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What's up everyone and welcome back to. the video you've all been waiting for. every fuing day man tomorrow blur it. because we're going to get Shadow. I don't know what sorry two F. bombs in the intro tomorrow I'm really. sorry guys it's a pragmatic day I. haven't done Sugar Rush in a while guys. if you missed the stream yesterday I had. an insane not really an insane stream it. was a good stream but the video. yesterday was a Max win so I'm going to. be going super hard on today's. video. wo wa so is the volume going to be going. super hot on today's video I'm going to. be doing. $200,000 Sugar Rush 1,000 super Bonus. Buys I know we have not been playing. pragmatic so it's a little bit like whoo. is he actually doing this yeah I'm going. to do it because it's been a while they. haven't sent me my chair yet guys I.

Basically refused to play the games till. they send me a pragmatic chair because. every content creator has gotten these. free chairs from pragmatic and they look. comfy as and I don't know David and. I haven't been offered one so I figured. let's go on strike till we get our chair. they haven't reached out for the chair. yet but I'm hopeful that they will in. the next few days and yeah maybe if they. see this video guys just send me a chair. and it's all sorted and like it oh. wow that was a ridiculous wow that was a. ridiculous size tumble man nice okay. I haven't played pragmatic in a while. like I'm saying so if the first time. back can be super duper profit that. would be amazing. also I haven't really managed to get. this game to pop yet pop buing being. like 10,000 X Plus so if it can do that. for us today it would be.

Amazing come on man you can do it Sugar. Rush 1000 you got this this is a really. good screen cuz it's going to Tumble. probably oranges up here maybe no. I mean it's not the worst first buy guys. but I'm overall looking at the whole. session this is a profitable bonus buy. to start that's exactly what we want to. see get the in man nice that was a. sick last spin I like starting like that. cuz it is a better result than usual and. yeah guys I'm going to be live on. kick.com slaz with David tonight doing. an insanely big bonus opening a $5. million bonus opening again the stream. last night was incredible we broke some. viewership records we're heading for top. of the section we reached top of the. section the a community Conquering the. world and today we're going to do it. again guys and yeah there's a $100,000.

Giveaway live on my socials it's very. straightforward to get involved in I've. given away like a. $130,000 in the past three streams no. memes just straight cash paid to you. guys it's a fun time so make sure you. come and join us as it is probably going. to be a very very good stream probably. live at around 8:00 p.m. Central Europe. European guys maybe half 7 depending on. how quickly we get this video out you're. seeing right now and also while I'm. selling out while this is building up. I'm going to or I am doing a blackjack. series on Instagram guys where I bet 20. cent for every follower I gain it's a. very common trend on Instagram at the. moment so I figured I'd give it a shot. we started off with a $40,000 hand. yesterday there's going to be a new one. up today there's also giveaways attached. to those just money giveaways everywhere.

Cuz I love you guys so yeah go drop a. follow check out the challenge it would. mean a lot to me if we can get my. challenge trending it would mean a lot. for. me you know what else would mean a lot. for me a 25,000 x win on Sugar Rush 1000. man guys honestly if I swallow a $1. million loss on today's video I won't. even be surprised in the slightest no. joke hit oranges or Reds beautiful hit. purples beautiful preemptive beautiful. did not work today. okay. okay I mean. like it's not the worst start guys but. we haven't had potential retriggers. yet first buy was decent but it worries. me that first. buy being slight Prof it is an indicator. for how the session overall is going to. go double scatter imagine double scatter. imagine imagination land no not bad not. bad I do miss this game I really enjoy. these cracked out super bonus buy.

Sessions. here greens into Reds there would have. been quite nice cuz was on the 64x we. need a hit here please or retri retri is. possible for the first time in the video. it's double possible triple possible do. it nah that's a little bit sad cuz that. would have put us in a really really. good position all right we $6,000 worth. of B in we down. 260k bonus number four coming right up. I'm not too worried about the bonus to. bonus fluctuation guys because I'm. looking at the big picture I know I'm. committing to a lot of Buys in today's. video like I said so I'm not going to. get too stressed till we are eating . completely which could happen very soon. if we can hit green yeah would be really. nice no not a bad start at all though. not a bad start at. all it's good that this is. 16 it's good that there's eight here now.

One eight sorry thought those were all. eights I just don't like these screens. cuz they kind of feel like. you guys see I'm not giving it energy. anymore because whenever I Do It Never. Never Lands so maybe you just got to. ignore. it. yeah top symbol spam in here could be. okay nice okay guys this is a little bit. disastrous the start was quite good now. it's turning disastrous I really hope. that the next buy takes us back close to. break even at least because I'm not in. the mood for just 20 L's in a row yeah. I'm up a lot lately yeah I'm winning. but give us some something in between. come on. reds these starts are so mate look. at. this red into per pers into greens. hopefully okay perss into hearts or top. symbol maybe. no very good screen that's what we like. to see especially on a stop spin it. continues for a little bit even better.

Things purplle Reds maybe no that's a. really good spin though good progress. and a little bit of money we've got a. double 32x retrig would be greatly. appreciated or another hit over these. purples here please please give us. purples yes sir this is 64 64 okay we. could get a good hit top left last spin. guys but it needs to be a massive. cluster right over okay jelly beans. please that's not bad I mean it's pretty. bad greens maybe no it's the best bonus. Buy in a while but it's not good enough. we are $1 million worth of Buys in we. down. 450k it's not looking the best overall. guys it really isn't. but with one more little. by things could. change I thought that that was going to. happen I was going to say it cuz it. looked weird this is an insane start and. it could continue here that's that's a. little bit of a up that that that.

That didn't hit four times there but the. better start than we've been seeing plus. it's in the middle plus it's going to. retrig right. now Reds are in hopefully Green's on. both sides no Green's on no sides top. symbol here maybe yes. M Reds maybe maybe Reds yes Reds are in. see I really like this now yeah yes okay. now jelly beans Green Top symbol imagine. no I was aiming for the stars there but. that is really good guys I don't want to. get too excited cuz as we know this can. just flop instantly but this is looking. promising in multiple different. ways okay top. symbol cards. parts off the greens Reds maybe this. would become a really good segment no. it's still good though this could be the. best result since the start of the video. guys come on don't butcher it you've got. two spins here to do something come on.

Man you can do more than this we've got. a triple 64x stack there we had 120k win. last by you got to beat it at least by a. little bit you do not you managed to. collapse. somehow this is just not okay guys h. honly just just not all right all right. so we 10 minutes into the video already. we've done six buys I was going to go. for 20 buys but I might aim for 12 if we. keep ripping cuz I do not want to lose. the whole balance yes I had a Max one. yesterday yes the streams been going. well but it's not a justification to. burn it all in one video guys if the. slot is not producing anything imagine. just a ton of Hearts if that. connected there I think that would have. been really good cuz that's a premium. and it would have been a lot of it with. two x's it wouldn't have been a good. multi but the cluster side would have.

Carried the situation this is a very. good. screen this is an amazing screen imagine. just filling this with Hots that could. have been nuts this could actually. continue for a while here here we go. greens are in maybe Reds off the greens. maybe Hots again maybe oranges so much. could cook here greens are in again what. a spin guys that's the biggest win we've. had in five Bonus Buys and we've got six. spins to go plus a double. 128x now turn five. 512x hold on we are cooking guys get the. get the Jelly Bean here yes now get top. symbol here and we have a Max multihit. no nice biggest win of the video guys. and we've got half of the bonus left. with multipliers that are cooking cuz we. have a Max multi scenario imagine the. scenes with a double scatter no come on. guys we are down 740k so that's what we. need to be break even on the video but.

This could be much much more of a just. gives us a good win right over this. 1000x multi come on man this is the. first one of the video one good hit on. this. side right next to it okay come on man. you can do it please retri or good hit. there retrig good hit retri good hit. come on come on yikes come. on how didn't it how didn't it how. didn't it it's a good win nice to see. the max multi show up so everyone knows. what we're looking for it is a little. bit of a bounce back so it's good we're. going to get four scatters here no we're. not that's good though guys it's one. every like it's like you know like it's. one first middle and last scatter that's. a good that that's a good sign all right. that was a sick win it's not good enough. for like what's happened so far but I. enjoyed that because it makes me feel.

Like there's breathing room to. hopefully. hopefully. hopefully get a Max. with wow this hits jelly beans it's a. Max wait this is a Max imagine it hits. oranges now that's an insane spin for. one little side of the screen to get 32. 32 64 this early in a bonus buy is. nuts. okay uh no. okay. oh man one good hit top right and this. is break even and that's all I'm looking. for when it's such expensive. buys please give us a hit top right. please be so sick come on man come on. clutch up clutch. up hit Reds. maybe no one off. okay all right we're not in the worst. scenario right now for the video guys. like we almost 10 by Zin almost $2. million waged on Sugar Rush and we are. down but not as bad as it could. be I'm going to do a little bit of stop. spinning action here just. to to trigger all the pragmatic fans. that are like see why do you always stop.

Spin because it's satisfying bro that's. why. bro what's up with the top right corner. the top right corner is speaking to us. today yes hold up what a last stop spin. guys. okay this could cook this could. definitely cook I'm seeing some pots. boiling here mate pots are boiling. things are looking good what is going on. give us oranges here and this is nuts. oranges here no okay. mate a whole new bonus has started but. we've developed some of the. screen hit green. keep developing now stop spin for big. wins stop spin for big wins I don't like. the fact that this is a pretty decent. screen we've rt triggered and we still. not break even there's no shot. man hello bro nice okay honestly thought. that was much more but good stuff Reds. red stack here is good. no damn guys David's outside of the. studio breaking stuff on my behalf cuz.

That was such such a tumble all. right we down 430k we 10 bonuses deep. two mil wagered if you've enjoyed the. video so far guys smash the like smash. the sub so you never miss a video make. sure to join us on stream right after. this video as you will not regret it if. you are not busy doing something else. and even if you are I can guarantee the. stream will be a better time it is what. it is you should come and. see okay I think let's call 800k bottom. more max loss for this video not bottom. line so 1.2. mil bottom line and anything else is. just noise like all these Buys in. between are noise cuz we're on the grind. for our big win this is all noise this. is all tons of. Noise. Okay nice all right 10 bu is deep I'm. calling 1.2 mil bottom line so I think. let's close it out with a 300K Buy guys. if you're new to the channel you're.

Wondering how do I do this I am. sponsored by gamdom I'm paid a monthly. fee that I use to gamble I can deposit. withdraw whatever I want so I'm able to. sustain such high levels of gambling I. have been winning a lot lately so I'm. shipping it a little bit harder which is. really nice. but let's hope that this takes us to. break even because even though I'm doing. well I don't want to end up in a. position now where I've lost 800k on a. video going into a stream cuz that's. never nice but if it happens it happens. come on. man starts. honestly very start honestly. incredibly start. guys welcome back. pragmatic this could. go hopefully we get perss into greens up. here okay hearts or perss maybe into. oranges that was a really like. good script in terms of potential tumble. but it didn't do it nice oranges are in.

Here which leaves us with a 32x we could. hit orange Hearts which would leave us. in a okay and now maybe Reds and greens. okay now greens top symbol Reds any mate. this is building this is building and. building oranges no guys half of the. money back already is sick especially. since we have three spins still with a. good setup in the middle here this is a. really good Zone to hit on nice a little. bit more though a little bit more come. on one hit there and we break even on. the biggest buy of the video which will. be good for all of us how's there no hit. there mate come on come on come on okay. we need an orange spam in here for Break. Even no yikes that felt like it was. going to pop that did feel like it was. going to pop all. right guys I know I said 1.2 bottom line. but let's just run it back run it back.

Saturday cuz we cuz we like invested and. this is the 12th and final bonus by IID. DPS it. is. okay. okay o that was almost like textbook be. beautiful. start Prett trick. somehow no okay I'm a little bit. stressed. now this can't even tumble guys. please orang is and top. symol no this is a dead buy if it's. doing that it's a dead buy. guys like it has to be a dead buy if. it's doing unless we get a massive. cluster here which we do. not . see this is why I don't play prags guys. because I lose Millions I I just keep. buying bonuses and I'm just getting. absolutely runed all right so I know I. breached my bottom line I probably have. my rewards pending which are. $25,000 in rake back I'm getting my. weekly tomorrow which is 122k that's not. too bad I have won a lot lately guys so. I'm not too concerned honestly I'm being.

serious like I obviously want to win. every video that was really close to. Green so we are du green I'm going to be. going for an. 82,6 122 bet on green puts us at 1 mil. bottom line it is a 1 mil loss on the. video which is disgusting but thankfully. yesterday we got a Max win please hit. green to turn around the whole video. it's not possible it's going to be. really close but it's not possible all. right guys thank you so much for. watching today smash a like if you. enjoyed make sure to tune on to the. stream let's break some more records. tonight and I'll see you guys shortly on. stream byebye

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