12.05.2024 Understanding the Technology and the People in Management at WPI

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I'm currently enrolled in the Masters. and management program here at WPI. projectbased learning is when your. class is focused more on the project. work you're doing versus tests so you. spend a lot of time working on projects. in a small group often times four or. five people and you're sometimes working. with a realworld company whether it's. UMass med or even just a small startup. company and you're helping fix one of. their problems or helping them develop. their company as new technologies come. out businesses are utilizing them more. and more in companies are going towards. more of a technological side versus of. people side so it's important for. managers to know how to work the. technology into their business and learn. how to deal with the people side effects. of that and get technology and people to.

Work together that's why this management. degree works perfectly with my. industrial engineering undergraduate. degree because it ties the technology. into the people side technology is. playing a huge role in our future more. and more companies are making use of it. as I've seen some of my internships. automation instead of using people to. make things is becoming a huge deal and. I think that's where a lot of the world. is headed is how to use technology to. benefit us whether it's for economic. reasons or to make things move faster a. lot of companies are looking into that. and WPI is able to help you understand. that through your classes and through. again some of the projects by working. with companies at their facilities in. order to see how technology is playing a. role in local companies this degree. definitely gives me confidence because I.

feel like I've applied my knowledge. already and I'm not going into a job not. knowing how to do anything I've had. experience working with people and. companies and I've had experience. working in teams which some schools. don't offer but WPI does. you

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