12.05.2024 Introducing MSCA4Ukraine awardees: Contribution to the strengthening of the R&I sector in Ukraine

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I I see that my research could. contribute in uh different levels first. of all um in academic uh level because. um I see that there is a gap uh of um. of the research on business and human. rights in situation of global. emergencies and how this solidarity. approach could contribute uh um to to. the research of this field I'm working. on to build Bridges between uh actually. Global business and human rights. scholarship and uh uh business and human. rights community in eastern um Europe. and Central Asia and in particular in. Ukraine one of the most problem for. Ukraine now is renewable energy because. now we um we have to buy energy the uh. sector of renewable energy is very small. in. Ukraine and uh I work on development of. materials that are used for solar cells. and uh uh due as a part of uh r&i uh. sector I think that resch will be a.

Basic for uh um optimizing of production. such materials I think that there is no. sense to strengthen the current research. system of Ukraine because even before. the war Ukrainian science was in the. Deep crisis for a long time and the war. only accelerated all the negative. Tendencies so now we need actually deep. reorganization of the whole scientific. system and what I hope this Fellowship. not only for me but for all people from. Ukraine will bring is actually. understanding that these changes are. really necessary and people who will. return to Ukraine will drive this kind. of changes because. otherwise I don't think it's a future of. Science in. Ukraine I uh wish that the Ukrainian. researchers will inspired uh by uh the. protect of European organization and in. institutions in their uh. development uh of uh uh scientific.

Skills research skills and uh to uh make. uh wonderful projects scientific. projects um my project is uh dedicated. to uh to to the search of gross. Regulators for for plants based on. artificial intelligence search so uh as. you know Ukraine is uh is a is huge. agricultural country so uh all plant. related research crops related research. are very essential so I think my work. could be uh nice contribution uh the. fellowship just started and we already. can feel the impact to to advance the. research so to say in. Ukraine uh then uh funding and grant. writing uh this is also an important. part so uh my supervisors here are very. experienced in in grant writing and. finding this uh good relevant spots. where the research could fit my project. will concentrate on uh how to help. Ukrainian Judicial. System um. to uh deal with this huge amount of.

Cases and how to improve the quality of. uh judicial decisions and uh how to be. how to uh follow the precondition for. fair trial for war criminals uh I think. that is super important because uh war. crimes it's a very sensitive and uh big. topic uh in Ukraine I want to make. a positive impact on my country as I can. as a lawyer as a legal researcher and. maybe to bring some European and. international experts in Ukraine my. research will contribute to enhancing. natural language processing methods for. Ukrainian language uh which are widely. used in artificial intelligence and also. in machine learning which is very. popular in Europe and also in. Ukraine I hope that this collaboration. will help to uh keep uh human research. potential for Ukraine because. um many scientists live. Ukrainian leave Ukraine now also um we.

hope that new materials we are develop. it. will bring new new possibilities and uh. Improvement efficience to some. technologies uh developing in UK. great

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