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What are they wa double. 50x that never. happens welcome back to another video. with Ben Phillips slots today as we do. how to hack sweet ananza now this is. everyone's first game of choice when. they first sign up to any company that. offers you a game like this um and told. that if you haven't already make sure. you s to stake using my code sorry bro. where you can be part of the $100,000. giveaway every month yes $100,000 worth. giveaway every month and the. $25,000 leaderboard for being part of. the team sorry bro on stake of course a. lot of you are team sorry bro so don't. hesitate to sign up what if you haven't. already make sure you sign up steak or. steak us us our code sorry bro we're. giving away up to $100,000 a month. including our $25,000 leaderboard also. we'll be giving away exclusive. merchandise Apple Vision Pros a Rolex up.

To $20,000 much more we'll see you soon. happened there so broke anyway today. we're doing how to hack sweet Bonanza. $21,000 spins I have taken on myself to. try hack the best games on the planet I. am not a hacker and I don't have a Filas. fog what cod in is however I can see. bananas I can see fruits I can see. apples I can see it. all let's begin and hack 20 $11,000. spins and you know what I swear to God. if this gives me a Max win which I don't. think I've ever seen a Max wi sweeping. answer then just just shut up let's get. boom okay we're straight in with the. first. one will we get more. lollipops I think if you get like the. full seven lollipops you get paid half. of the bed so I don't know I can't. remember all right starting off with the. go off peaches okay let's go what BSE. yes what are they called grapes I keep.

Call Blue sorry pigs not bad stuff not. bad stuff they got the rrig. though what a great start actually 3/4. of the money back already let's go okay. we got grapes in bananas no we don't get. bananas cuz somebody ate all the. freaking bananas here we go no not going. to. work guys sometimes I might call the. grapes blueberries and I'm really sorry. if I do you just going have to I can't. get it out my head blueberries I keep. calling the blue since day one just hit. some okay Apple that's a big apples God. it's huge 100x come on give Mex grapes. give me 100x. please oh we were so close to pigs it's. profit though and that's good $427. profit boom onto the next one straight. no no no hesitation and remember guys I. always do something crazy at the end of. the video big I say that I've just got. really lucky over the last few days.

Something big has happened if you. watched my last um big bass video golden. legs crazy I was trying to end the video. and it kept on just spinning in I. couldn't get out of the video and I had. to go like I I was busting for a so. anyway C so sure it was worth . myself for a couple of bonuses you can. check that video on this channel and. make sure you hit subscribe turn. notification on and com below # tag. sorry. bro come. on come on. grapes okay what are they wa double. 50x that never happens you never see. double 50x it's like it's not the. seventh wonder of the world of steak oh. those was two 100 X's we were just. talking about this as well today double. 50x why did you ever see that could have. been so much bigger as well but you know. what I'm thankful just to see it I'm so. thankful to see it and I think we might.

Have another break even on our hand if. not just under we've got a break even on. hand definitely yes we're good we're. good we're good we're good we're good. brilliant that's fine it's fine wow oh. we still double. 50x oh damn third one in let's. go this music guys I don't know about. you but if I play this for a long time. I'm like dreaming this music for ages. okay go us in get us. in not. we need something big we need like a. massive tumble I mean one thing you. really see is the hearts and when hearts. come in oh my lordy Lord it is beautiful. WM uh bananas yeah okay peaches okay. wman in HX oh Big Apples oh greens. come on do something bigger do something. do something oh my god do something yo. this is a huge tumble oh bro amaz. amazing amazing this is. amazing three Prof rounds in a row this. is. insane I don't know even you.

This is I was fully expecting to get. absolutely rined on this. game okay here we. go hey bro I'm happy we're going the. right direction here. boys going the right direction look at. that w a nice little 934 to 15 there. back in again on the fourth one. let's go by the way when the lollies. drop if it drops and you get a tumble. doing the lollies I normally find those. ones don't win I might be wrong but I. just find that let's go again okay nice. big uh grapes there peaches Max. bananas okay well this is bro I need to. play swean more 195 though let's not get. too excited cuz that could be the end of. it can we get some uh super ret TRS in. here as well Haven had a retr. yet give us to rrick. now okay oh you're going to. completely but . no oh last minute save last minute save. for the boys last minute. save yo that's good that is a last.

Minute save in some sort of way it is it. is oh he the last save $21 profit you. absolute G let's go this is the fifth. one am I right fifth one yeah just. checking the people can count be me. right see this is a tumble now this. tumbles you will this pay will it not I. don't know I don't. know I hope I'm. wrong. okay think I'm right no hopefully I'm. wrong please yeah Blues are in okay. bananas are in okay apples. apples. greens that's not bad though half back. back collateral damage as we'd say no. not collateral damage what the hell is. the what the hell am I oh honestly. sometimes on my. right. clank what how did that not shoot off. that was huge. bananas come on big one big one big one. big. one see. it paid in the beginning and it actually. lost PR money but we're still up by 500. can we maintain this is this the sixth.

One I think it is can't count imagine. that playing the website like this you. can't . count Oh I thought it was Reacher again. I just completely blanked out it. hypnotized me the does see I'm like. watch it I'm like. sweep yeah if I play this game though I. go to bed dream to sweep is terrible. that's why I had to stop playing it cuz. I kept on going to bed seeing it in my. head and seeing all these fruits. dropping and paying me Max win. nice okay that's brilliant that's. brilliant yes let's. go break even again lovely just want if. sweep n want give us one Prof one that. would be nice you know what like like. one maely profitable you know what I'm. saying something crazy oh w retri retri. retri retri rrick retri R rri retro yeah. R wo we still going as well how the. hell's that happened peaches peaches. peaches peaches all right great we'll.

Take that that's. brilliant all right let's go we got to. retri five extra juicy. spins these tumbles are amazing how are. we tumbling so Al you. okay. nice this this is looking really good. guys don't to you know toot my own. trumpet but I'd say I'm pretty good at. this of course there's a lot of. mathematical knowledge that went into me. clicking these. buttons let's. go how I love dude it's a prop the one. I'll take it I'm happy. 1599 back in again can't remember what. number we're on what number we're on. number seven number. seven number seven and we're up $166 and. we clicked it but is this win get steal. Max Blues not Max Blues but wa please. give us please give us please give us. some please give us some yeah oh my God. keep keep going keep going keep going. blue blue blue blue blue wa what's going. on that's that's that's brilliant.

What a. start 2. 448 let's. go oh my God this is really great. oh nice yet some uh. bananas I'm I'm not complaining by. anything now Triple Eight on the board. Super Lucky Numbers. there lucky somewhere I can't remember. where I think it's China let's go right. okay. bananas pinks need to come in then I did. expect pink come. in fliping that. guys all right got eight times8 there. yeah okay okay we going to couch 3K Mark. are we going to make 3K mark. okay we're still going we're still. moving we're still moving some out an x. on the board nice thank you very. much any more left or we done is that. the end of it cuz we're happy to take. we'll take that we'll take that look at. that 2969 brilliant sounds like a. position I know in the bedroom right. anyway ,000. go number. eight I. think number eight I'm looking for. reassurance was trting here just trying.

To get. a TR why I can B water please or is that. M there no that's mine I got. B right peaches I'm getting hot. you last week we're wearing a hat cuz. we're too hot that's too cold and now we. flipping boiling. Aon we out your. mental go a banana so close to in the. blue come. in I don't know if you know about super. nanza in case you new to this but. normally you see that pink there for. example that pom is Guaranty pink above. it where it drops down normally wherever. is one single will drop down a double. above it that's how you kind of know. what's going to go on with the game when. you're watching it not completely. sometimes it throws you off but most of. the times can okay all right let's. go all right well this wasn't great. nevertheless we've got profit to tackle. that number nine. okay get me a Max win Max win sweetan.

Would be a level of. just just it's it's just literal come. blast in it let's go right. $40 okay whoa okay let's go keep going. keep going keep going yo keep going 20x. the board yo keep going L Lush oh oh. still going what the bril. what let's go guys we are oh my God. we're on fire we're on fire if we can. just get now 100x come in and just. H retr we got RR I was so focused on the. heart I didn't see. that got heart. though me for brief. to reach from there I should bent. those passes out flipping video like. retre retre how he die. sweep okay still going all right nice. nice Blues Blues Blues Blues Blues Blues. Blues Blues Blues Blues Blues. Blues it's right it's right I'm happy. fact that we're just purely impr. profited on most spins here is. ridiculous like I said I know most. people wouldn't do this so please.

Don't don't try this at home you. honestly you just be let me do it for. you you you know I would if I was you I. would have done the spin and I would. have gone in with profit straight away. like no this is nuts number 10 my. favorite. number and it's going to. suck if this if this sucks this spin. then I have proven a point if you get a. tumble in the beginning most of the time. you screw prove me. wrong what. M so far proving me. right do something crazy we haven't seen. 100x yet will we see 100x on the board I. don't know but if we do I am going to. jump for. joy oh oh prove me wrong prove it. wrong why I'm look I'm humble to take. half back I really am cuz I thought that. was complete. dead I'm humble for that that's that's. fine that's fine. that's we'll take down we're still. overall up by. 2,789 number 11 guys oh I like the.

Formation straight down the hatchet. let's. go let's go let's go he straight up back. R trade. dead. dead we're in with greens can we. move all. right come. on oh Green's in the again again you. never see this many greens oh M why are. you giving us Greens on such ass. xes. okay okay let's. go you see. nothing I saw. nothing okay back into number. 12 oh oh God why am I even get excited. with TBL doing this oh please you don't. want your petty free money in the. beginning right $65.50 trust me we get a. banging ice right let's go watermelons. we're in bananas no not in but we got a. 12x on the board it's okay start is a. little you know little little salt bab. old salt over those fruits never tried. fruit salt on it but someone let me know. in the comments what it tastes like. right okay come on come on come on come. on.

I get so aggressive I got to. really I was staying quiet there cuz I. thought if 100x comes I'm going to jump. on my seat but that's great that's. amazing got 1.33 that's great profit. it's. profit that's nice we'll take that that. is lovely it recuperates for the. uh last two ter able uh okay number 13. yep number 13 just check in my little. number counter on the right on you. yeah left I just left . sorry that's that's how organized I. am full apples okay bananas. in okay peaches are in okay grapes in. okay. H we can get him nice though nice start. 723 so. far. okay. okay oh this is great give us the. multiplyer bigger multiplyer please pigs. we'll take it we'll take it we'll take. it. Retreat not today but maybe. tomorrow bananas are. okay I'm just waiting for something like. crazy you know sort of thing makes full.

Of chair just like oh my God the last. I told you we can do it still. profit I can't complain number. 14 we haven't had more than four lollies. in any uh uh thing which is interesting. cuz sometimes you see five six but what. I suppose they make them rare these days. cuz they pay. wa. pinks a start off pinks anytime dude I. would love to get greens and the blues. and the pinks and the hearts that would. be literally like you would just be like. choking when you at that point like just. dribbling through the. nostrils bananas in teaches yes they are. grapes no okay this lookss like one of. those ones where kind of just the half. the money back I feel like maybe it's. going to surprise right. now by the way guys comment below what. is your favorite game that you play I'm. going to be St my favorite game is De or. wild and this could be my new favorite.

Game I thought that was going to go. crazy then uh der wild is my favorite. game I'm always chasing after that full. screen chasing after those. Retreats we have a. retre we have a retre on the very last. spin now the tail Legend has. it that'll rrig on the very last. spin do something. pretty spectacular. nice I can flip in. 6X I mean I do. again no loss we're in profit $50 we can. all get a cheeky Indian or Curry tonight. let's go for. it nice another one number whatever. gives up count didn't 15 thank you for. the voice in my head that just told me. 15 how weird was. that okay. okay somehow we're staying above 20. grand we've done $20,000. spins weird that could have done so much. more then oh look all those. X's we haven't seen one 100 x not one. what's going on. I I know it's rare obviously but. okay oh oh that bomb killed the.

Watermelons absolute. tonsil as say let's go come on come. on ooh this one this one's this one's. this one's. ass I mean it's ass it didn't give us H. right okay number. 15 16 sorry number. 16 number. 16 come on I'm I'm locking in now I'm. focused I'm in I'm going to try give. sweet banan my. part. manifesting sweet banan a Max win the. world has never seen and I'm going to. somehow be the first person on the. planet to have. it and even if I got it people would say. it's fli and. fixed but there will be. signs you will see me play Sweet bananza. on a yacht in the. Mediterranean probably going a tatto. with the Lolly on my throat here yeah. sweet May rich boy that's what happened. some fruits dropped down 7,000. xra fre oh oh last minute. fix didn't expect. that nice profit again $19. that will pay for a foot rub let's go.

Number. 17 this is the third of three. left first for three left I should say. come on come on come on come. on give us something big sweet. bananza retr retri I never see the retri. I'm never looking for them okay we're in. there Blues yeah oh what a weird ass. blues wao that is. weird that was weird Blues I've never. seen let's. go just give me zo. please it's just it's just not it's not. producing the impressive as it you know. what I'm. saying it's not giv the shot back it's. I'm so so thankful that you let me play. the game for free essentially you know. by keeping me above. budget okay number 18 shit's getting. serious now. guys shit's getting. serious I'm going to click for the go on. maybe click it maybe click maybe the old. uh Aiden rer click through it I. know. retri give me. something oh Jesus. Christ good me.

I've seen sweet bananas pop off as well. I've seen sweep Panza go crazy. specifically on $1,000 where it's paid. like maybe like 16 Grand 15 grand and it. can do it but you need those 100. X's otherwise you know even a even 10 G. even 10 G I mean look basically guys. we've evened out to 21,000 this is the. the 20 spin you yeah oh a 19 one we'll. save the speech for the next. one could be singing a different whistle. in a. second I click through this I can't do. it I can't do it it's just I wish you. could click through the bombs as. well. okay nope not today not today. son nope nope. nope. maybe nope oh what why is there a bury. up of a. gra. ridiculous. oh do something just do something do. something. take it out we'll take it we'll take. it we'll take it what's weird is that. this is the 20th one now. guys will we stay above 20 grand or will.

We go below let's find out and then I'm. just thinking of something I right now. on the spot to do something crazy this. cuz I mean I do we need we need. something we need something to give us. chills something to put us on edge. something to make the but hole. go come. on last spin last spin of superan. $20,000. okay come on come on come come come me. all right do something do something. apples yes nice. nice. nice oh like EA Sports to the game nice. greens are in go on nice yeah. nice Prof spin. end let's go this the most Prof SP no. it's not no we. 2. now oh imagine heart last it we would. just be like toally we going to do. something big told you 1.69 K to end. that's actually not bad. well I was thinking what could we do. big kind of spell. sweet it's going to have to. be a sweet Bonanza xma spin sweet. bonanza's evil brother now I've seen.

People went big on this and I mean. big what the hell is going to go go on I. don't know but all I know is my. accountant is going to be ripping his. ear out at this point Here We Go Nigel. if you're watching this is for you. boy it's a five grand spin for Nigel W's. in the chat for Nigel I could try. spinning first hang wait wait wait wait. wait wait before I do things stupid let. me just see if I can get a 6250 spin in. we try we try we'll just try we'll try. you never know. hey. hey it's the funnier things have. happened to me the of the end of these. videos believe me look at that. horrendous 6250 each P that's literally. like what is that that's. 6250 that is a that's that's a a meal in. like Frankie and Benny's or like like. you know. like like I may as well just be paying. for everyone's Harvester at this point.

Right now while they're having their. dinner or just you know that's a solid. good Chinese everyone's everyone's full. in the family from that Chinese. we're not going to get right we're doing. it $5,000 the last spin to end this. video nothing short of crazy. anyway this is the stupidest I've. ever. done okay it didn't tumble in I really. stick for that I didn't oh please please. just give me them 5,000 back it won't I. reckon it's going give me like 200 I. call it. oh my. God come on do. something who's even playing this game. this time not Christmas what oh what was. I. thinking oh I've got issues boys I. didn't know I've done this I've got. actual. issues oh look at that oh please just do. something in bro just do something in do. something please please please. please why you keep tumbling all you. have to do is keep going.

oh give me give me a grand back at least. at this point oh my. days I'm going to call that a win. because we were about to lose the entire. 5 grand there guys thank you for. watching the video uh just weird sweet. spins just do that whatever cool thank. you for watching the video guys it's. been amazing if you haven't already sub. the steak you and sorry bro you can p a. $100,000 giveaway a month you can also. the $225,000 leaderboard um win a Rox up. to. $20,000 exclusive merchandise uh Apple. whatever those Vision prosar whatever. Etc and we'll see you in the next video. very soon can we spin it before we leave. can spin before we leave come. on I just don't end the video if I'm. honest with. you guys I will see you sh

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