12.05.2024 I put $10,000 into SWEET BONANZA.. (STAKE)

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Yo what's up guys welcome we've got ten. thousand dollars to play with let's go. do an all in on sweet bonanza let's get. into the video. ah this is probably breaking the number. one rule is you should probably not go. all in all at once but hey dude here we. go ten thousand dollars all in right off. the bat we're not we're not cutting any. corners we're not wasting time if it's. meant to be dude it's meant to be i'm. fully prepared to get a 1x we will get. all in again whatever this pace unless. it's insane profit. which i doubt but if it is then great. okay all right little 300 come on ten. thousand dollars brother show me. something let's see it i know you got it. in you i've been present many times. where it's popped off. 400 okay. got over the 10x barrier that's nice to. see five spins left though a little. concerning come on.

Show me that juicy hundred xr oh this is. a good board this is a good oh yeah yeah. keep going please i'm begging you how's. that not blues. how is that not blues i'll take that. that's a mega we'll take that if blues. had hit though we won't talk about it. come on not too many dead spins not too. many dead spins oh come on come on come. on come on nice there we go. nothing else there though unfortunately. half my money back maybe. okay. it's not that yeah dude it's not dead. yet. oh it's pretty much dead okay all right. listen half the money back you guys know. what i'm doing i said i was gonna do it. again let's go all in five thousand four. hundred dollars here we go i don't know. why i can do that much amount it was. doing like. round numbers before then but here we. are sweet bananas it's been so long. right off the bat would have been so.

Good there but it's fine. you can just give me three dead spins in. instead that's absolutely four maybe. five. okay come on. please don't be too toxic. man decent decent it's a thousand. dollars. oh papa bless man uh please don't be. mean to me. oh bro that board is so good. blues or apples there would have been. just. money. there we go decent let's keep it going. no it's paused okay that's fine the 5x. is dead though. come on come on come on come on come on. come on come on come on man come on. please do something other than pay me. nothing. yes keep building. there we go keep going. boys all i know is pain right now all i. know is pain i'm going to keep going all. in uh until we get a balance i'm happy. to cash out with right now obviously 10k. into 30 uh 3000 is not a balance i'm. happy with huh anyone can pop off though.

Any single 100 x to pop in whenever it. likes i actively encourage it to do so. come on. nice. i would really like to see a retreat i. kind of need one right now. we're hurting. okay. three thousand dollar buyer 420 nice. even though i'm down like what seven. thousand dollars nice. oh bro. ah dude i think this is just the way. it's gotta be right it has to be this. way 555 dollars. i've just lost hope dude at this point. i'm fully clocked out unless you retrigg. maybe you can give me some vague sense. of hope. this is actually a good tumble it's just. it's too little too late bro it's too. little too late. it's a bit of a save i'll do one more. buy i think whatever this pays there. we'll just we'll. end it there i know i literally said. before this video started it's dumb to. go all in so don't do this obviously. this is a great advert to not go all in.

But here we are doing it for the content boys you never know it can pay off i've seen it it's been a while but i've seen it just so many dead spins just hurt it hurts me in the soul uhhuh still not going to retreat oh my goodness hey dude a 50x here would not go a miss no you're about to pay me dollars dead ass dead ass dude thank you finally a retrig but he did something i was about to lose my mind it's only is it oh it's five spins okay i thought it was three spins for some reason hey is it possible to get back to back how's that not bananas i must have been oneoff is it possible to get backto-back retreats because we need it dude 200.

oh no. oh no. i guess it's a little something but. how many spoons you got left. oh come on come on come on please throw. it 100x it right. rtp right. that's a little. quick tutorial on how to turn ten. thousand into one thousand two hundred. if you guys enjoyed that video make sure. to leave a like i'll see you guys next. time it's been your boy juicy fruity. peace. you

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