12.05.2024 I PLAYED CRAZY TIME AGAINST MYSELF? Insane Crazy Time Strategy

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Dude i'm finally in on a session with. the host that looks like me dude you. guys don't know how long i've been. chasing this guy for okay i think his. name is is his name chris. oh it's chris dude i have been waiting. for so long to be in on a session with. this guy everyone says he looks just. like me you know he kind of does he kind. of does looks like me we're gonna see if. it has any correlation to the winds okay. chris has to drop in the big wins. because he looks exactly like me like. he's gotta hook myself up okay dude look. that's so weird dude. it's so stupid all right hold on. i'm gonna try uh okay i did it. so i've been i've been running this. strategy here and there my cousin. actually. crafted this based off of the god. strategy kind of that that we all ran. all the time and basically what you do. is you take the money you would bet on.

Coin flip and you take the extra money. that goes on 10 and you just chuck it. all on two so when you're hitting twos. you're making profit and the logic. behind it is if you're hitting these. twos and you're getting top slots on. them it's gonna pay really well and even. if you don't have a top slot we just. profited a hundred eight dollars on the. two there so we just made 108. just for hitting a two which you know. when you factor in coin flip being. horrible 10 being incredibly hard to hit. it feels like this is probably a smarter. strategy all around i do not really care. for uh taking the extra money off of 10. because if you do hit a 10 top slot it. does feel really good to have that big. big cluster of money sitting on it but. you know over time like if you're. getting a lot of twos in a session this. strategy can pay off incredibly well so.

I definitely recommend you guys try it. out if you want to uh if you're if. you're gonna play crazy time i. definitely recommend you guys try this. try this strategy out stick it give me. no it's a one that's a 240 loss the plan. is we might get up to some 480 dollar. bets it depends how the session goes it. depends if we hit any top slots any. bonuses anything like that but uh we're. just gonna stick with the strategy i'm. gonna hang out with my man chris here. dude it's it's so creepy like. he's even got the big ass forehead bro. hold on. dude oh he's got a nintendo oh my god. man he's even got a nintendo switch bro. i i don't like this dude this is making. me uncomfortable to be honest yo give me. a cash hunt and i'm comfortable again. cool oh it might be a one. no what. they just smeared butter all over that.

Dude. and it hits something but i would say. most of the time we're not really. getting any good hits anymore on crazy. time at least on recordings i did have a. decent session last night though. what is this is this akasha that usually. happens though. oh it's got a lot of heat on it it might. be a one okay it's a ten tens twenty. four dollars in profit for us which is. decent. um i can technically even reduce this to. 22 and we'd almost break even on it i. don't know that's that's that's pitching. pennies though. so 264 there a little bit of profit. we're not down too much here we started. at like 1850 the original deposit was 2k. but i didn't get around to playing yet. and uh crypto kept dropping dude if you. guys haven't seen the crypto charts or. if you're not involved in crypto. dude there has been some droppings okay.

There has been some droppings. more droppings than uh than a fencer gg. toilet dude oh my god look at that man i. just hate betting on coin flip dude it. just doesn't even feel good it could be. a coin flip 50x and i'm like. like that's how you know you shouldn't. bet on coin flip when when i personally. get a coin flip 50x i'm i'm scared i'm. i'm more scared than i am excited okay. like yeah it's gonna be a good video. yeah it's gonna be cool. but it's like. what is it gonna be a 100x and then like. a 9x times 50 a 4k it's gonna be like. 100x and a 450x like for a 50x top slot. it's like dude the first time i ever hit. a 50x crazy time is only a 500x okay it. was a 500x on green 2500x on blue 500x. on yellow i was a part of the first 50x. crazy time ever dude that's probably the. most historical event i've been involved.

In and uh you know i i think it's going. to remain that way but i i gotta tell. you. it's a coin flip i gotta tell you it is. a historical event i'm very proud of you. know i'm very proud of being a part of. that first crazy time because i was. grinding and out dude i was hoping it. was gonna hit it was it was only five. dollars i had twenty five hundred. dollars um actually it was the first day. i had switched off of the main casino i. was playing on first day i had done it. and i hit a 50x crazy time bro i. couldn't believe it i couldn't believe. it i was so happy i was so excited okay. dude a 3x coin flip. see i would have lost more than i just. lost right there if i was betting on. coin flip this whole time like a and i. would have lost money on that it's it's. like. you know before i get back into video i. want to tell you guys about this insane.

Promo fortune jack is running for anyone. that supports me when you sign up on. fortune jack use code gg and all. capitals and they're going to give you. 10 free spins on sweet bonanza 20. cashback on your first deposit and also. 110 deposit bonus meaning if you deposit. a hundred dollars they're gonna give you. 210 in total using my code is the best. way to support me so use promo code gg. in all capitals and enjoy the video i. play these games for volatility and when. it's when it's on coin flip there's. nothing volatile about it okay the only. thing volatile is my emotions oh. dude this is an amazing hit if we. actually get it but it's headed it's. almost headed like more towards i just. feel like it's easy oh it's a it's a one. or a ten dude my life man that. would have been a three thousand dollar. three thousand dollar hit bro i i just i.

Really dislike how much this guy looks. like me dude i will say he's a little. bit lighter than i am though a little. bit lighter. which you know yeah he's not committed. to the bit to be honest. he's not committed to the bit he's also. got the the little top knot man bun the. facial hair is not as good. he's just a bad fencer bro come on he's. he's a great value fencer he's got to. get. he's got it. he's got to get himself straight dude. you hate to see it. come on. another two with the 15x i just doubled. my bet and we're headed towards a bunch. of twos. oh it's only one of them though oh it's. definitely over it bro it's definitely. over it. oh come on man that was. well i hate crazy time bro that was. literally like a 6k hit. actually i was like a 7k hit because of. 32 on it that would have been like a 7k. hit right there bro so we missed 2 2.

With 15 x's today. yeah good luck good luck buddy. 5 to 3x is decent. dude honestly if this is a fight with. the 3x i'm probably just going to all in. dude is this a is this a coin flip is. this a coin flip okay guys never play. with this dealer he's easily the worst. dealer of all time i'm gonna end the. video there dude look i i'm uploading. this either way we didn't hit anything. in it but this is just a hilarious video. i finally caught him dude i finally it's. like a shiny pokemon bro but he's a bad. dealer okay he's confirmed bad dealer um. anyway guys if you enjoyed the video. please make sure you leave a like and uh. also if you haven't subscribed to the. channel already i'd appreciate it if you. did. um sorry this was kind of a boring video. maybe i'll throw dude. watch this be a 2x. watch us be at 2x bro.

oh dude. back to back 2x watch us okay i'll like. i like watch this watch this guys coin. we try again no worries. i'm sweating. good luck. don't play coin flip do not bet on coin. flip guys all right i'll catch you guys. in the next video man thank you for. watching. you

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