12.05.2024 Starburst Slot Review: My Strategy, Tips & Tricks! + Mega Win 🤯🎰

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Oh dude. as if on cue mega win baby what's up. everybody gambling guy here and i get. the honor of rolling out this slot game. review for you and the reason i say it's. an honor is because this is one of my. favorite slot games of all time. starbursts that probably can be said for. a lot of you out there it's designed by. netanz a great software company. look at that starburst right away. one of the things i love about probably. the biggest thing i love about this game. is a combination of two things a. combination of. the the variance of the game with just. the graphics and just the enjoy the. enjoyability of the gameplay so what i. mean by that well what i mean is it's a. low variance game or. another way of saying that is low. volatility and that's just a simple. simple way of saying that you're going. to win often but they're going to be.

Small wins so you're not going to you. know you're not going to get the down. payment for your uh for your mansion on. any single spin that would be the. opposite so also a high volatility slot. game you know that's what that would do. you have the potential of hitting of. hitting no wins for a very very long. time and then bam you know there goes. your ferrari so this is not like that. it's a low variance game the rtp or. return to players around 96 so the house. only has about a four percent edge so. you really are you really are winning a. lot and you can you can you can stay. afloat playing starburst for quite a. while for that reason but really i just. freaking love the graphics i love the. actual gameplay you know there's there's. also a variety of different ways that. you can kind of uh you know kind of.

Customize your experience you have the. levels here down at the bottom so you. can choose your betting level you can. also assign a coin value to the bet so. you can get really specific you see for. right now i can place it uh i can place. a bet right now for 12 bucks spin that. see how i do and oh hey not too bad i. did pretty good bam baby so right there. you're seeing the actual the starburst. activation right so really that's like. what makes this game amazing that that. is their wild function if you will so. the when you see those stars right there. in the middle. that is um that is literally like like. like a wild line so starburst plays out. on five reels right with 10 pay lines. and you win both ways and the real real. fun i mean the real real action. is when you get a wild respin because. you can get respins so that's when you.

Get a row of starbursts which is we. basically you know basically an entire. you know line being being wild for you. and then there's a respin to see if. anything matches up and you get a win. and then if you get a win on that one. you'll actually get another uh starburst. respite which just adds attacks onto. your previous win so your you know your. first wild um spin where starburst gets. activated you could win whatever 290. bucks and then on the second spin you. could you know that can increase by 80. to 100 or whatever hopefully i get one. here so i can actually show you what i. mean but i mean honestly this is the. kind of game where i could go oh there. we go activation baby oh combo right and. now it's going to go again that was a. mega combo can it can there be more can. there be more. oh. dude. as if on cue mega win baby and this is.

Why i. love this game. 420 bucks just like that and that's a. super combo so there's not a lot of. games that like repeat a while like that. it just it's. you get that dopamine hit with this game. and it just it drives you wild it's got. beautiful uh graphics so well designed. net ends just really went up and beyond. with this one it's become one of the. most popular slots since it ever first. came out i think like in 2012 and it's. probably gonna stay at the upper ranks. for a long time friends now one thing. i'll say is even though the low. volatility is gonna limit your losses um. you know you wanna keep your bets. moderate if you wanna oh yeah baby big. win. out the gate i love it um you to keep. your bets moderate um if you really do. want to extend your you know your play a. lot you know if. even though it's low volatility.

Still if you're betting you know 100 on. every single spin you know your money's. going to run out really quick. although i do like to get my max spin on. every now and then in fact uh as if as. as if on cue i'm going to start a couple. hundred dollar bets right now just so. you can you know hopefully see me get a. starburst activation and so you can see. what a win will be like when you are. betting that much because uh you know. i've had some i think the highest when. i've gotten so far is around five. thousand for one spin and that was oh it. only was that much because i you know. really really was betting i bet i played. it was a hundred dollar spin i had quite. a few spins before that that that you. know it was like cricket so the timing. your timing you know it was it was bound. to happen pretty much as far as like.

Like like a little gameplay tip i mean. how you know how much can you really. strategize or give a tip for uh slots. not much but you know with a little with. a little bit of with a little bit of. advice that i can give you because it. can make a difference you can up your. chances of winning uh ever so slightly. which which you know can make a. difference but what i like to do is i'll. go with a conservative amount you know. right now i'm putting like 60 bucks a. pop not the most conservative amount but. let's just say i wanted to kind of like. get rid of some of the minor wins and. and really time a big win with a big bet. what i would do is i'd bring my uh my. bet amount to about whatever because my. max bet is going to be 100 bucks right. that's where i'm going to really make a. big win so i'll bring my bet down to.

Like 15 bucks maybe even add bring up. the coin value to a dollar and then you. know at level three with the coin value. at a dollar that's about 30 better spin. and what i'll do is i'll go over here to. auto and i'll put it on 10 auto spins. and just kind of let it go right and. kind of see. see what happens i might get a couple of. small hits i might get nothing now if i. go 10 spins in a row with nothing. no hits at all no wins. bam baby i'm gonna up on my next 10 i'm. gonna up my my bet amount by quite a lot. maybe even max i might even do 100 bucks. because i'm bound to get. a hit like i'm due you know. or or if i get a couple of unless. sometimes instead of just uh doing auto. spins for 10 in a row sometimes i always. spin 25 in a row like i'll go 25 right. now and if i go through all 25 spins and. i don't hit a lot of wins or hit like.

Two or three really minor ones. bam baby you know i'm maxing out on the. next five to 15 spins because i'm due. for a big one and that's when i might. get off. i might get one of these. let's go oh but right now see but if i. would have hit that if i would have hit. that at betting 30 bucks that would be. kind of a bummer because. that means that i i won with it only. capitalizing on a 30 bet whereas i. really want to hit those when i'm when. i'm betting 100 oh look at the starburst. back to back baby come on give me. something girl give me something girl. there we go a little something 60 bucks. double my bet but anyway i'll stop that. for a second oh my gosh. left and right so just now i got a bunch. of starburst wins that were kind of on. the smaller side so now just for kicks. and giggles i'll go to 100 bucks i'll.

Throw a couple bets out there. see what happens let's see if lady luck. uh. let's leave lady luck come visit me. during this little review so i can show. you what a really what a maxed out. starburst win can look like anyway you. know it's just one of those games where. you know with a lot with a lot of slot. players will really bounce around you. know from slots to slot no one's usually. really married to any one slot game but. this is one of those ones that people. get married to go on a honeymoon and. everything and this this is like uh this. is like one of those really really great. games you just play for hours but by the. way guys i'm gonna be uh linking down. below a few uh of my favorite casinos. that i play starburst on casino website. that'll offer you really good rtps and. that just have in general just you know.

Good a good good service and all that. and a good library of games in general. in case you didn't want to bounce from. this game to another one you could but. if you were just going to stick around. even just playing starburst those. casinos down below they're good casinos. i've vetted them they're legit i've. tested them through and through and yeah. i i highly recommend you you try out. your your starburst luck on those sites. okay guys all right i'm wanting i'm. wanting to hit a 100. win here. and i'm not seeing hat seeing it happen. but if if at first you fail try try. again they say and i shall try i shall. keep trying to show you guys whether. what a starburst win looks. like another on a like a small side note. and a lot of people like never ever. bring this up but do you even hear the. music like even the music just to the.

Starburst game is so like not just. soothing and relaxing but also like very. very. suitable it just feels like you're on a. i don't know you guys i feel like i'm on. some kind of special uh deck on on a. star. starship enterprise you know vehicle and. i'm just like on break you know i i'm. covering i'm supposed to be covering. spock but instead i'm you know . around playing starburst you know i feel. like that's that's like what i'm doing. another thing to take note of when when. you're playing starburst is your max bet. if you put everything up at the highest. so you're at level 10 the coin value is. as high as the dollar which is the most. it'll go so that your max bet at any one. spin is a hundred bucks oh boom come on. win baby win show them what a hundred. bucks can do there we go there we go. okay that that's that's that's in the.

Lower end of what a hundred bucks can do. but hey it's still something had that. hit and then spun again with another. starburst activation starburst line you. know forget it that's uh then it would. be a respin and you know your wins can. get really high uh with that like. astronomically high and guys even though. i'm like explaining you know the game. and oh 500 bucks bam. it's great bars across the center love. it even though i'm explaining kind of. the ins and outs of the game even some. strategy whatever if you ever are you. know a little uh confused as far as like. the rules and stuff if you go to this. little question mark icon you can always. click that it'll it'll tell you you know. obviously in very very you know uh. specific form uh and you know laid out. what what what the uh the rules are what. the max bets are you know all that good.

Stuff it's not going to give you. information like rtp and all that like. that's you know volatile that stuff that. you know that's insider information that. players best gives you we have players. best know all the secrets oh come on. baby starburst hit me hit me okay you. didn't hit me it's the one time i would. have liked to be hit you know usually. try to avoid getting hit but this time i. was asking to get hit but that's pretty. much it guys you can get an idea a good. idea of what starburst is like it's a. phenomenal game uh it's probably. net and maybe best most popular game. ever made one of the most popular oh 680. bucks see so sometimes you'll get wins. like that that didn't even require you. know a starburst wild spin or anything. so that will happen but again you know. i'm i'm betting very very aggressively.

Here just to show you guys a really good. sample of what the game's like but if. you're betting more moderately you can. play this for hours you know i love the. low volatility gain type of slots just. because hey you get those um even though. the serotonin hits are a bit minor. because you're not like getting huge. wins the serotonin hits are frequent so. if you want them serotonin hits on a. regular basis while doing slots. starburst is a phenomenal option and. again guys those casinos down below that. i'm linking are gonna be the best. casinos that i know of to play starburst. on and uh yeah they're well vetted i. recommend them highly i would never talk. about any casinos that i don't recommend. uh cause because i don't recommend them. so how to talk about them that makes. sense but yeah but i'm wrapping this one.

up guys get your starbursts on win some. money and from dan over here at players. best. wishing you luck. uh

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