12.05.2024 I went fishing on Big Bass Bonanza and caught something MASSIVE!

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Foreign. just feels weird tonight man. oh man. I feel like I can get in on big bass. within 30 spins. what about the new floating. that's a good game. I'll try just give a minute. no no I feel like my grips got a regular. Big Bass Bonanza 30 spins it gets me in. oh. let's go. last spin. holy dude what a call. foreign. I am on fire tonight man but the problem. is my balance ain't going up. I'm feeling good though I'm feeling like. I can get in one of those modes where we. can get on a crazy ass run here man but. just not it's just not happening man I'm. just not getting any hits. It's Gonna Come Back. now it's gonna die here. after this bomb. big ones. not bad. it's dead. you know what I just know this lot no. it's time I just know it bro I know how. this works man telling you double dips. now. good. not bad I mean. we're up right we're profit give another.

30. yes another 30. come on. you had 6K. could it be one of those nights man. where we just keep getting in and they. just keep going up right big bash. doesn't pay a lot. but it does get you in consistently. we can keep getting consistent bonuses. we can start building this . balance come on. let's go. this is like a little vintage . exposed stream tonight. I think we're getting in it I think. we're getting in wrong I think. we're getting in yep guaranteed next. round yeah 100. literally it would not be able to not. get in. you just know how do we know how this. works too good better than telling you. I don't know if we have a problem or. what but. no yeah. let's go. come on Olaf. foreign. yeah Dana but we we keep going until it. we keep going nice that's a great hit. it's a great last minute hit nice. hit 10K perfect 18 let's go.

We're moving up here we go come on now. here we are. okay. come on bonus bundles bundles. we're gonna give it 30 more after this. we keep going into a dozen hit on 30. spins. that's when we leave now we hit the next. big bass we give that 30. then we hit. the next big bass and then if that big. bass doesn't get us in then we quit. come on let's go. one more in you I think. okay oh yeah I don't know. you have an earthquake camera shaky dude. I keep shaking my legs man I don't know. I just do it all the time man I got like. restless leg syndrome or. whatever it's called. can't stop shaking them. sorry bro. yeah empty ones. only empty ones. must be maybe it's because the fact that. I'm gambling 450 000 dollars. probably double the money of what my. house was growing up and. that could be something to do with it. okay next level.

It's stupid dude. sit here and watch these clips and use. vods I'm like what the happened how. did I get to this spot. breaking my TV monitor over. nice hit I was breaking my. monitor over five dollar wager. matches back in the day. actually better yet I was breaking it. over a dollar fifty. I'd play Call of Duty against people for. a dollar. come on get to the next level here. foreign. we're getting in so quickly right this. is the thing with big bass you're. looking for 1000x big bass is not your. slot if you're looking for consistent. bonuses I just say fine that big. bass does it for me. okay. like consistently gets you in right. we've gotten in what three times now and. we're up and we're back in again look at. this thing I'm telling you. brother I'm telling you big basketball. be backfellas I'm telling you.

The rotation might be back. dude it's getting us in it is getting us. the in here we go come on new big. pass. yeah we do that's something we don't. have a lot of. yeah come on. so I'll I'll be able to tell you guys if. this is level two or not just judging by. the next hit it's coming probably this. spin here. okay so we only got 3K so this is. guaranteed level two guaranteed unless. the next hit is about seven six K yeah. okay so this might die this might die. this is a really great hit it's 12K it. might die I can't say it's guaranteed. level two. okay. I can't tell you it is guaranteed level. two but it's a nice hit for. getting in off their two three spins. beautiful yeah. come on let's do it again we're . climbing Bureau we're at 490 here let's. go. 30 more can it get in again surely it. can right. oh my god dude this is crazy big bass is.

Absolutely squirted fellas. come on holy man at least 16k. this is crazy dude what a what a what a. complete turnaround tonight man that's. absolutely right Chrono holy dude. this is insane. nice hit nice hit holy [ __ ] wish. granted rolling that's 23 gay. let's go dude holy man. holy it's not level one up I can't level. up we already paid 23k I promise you. it's not level one up I mean it's. guaranteed no guaranteed guaranteed. trust me wrong. I'm telling you. it might no can't I'm telling you again. Tanya trust me. great hit though it's a great hit. beautiful 23k man. I'm real bottom line limit would. be 450k do not want to end the stream. here yet I smart me would probably ended. at 500k but I feel like I don't know I. feel weird tonight I feel dialed in I. feel like I can get another. I think I can get another hundred.

Thousand dollars dude I I really do on. on what I'm gonna do here. give me 10 more I don't I don't know. Christmas big bass that's where we're. going this one right here not blizzard. Christmas big bass. no don't go to bed buddy don't go to bed. Ted. I'm gonna be off here within the next 20. minutes I bet but. not time to go to sleep yet brother. who'd ever buy thirty thousand dollar. big basketball oh my God okay I'm. catching a heater man I'm. telling you oh baby come on continue. here man. I'm telling you I'm locked in dude I'm. dialed the night I'm dialed I'm reading. it I'm reading it I can just feel it man. turning and getting on a heat or. somebody Fanning the down here man. please pay me 20K here let's get above. 500 000. come on I'd love to get to. around 550 so I can say 500k is my. bottom line limit. already paid for the spins I want more.

So it's guaranteed one more Olaf. right guaranteed one more wall but it's. not guaranteed second round winning. seven thousand. empty now. it might die. I mean okay it's okay. I'm not doing the extra chance on this. lot right here well you know just not. worth it bro it's big bass I'll give it. 20. it. you shouldn't ever do extra chance of. scatters on Big Bass Bonanza. it's just stupid. hey hold on we're keeping it real guys. keep it real then the Thousand X. give me the real Ron keep it real. now this one guys I don't own the script. on it so I can't even tell you. there is no script. gold Olaf if you wanna get the money. from the basket. okay. okay next level. you want the gold ones. let's throw it and a big fish. that's 50k oh man oh my god dude for me. gold Olaf what is it even now even now. gold why. gold Olaf gold Olaf and we're getting.

That yes. oh man. and it's also going to be time oh God. I'm gonna squirt. this nice most beans. yeah but like we can't we're missing. opportunity on the gold. yeah. I see it dude it's a really good hit. honestly 17K is great. for one. okay we'll do a gold one now if you. don't mind gold one. gold one. oh come on making gold at least one. at least one hold it cool one. level up baby. oh man hey. oh yeah nice let's go holy . let's go oh my God we're. leveling up this might be weird Ron it's. weird buddy that 10K that's 72. right there holy kid we are [ __ ]. cooking young man come on get ahead now. get ahead. 7K dude this is crazy dude holy . keeping it real guys keep it real let's. keep it real everybody's keeping real. what are this keep it real. come on the big fish well one okay it's. keeping it real kid 12K holy.

Guys big bass is [ __ ] absolutely. squirting 300X man wow it's keeping it. real we got 3x now man holy . Goldwell come on. dude eight spins come on. one gold one. that's great it's great bro it's gravy. it's 4K add it on sure let's go. two more man I could not imagine that. actually rolling I could not. I'd probably gape my pistol if I. saw that brother I've never had 10x ever. this is crazy man I'm actually hooked. back on big basses holy [ __ ] let's. bring it back daily. wow. come on one more at least a cold one. come on. come on. I can't believe it I can't believe it. command one more holy get us there. come on Sean Kingston Take us there baby. please. holy . fellas. and listen guys this is not the reality. of gambling don't gamble you will lose. I'm down billion 600k let's go. bro holy all right 550 bottom line.

now man hey man we're rolling. big bass dude who would have thought. what a bonus out of that man big. bass absolutely squirting man big bass. is back fellas it is back yep 10x on the. basket. night night I know. that's all right

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