12.05.2024 Glampers Away! 🏕 | LOL Tots Episode 1 | L.O.L. Surprise! Tots Road Trip

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Laughs. glampers away. whose turn is it yours. I mean mine. I don't know huh look at us we need. another adventure babies. like camping. yeah there's nothing like hot cocoa. warmed over a campfire. or heated a clamp or microwave huh. huh. hey I've never noticed that book before. uh. oh it's a photo album. inside it LOL oh route 707.. look at all these pictures this book is. about a road cause that's a map along. the way looks like there's a dinosaur. diner. a giant teapot. a castle made of Cups and stuff whoa hi. everybody. wow look at that you found the bee. family photo album. and the route 707 book that was an epic. Drive I took when I was a kid these. photos are from the trip. oh I remember this. we went looking for secret Clues at each. stop the rumor was find the clues and. you'd eventually get a secret message. we never found them though.

No. do you know what this means that even. Royal B was little. no I mean yes but it means we have to. take this drive this is the adventure we. need let's go royal B oh Queens I'll be. using my car all month to work at the. studio. mom. I guess y'all could say I'm really a. camper now. what did I do you got a glamber you. should drive us on Route 707 for a car. Adventure. oh I am in all in. well maybe you tots will find the clues. we didn't so that settles it. everybody pack pack lights. thank you oh. huh. um. we agreed to pack live I have lots of. light stuff it's too many things it's. not like I brought the whole bedroom. I can't hear you. I said who can travel without a tiara. so we can hear each other. oh. two cars is definitely the best idea. our route is a loop starting in the. crystal desert. y'all we're getting a Sarsaparilla vulva.

While Lone Star installs a TV it is. called the glamper after all but we got. some Bubba already but you can go on. ahead I'll show you why if our car is. going opposite directions in this Loop. we'll find all the clues faster oh. that's smart. okay first off the dinosaurus Diner. looks like the dinosaurs Diner will be. easy to find for sure. oh don't say it. I don't think it's so easy to find. we better pull over for the night. huh. save yourself. over here. we just gotta save quite cutie. hey these like statues. hey we did find it. morning everyone Diner Dolly here. serving a bricks and Hospitality have a. seat hi I'm queen bee and this is Diva. and quiet cutie. let me guess pancakes for you oatmeal. for you and a banana waffle for you whoa. how'd you know what we like experience. breakfast is my calling. this is fantastic so are you.

But we have some questions yeah. questions we're on a road trip a car. Venture of this famous route 707 there. are some big things to see what about. little things like Clues. you mean the old stories of secret Clues. it stops along the way maybe well. they're supposed to be rub off little. symbols. oh that's fancy so show us to the first. clue please I've never found one around. here. but that doesn't mean this ain't a great. place to visit wanna tour inside a. dinosaur. that means yes. these dinosaurs are the biggest anywhere. that one over there's a tricyclotops a. Triceratops on a tricycle it just makes. sense. after you. wow. it's tough to keep these things proof. stop. just need a makeover really. cutie think we can do it yes yes do that. you've shown us so much Hospital. Hospitality Hospital Hospitality that. it's the least we can do.

ah too small. oh. basic Queens there's nothing big enough. to Sparkle up a dinosaur. oh yes there is we were just looking in. the wrong places. hmm. it's perfect glamorous yay. oh yes she probably wants to see herself. oh. see gorgeous. I call you Dinah you're welcome. hey I I did I think I found the clue. see some paper. yes. the LOL on the other side of the paper. we had such a great day you're welcome. back anytime what a fantastic stop at. Route 707 let's call our friends to. check in. foreign

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