12.05.2024 Playing Auto Roulette La Partage with my Roulette System!

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Hi guys today i'm going to play at auto. roulette lapotrage. i'm gonna play with the app. so. let me choose it. if you are interested to the app. join my telegram channel. the link is in the pinned column comment. of this video. so. let's see it's playing minus and plus. one and plus. and minus one. we got seven. so. it's nothing. so i'm going to wait and see. we got 13. so. i'm supposed to play now. to play 26 14 and also 21. the lowest distance. let's see. that's a hit on twelve. okay lowest distance it's zero four and. six. zero. i'm gonna place it like this. so i don't have. some covering more numbers. because. just in case. eleven. good. you see we we. we got one pocket away. so and eight huh okay let's try it. and. more on the. natures of the prediction. and let's see. that's one. okay good. so 17 and 5 now. it should be. 17. and.

5. let's see this thing is evil eleven two pockets away okay um i'm gonna go just switch 13 8 and 21 neighbor only i'm not gonna go which distance zero because it seems that it didn't work get this last time so maybe it's gonna and also we have double predictions the same they have the same so oh that's 23 okay that's a hit lowers these things okay 12 17 and 5 and that's what 35 28 and 30. i'm gonna wait i think it's better we have the same distances that's 21 so it's playing minus hmm this thing is three and this thing is one um yeah i'm gonna wait that's 11 no it's 17. okay that's 4 and 11. now yeah nothing let's see what it's going to play oh that's five thirteen i'm going to place it like this and 20.

Let's go. so thirty eight and twenty. thirteen agent one okay that's eleven so. that's hit. 540. okay. both have confirmed by. seven. fourteen. and two. i'm going with seven fourteen and two. in case last time. when we had these things about it it. didn't hit so. eighteen one pocket away. we had covered also on 2022 i think yeah. and it was in between them. that's. yeah that's bad. i'm gonna wait again. that's one. again always this thing is zero. gonna wait again. let's see this thing zero in distance to. seems to not be that good maybe. if we get these things one. it's better. this thing is zero and this thing is one. um. i'm gonna wait one more time. just to see. sometimes you have to be patient so. that's what i'm gonna do now. okay that's nine so. 6 11. 25 20 and 32. 6 and 11. and i'm gonna place it like this. let's go. so instead instead of placing 6 and 11 i.

place at 6 and 23 so i have it covered. until. 24.. that's 10 okay that's great good. so zero four and six. and like this. yeah let's see. that's 15 good that's a hit. following 11 comfort by twist pins yeah. okay. 33 26 19. or 21 and 31. didn't have time to place that but. so it should be this thing zero i hope. it's gonna be. one that's good okay let's hit. 900.. um. we have the same. the same distances and also it's. confirmed by two spins. both of them. so i'm not gonna play. i'm thinking also to stop here so. yeah i think it's now we made. 2600 so thank you for watching and. see you next time bye

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