold bars i'm excited as two. oh six seven. ten okay we need to hit this this would. be absolutely perfect if we can. hit this right now we have 10 gold bars. extra to gamble at the end of today's. video. come on hit. 22 that's a hit nice man another 10 gold. bars. wow this is this is intense i . love this already we make our money back. if we hit but we're collecting the gold. bars should we do it now i think this. would be so stupid we'll put it. on 23. we'll put it on 23. it stacks. that is just disgusting. oh that is sickening. we'll do this we'll put three gold bars. down. i didn't know we did four okay there's. four six. seven okay come on we need to hit this. 23 right now it would be absolutely.

Off chops. let's hit it. come on. please. 19 that's a hit but. geez it was right next to it man look at. that. have the winning numbers damn bro all. right we'll repeat that bit one more. time and then we'll start using the gold. bars we got 50 gold bars okay so we can. happily say we're going to be gambling. 50 gold bars in. the next couple spins. we just need a hit we just need to hit. and i think we might cover this area of. 4x4 but we'll stack them so we'll have. like big multis on them uh we need to. hit like this section for it to pay. crazy we've only got one global. three oh that's not good. that's not good i think we're absolutely. gonna hit a number right now. abs are lately gonna hit a. number right now surely. even zero zero is good we'll take a zero. seventeen that's a hit okay beautiful. next to three gold bars we'll collect.

Them we'll keep collecting them i mean. it just helps with that in bet that's. that's it really oh man this is gonna be. a huge bet we have enough to cover. everyone on the board but i don't want. that i want more. congratulations. thank you she said my name thank you. james is it jane. jane yes i remembered look at that good. memory don't suffer from shortterm. memory loss. shuffle. i had to hit the bait this shit's. stressful three. six give me another three nine oh. eleven. ten . i'm i'm quick well not that quick come. on. basic math risk you can't even do. one that's a hit too man look at that. bro another 10 gold boss. oh this bet's gonna be scary as i. need to prepare myself for this. 63 my god i'm so scared to do. this next bet because i want to cover. this area here that's 50 percent of the. board so we have a 50 50 chance of.

Hitting with some cracked multis. oh bro this is so sickening come on good. gold bars two. three. five i reckon six. seven okay seven seven gold bars come on. let's hit it again let's keep building. up these gold bars even if we got 100. that would be like it's like have a. hotel kind of. 31 that is a miss unfortunately all. right let's try to do the gold bar bit. man i need to get myself ready. for this because this seems. insane. bounce too low what's this mean oh here. we go. oh hell this is so scary man. this is so much money i'm. stacking it oh my god. dude please hit one of these. i would myself. dude this is like two grand potential. right here. oh come on man it's like a 40 chance to. hit this please. please hit a number. 13 to 27. are you kidding me. that's so painful bro that is so . painful that is so painful bro.

Oh. that would have been the saving grace. right there i mean a 500 that would be. two and a half grand if we were to hit. like one of those numbers we would have. had upwards of two and a half i think. this would have been crack man. four four. six. well 23 23 would bring us back here this. would it would it would bring us back. come on. please. i'm so scared in this game mode. this is so scary 23.. no. i was going that way. oh. well i had a lot of fun playing this. game and hopefully you guys did enjoy. today's video if you did don't forget to. smash like and subscribe the channel if. you haven't already it's been an. absolute pleasure and yeah i think we'll. definitely come back to this table and. try it again but um yeah thank you guys. for watching hopefully you guys did. enjoy and i'll see you guys in the very.

next. video. peace. you

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