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We're back on t banza with a $600. balance but today we're on Dual bits a. new site so make sure to join the. Discord description cuz I'm giving so. much stuff to every single viewers. hundreds of dollars make sure to join. every single day and that's where you. can find out more about dual bits and. how I'm giving away prizes on there uh. all you have to do click the link. description where it says Discord and. join that Discord and there's all the. information in there and we're just. going to go ahead and run a $60 buy I'll. be shoot through with you guys I lost. like $400 right before recording this. video is on sweet Bonanza so I'm. recording this and hopefully this will. pay this time we're doing a $60 buy. we're going to make maybe do a 100 bu. after this hope we can get an actual. good hit because hasn't been paying for.

Me at. all okay so far $6 bu we get S $10 not. bad but we need more that's only I. haven't got I don't think I got a single. profitable one I probably got a one. profitable buy out of every 10 that I. bought three bananza so this better. pay come. on I need this to pay and it pay $10 out. of 60 and it continues to eat my money. we're going to do an $80 buy now we're. just going to keep uping it from here. please pay we start with 600 let's get. to at least 1,000 that's only $400. profit but if we can get to 1,000. that'll be big please give me a ret if. you're going to bait me I'm feeling a. really big multi I don't know why like a. crazy easy hit and like a 100x could. this be it no pinks and then blueberries. then would be huge there's no mul on. that either way an $80 buy is it going. to go completely dead on.

Me one off bananas one off Blues greens. okay we're at $6 here this could. actually be worse than our first one. so. maybe come on damage control. worse than our first Buy on an $80 like. this is what I mean guys I just keep. getting rinsed now we got up to 100. might have to go and all in out of for. this like a $400 cuz there's no way it. doesn't pay me profit in like 20 bu I've. done it it pay me profit not even a 200x. that one buy got nice okay we got a. retri first spin give us like 50 spins. on this give us another retri Oh I. thought I was going to do. it okay it's going us it's G it gave us. free spins for no reason basically. thanks nice come. on come on bananas now nice uh 100x okay. we'll take it that's a good hit finally. a good hit how much is that $70 it's not. it's a good hit but we need way more.

Than that we need like $300 from this. come. on ah not. good it's not good enough we need to hit. 100x this a good screen come on Blues. now okay re sugar I mean we'll take it. that's 20 spins. already come on give us just I want this. to be like the most spins that ever gave. somebody just give me more spins that's. all I want like it's trying to do it it. keeps giving me one look at all these. boards like they're one off every single. time for like three symbols that's like. what 10 dead spins in a row this is a. good board come on don't die peaches. okay Greens Greens or apples okay both. apples nice holy give 100x oh I. could have kept going if it gave 100x. that's so much but this a finally a good. profitable buy give us to 200x at. least come. on. ah it died bro 20 spins for only. 160x we'll take it I mean we can't.

Really complain I'm going to run a 140. it's probably really stupid to do this. but I feel like it needs to pay another. time like it keeps gting me small wins. where's that one a th000 x I'm looking. for just please give me a crazy hit. once I want to see 100 next hit or at. least a. 50x uh Blues maybe n look at all these. Hearts six hearts plus a lollipop just. CL blocking my win good screen there. nothing hits. though so $140. buy it's paying really bad so far but. this could change it come on okay I mean. we'll take it three another a retri $22. could have been way bigger but we'll. take a. retri don't one give me dead spins. though it loves to do that give you. retri and then just completely. die look at all these Hearts bro just. drop it obviously not. $5 sweet banan just hates me or. something bro come on peaches it hates.

Me like holy this. okay that's a it's a decent hit 35 I. mean it's $140 B we need way. more okay come on. more. more we need more than that that's not. good I mean it's close to profit we're. $40 away from. profit. I'm running a 120 I'm just I'm . flying through these Vibes guys cuz I'm. just I I can't like stand it bro keeps. baiting me I need a good hit now give me. one good hit hearts come on somehow. bro I hate how but gives you so much. hearts and it never drops him in like. ever okay it's a really good. screen it wasn't that good of a stream. but you know we'll take the $10 I guess. look at. this the only reason I'm mad is cuz like. right before this I did like eight buys. on it and they all Flo so I was. expecting maybe something would hit now. okay give us either good multis or re. sugar re sugar now we'll take it that's.

Like a $30 hit 40 okay basically half. the buy paid. for okay I'm I'm going to go insane here. $18. buy I just think something has to pay. here so I'm just hoping this one's the. one a 200x at least would be. crazy come on nice those are good. peaches give us some more though one off. bananas still a decent. hit we'll take. 50 we just see some to keep tumbling. like this peaches ah peaches into greens. maybe there would be good. we're getting decent multis here we need. better hits apples. okay keep tumbling there dude no multis. on that. either ah bro look at these screens it. keeps baiting me every time I can't bro. it's it actually. hurts like look at this bro do you. feel what I'm feeling. bro come on this can't die right okay. guys don't forget to join the Discord. I'm giving away so much. and make me happy cuz this is not.

Making me happy right now that's a. decent. hit we need this this last one to go. crazy so we can actually get some of our. money back. here okay. pinks please retrigger or pinks re. pinks pinks pinks okay come on it's. could to be. good okay we'll take it I. mean we get our money back basically for. that Buy $5 profit if Pace hit there it. would have been way. more should I say and do a $260. bom. I can't even do that it goes straight. from 200 to 400 $200 bu this has to pay. I have a really good feeling this is. going to pay it's going to drop in. 100x this might be our last buy of the. video here depending on what this pays. come. on. ah please don't go down on the biggest. buy of the video there we go something. hits at least come. on I think said that by the way it's. like setting up and Dem love multis. blueberries I said that bye I'm not.

Going to cap to you guys I want to say. positive but the way it's. been okay please do something crazy. please. Blues no one off. greens okay 78 I mean we're half our. money back that's not bad already come. on 50x please. dude no that 50x would have been insane. apples just can't seem to catch a break. I'm doing a. 180 like I think we only have one profit. buy this. video which is pretty. bad um that would have been a great hit. if we hit something there or. there or here okay we hit something here. like5 $10 $10. nice I can't even like take this game. seriously anymore dude all it does just. shs me please give me something good to. think about no multis right. Y come on so much room such the great. board peaches. please okay nice we need multis multis. bananas and multis please or re sugar. now I'll take re sugar okay that's.

Really good I mean we could have. had more mul on that but that's still. $200 it's not actually that it it pays. money back so we need this to pay one. more time here but that's still a very. good hit for us come. on ah one off something there one off B. rounds I. think we'll take. that I think we up it to 200 again try. $200 buy I said I was going to call it. at that first $200 buy and then we kept. going so I'm an addict if you guys don't. know already make sure to Jo the Discord. I keep stressing this so much because. that's where I actually give away. everything that's where I keep you. updated please don't die it's a good. board nice come on. watermelons okay I don't even know what. to hit Blues would have. hit still a decent hit though. 68 we need every spin to be like that. okay maybe it will. be ah stop CIF fcking dude those.

Lollipops me another good screen. holy come on go crazy this is. really good screen peaches or bananas. how do you not drop. peaches one off peaches that whole. time. pinks come on drop one pink one pink bro. it just keeps baiting me so actually. like pissing me off how it's bitting. me pinks just do it drop the pinks one. pink again bro stop doing that look at. that. board I can't I actually . can't I'm doing. 160 that leaves at $200 at the end I. might just call it after that because. like I don't think we can make profit on. this game even if we do a $200 all in it. won't pay it'll just Shin us. yep okay come on go. crazy re sugar if you're going to do. that or at least give me a. multi what is that bro $25 for all of. that like you guys love the sweet banana. videos but like they just don't do. anything they just vit me bro I know I'm.

Being like negative this whole video but. like it's true like I can't get a single. good video on sle come on this a good. board please I take it all back if you. give me if you give me 100 x right now I. take it all back greens I'll even okay. we'll take that that's a really good hit. nice okay how much is that 237 nice bro. give us another hit like that another. hit okay pinks come on keep going keep. going this is a crazy screen no. don't die. there hey okay 57 we'll take. it okay I mean we can't complain about. that really we'll give it a 100 and then. we'll call. it no matter what this P I'm calling it. make sure to join the Discord I keep. saying this make sure you use called. runal on do bits it gives you rewards. you get I think 100 free spins on. Gates if you like wage a certain amount. so that's pretty good actually this a.

Good board it loves giving you this. board though and it then dies so. hopefully this time bananas hit okay. blue somehow nice okay that's a good. multi Blues nice how 100 x just do it I. we'll take it that's a good. hit 130 we're in profit holy that. was a crazy. comeback we were down to 200 at one. point and now we're back at. 600 I guess it's not that about I've. been complaining about the whole video. and then I finally did something but. it's still not that much profit unless. it does something insane here like pains. pains one off. Pinks All. right. $157 there I mean I'mma take it guys we. lost like $30 but that's pretty good. considering our luck and like it. not paying the whole video and then just. making us come back to at the end so. make sure to join the Discord thank you. guys for watching this is a crazy video.

I can't believe I thought we were going. to lose it all so I'm happy with. breaking even today and I'll catch you. guys a

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