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Guys something incredible released today. you guys know if you've been watching my. channel for a long time I'm a big crazy. time guy but there's a specific video. game bonus game inside crazy time that. uh has my heart it's it's the main. reason I enjoy it and that's Pachinko so. if you guys have ever played Crazy coin. flip before that is a game where. essentially what happens is it's a slot. and you can spin into a bonus on it. right I did a crazy coin flip video. actually just last week um and it did. did pretty well you guys really enjoyed. it so now they have crazy Pachinko I. have not seen how this works yet. entirely I saw a brief little clip of it. and it seemed. cool but we're wow I just hit $300 there. but we're going to be Max betting which. the max BET right now is $50 little. disappointing and we're going to see if.

We can get into it. o look at I I like how it saves the. nudge that's. nice look at that we had two there I. mean this is. unfor no we keep getting nudged. though bro two baits back to back what. are the extreme spins on this game one. one scatter whoa whoa. $750 one scatter per spin guaranteed. wait you can bonus buy oh my God you're. telling me I can bonus buy guys that's. not good that is not good at all let me. try this this a we're guaranteed a we're. guaranteed a scatter per spin I wonder. if you can get a. 50x we have a 3X nudging. though wait shouldn't we theoretically. get one here yeah cuz it guarantees per. spin that's incredible here we are okay. we're in on a $10 bet the is. this until next Pinko 3x. what guys look I don't want to alarm. anyone. here I'm going to get addicted. to this game okay it's going to.

Happen it's that's not even like that's. a that's a courtesy warning all right. there is going to be a lot of this game. on the channel because this looks. incredible so something to keep. in mind while I'm spinning all these. multipliers in here guys base bet is $10. all right so I know it says our total. bet is 410 that is not the base bet I I. am paying $30 per spin of this this. little guy right here in hopes that we. get a fat. multiplier we still have another 38. seconds before we're in this. is this is incredible oh my God hats off. I didn't even know this was coming out. man this is this is big news how how big. can I. go oh oh my let's try a $100 spin 100x. give me give me one more one more 150x X. come on we're in for $1,000 right. now let's try like two more before it. starts 250X one. more oh we have a 3X on this too so it's.

Going to be 3x whatever the base is as. well wait why is there two. hosts wait they just have a host. dedicated to shout out the. multis we have a 3X here too so this is. a 300X here oh I guess it doesn't even. matter cuz we have such big this oh my. God there's a double guys I am. experiencing sensory overload I'm going. to seize. out why why is it why does it say double. 276 X give me the double do not no no. guys if we if we open up this . game first bonus ever getting on. like. that double 276 a wait wait wait so does. the double move move now or does stay. double on the first bonus ever am I the. god am I the goat this is an interesting. uh interesting Studio as. well I'm gonna drop it. now wait why did the double. disappear there's a 600x right there. give me that. 600x no. no I think we basically like broke even.

On that where did the double go did it. double the board I don't think it did. wow that was kind of ass okay that's all. right that's all right that's you know. what it was just it was one bonus guys. I'm not going to get. caught we're back in we're back in I'm. not going to get caught in the past like. that I'm doing something big for. anyone that supports your boy okay I am. giving away. $5,000 in the form of a weekly wager. race for anyone that plays under code. fencer GG on gamdom not only do you get. activated for the $5,000 by by using my. code players will also get a daily. surprise as well as instant daily weekly. and monthly rank back on all of their. bets and I'm not done there make sure. you guys go in the description and join. my Discord the link is always in there. because you can stay up to date with all.

The leaderboard statistics but. additionally I'm going to be giving away. free spins in there tips all kinds of. bonuses you name it I'm going to be. doing it to give back to you guys so to. get activated for all this make sure you. go over to the rewards tab once you. register on game click activate now and. enter code fencer g I forgot on top of. all that you also get 15% rateb back for. the first 7even Days by activating thank. you guys so much for watching and enjoy. the rest of the video dude what look at. this ,000 spin look at the multis it. gives you that is that is mad let's try. this I'm going to do. turbos we're we're going to invest $500. here. okay so theoretically well I guess due. to. mathematics a break even spin on this to. get good value is about honestly you. want about a 20x back out of this. because the the cost is 10x all right to.

Spin this it's about. 10x but you're not guaranteed to hit it. see you want like a 20x you want that. insurance on it we got we got this 110x. cooking up here so it's a 2X Pinko. there's so much happening I'm so sorry. if you like tuned into this trying to. learn how it works there's so much. happening it's so. fast this is is uh it's it's not a bad. board it's not a bad board so we got 2x. the base multipliers they give us and. then all of our multis down here get. added to the board as well but they. don't get multiplied by this. unfortunately we got that 11. 10x see we're getting kind of unlucky on. these spins now let's let's crank out a. big boy let's crank out a big boy here. let's do a. 500 can it dead spin oh that was good. that was good man that that was really. good all right $10 base bet I think. we're in for like almost 1,000 here or.

Like 1,000 maybe like 1300 I I want I. want this area over here I I really want. this area there's a 370x here too. though so we got a 420x I don't. understand oh oh so the number below it. is what it'll be if it hits the double. okay we want to be right side that's not. bad that's right above the 420 I will. blaze it if hits I will Blaze It rest. assure I absolutely will blaze. it okay we we somehow man dude this it's. just like the real game we somehow. managed to it one of the lowest. multipliers possible impressive very. impressive things over here at crazy. venko let's try to raise the b a little. bit so 375 what what is the base bet of. this maybe 30 there's a 2X give me the. bonus now we're doing $375 spins here. guys you want you want the first bonus. symbol you get 5x to appear up here cuz. that guarantees you at least get one.

Nudge with. it oh this is not good this we're. running so bad right now no 5x. please. no oh no we are ripping hard I'm going. to have to . redeposit. why is it as soon as I up my bet this is. this is what happens 3x there come. on oh we get a bonus here. guaranteed it's a base bonus so. qualified with 25 we straight up ripped. a shitload of Money Getting that though. we ripped legit like $6,000 getting that. so I'm going to I'm going to all in here. honestly I I think we all maybe not we. just got a really good multi right there. that's really good. oh the dead spin oh my God this is not. good 140x this is a really good value. board in my opinion right. now might as well might as well go For. Broke. here okay we are all in we are all in we. need one of our really big numbers to. hit here base bet is. $25 so we're looking for the 450x here.

430 would be good too oh God this was. not my brightest moment I really don't. know what the smartest way to play this. is I would say like try to get good. multis early spinning on that and then. just like stop I like how it seems wow. 200x here it seems to guarantee pretty. good numbers and I think you're also. guaranteed to double every round. potentially oh he said how many doubles. see there's at least. one we need right side right side is. where we want to be. at I mean it's not horrible. we have a shot at the 440 there's some. other decent multis but there's a. 25 oh it's got to bounce like hard right. here no it's going to us over H 160. I mean we we lost shitload of money on. that that's not good. 4,000 we we legit lost like 5K there. let's try one spin on. 750 maybe one. more maybe one more. okay I I might have sprinkled a little.

Bit more into it um see I don't like. that we keep getting the bottom row ones. I'm doing $750 spins. here cuz the bottom row ones ooh top. left if we get if we get middle or top. row on this next one it is a guaranteed. bonus it's going to be bottom row though. so we have a guaranteed bonus on on this. next spin give me a 5x damn. it okay so invested into this we have. like another 5K base bet is 50 okay okay. so our base bet is 50 here I want to. invest about another 2K into this and. and just go for the gold hope it goes. crazy we don't really have any good. multis yet I mean the 50x is nice. but we need we need a better one on that. I wonder what what is going on with this. board they're hyping that up back. there. wow what the is that. dude what this I don't understand why. The Two. Hosts it just seems very redundant oh my.

God we are getting shafted on these. multis man this is going to be. tough Let's do let's do one more spin. here in call it a day maybe potentially. Maybe not maybe one $500 Spin and then. we do it last one one last one. though big. multis 70x bro so our base bet here is. $50 so like this is not good we have. 3,000 well actually significantly more. invested into this technically cuz I I. was chasing the bonus but I guess spun. in 3,000 so ideally I want at least 5K. back out of this so we need 100x pretty. much no multis on it either which sucks. but it's okay 10x 15 it seems to. guarantee a 100x every time potentially. every bonus I've had has had 100x so. this is this is our best betat here. 180x and then hopefully a double oh God. only one double it's enough for. us it's enough for. us oh it's right above the.

180x it's just so weird having these two. on mic it just sounds bad okay it's. going down it's going down it's going. down. down. going. brother wait. what this is like some amateur dude. whoa whoa whoa dude what is this whoa. whoa whoa this Amateur hour dude what I. got to go into the studio man. go to the go right go right go right oh. God no it's over it's over it's. over congrats everyone congrats. everyone we got exactly what we uh paid. for it pretty much minus the other. 6K that I lost chasing this [ __ ]. 5x if we get top or middle it's. guaranteed. 5x really. bro that is up. man I'm. I'm that's a. Forex this could be good $50 base bet. forx see I am tempted to not do anything. here but maybe a couple spins wouldn't. hurt. right I don't know I think I think the. best bet here is to just not touch this. we already have a good base base betat.

I'm going to do I'm going to do 1 350. and that's it two dead. spins. okay okay I'm done here we go 4X crazy. Pinko man come on it seems that it. guarantees at least a 100x every round. and a double it seems like it guarantees. one. double not bad. uhoh so it doesn't guarant why does she. say wow she sounds like [ __ ]. Luigi. dude dude this okay like this is. genuinely making me want to Chum. dude this is like Dumb and Dumber on the. Pinko board right now like what. what are these two tweaking off of man I. want all of it on are you ready give me. a 200x please I love how the one board. that is a 4X for. us the one board that's a forx is the. one that we don't have a single high. multiplier on oh guaranteed bonus next. spin see I like that part of it I I like. that part where you're basically. guaranteed bonus if you get you know.

Middle or high. placements oh I. just we we just been it's a bad beat. it's a bad beat for us for sure 35x I'm. only investing like a little bit more. into this 50x is. good 255 all right yeah we we're just. going to okay maybe maybe a couple more. maybe a couple. more oh that was the last one all right. we have 1250 invested into this I. think well actually no no no 12250 plus. the spins we did 3750 spins wow this is. a good board right it is a good board. 200x that's 10K if it hits now many okay. I think give me a double on this oh. three. doubles I wonder what the max amount. is okay you have to believe in me I just. you really bad doubles for us though. Jesus man let's drop this par this. beautiful par and see if we got the come. on come on come on it's going there you. like the light I'm in love with my poy. poie my P you like.

It dude this BR on the side is straight. up tweaking like she is going. insane quy. Pachinko bro why am I why am I spinning. this why am I doing this to. myself I'm I'm. depressed I'm depressed. dude oh my god dude let me let me try. let me try some some turbos I. guess. no I don't know those hosts are a little. sus they are uh they are. tweaking wait a minute no. I I love the nudge part of this the. nudge part is very fair man it started. off so good when we started this video. but I don't know it's you know I'm I'm. changing I'm changing my mind a little. bit here I'm changing my mind a little. bit come. on get us. in I guess I'll finish these spins there. we go wow I was about to stop and and we. got in I'm we're all in here. we're all in here guys I'm going in I'm. going in heavy. okay 16 for a $400 oh. my the first spin's just terrible 120x.

Come. on $1,000 spin bro one 100x oh. my there we go last. spin I I feeling this is going to be bad. dude I am not having a good time now. I've literally just ripped 30 K. on this that's wild 100x 200x though. 200x that that left side's looking like. our best bet right side's pretty bad. left side is definitely our best betat. give me a double on the left side wow. that's not bad ladies gentle oh it is. though it is never. mind the nexttier is going to be double. down of course yeah of course all all. right give me a 264. x dude it could be a 15x right. now oh it will. be hey that's not bad holy. 13k we'll take it man you have to be. greedy but you have to be patient we'll. take it Let's do let's do one extreme. spin. here. two. three oh guaranteed 2x let's go I really. wonder what the I I feel like the. highest is. 10x okay I'm just going to.

Do what is it see the the most thing you. can do is is a th let's do one $11,000. spin we'll take it we're going to stop. right there cuz if that hits right there. that's 15 that's 15K base let's see what. happens here give me a good board please. I'm done after this though I'm I'm. definitely done after this 10x 15x. that's a good start oh the 25 spam is. ass I mean 400x over here 300. 100 you know no doubles on any of our. good numbers though four doubles that's. crazy oo it's above a good. spot what. the okay R Dr another p. we lose. our dude this is literally Dumb and. Dumber okay we drop our. pack is it. Macarena I should have known man we got. we got the CEO of the Macarena in here. now she's like speaking. Spanish where is this studio at start. focus and don't talk so much no no no. come on no don't you do that no don't.

Don't do it don't you don't you dare. there yeah yeah there we go woo oh my. god dude I want to headbutt my. monitor go left please left oh it's over. wait it's over 150x please. oh. what what it's rigged we're so back. we're so back we're so. back that's so funny dude this game. this game is actually awful this is oh. I'm guaranteed a bonus guys this game's. so good oh dude this is it's literally. like a fever dream man like this is. ridiculous here we go $1,000 spin we. need we need big numbers here . 100x. 60 oh I'm done give me the 500 maybe one. more okay so we we need this colum. dude I'll do another. 200 and. 28x dude this is this [ __ ] is so. troll give me give me the 500x here man. please I'm done after this straight up I. am done after this unless it's if we hit. the 500 XX I I don't know dude I don't.

Know what to feel about this game let me. know what you guys think in the comments. down below I'm down to do more of this. but I feel like we have to set some. limits I feel like we got to set some. like rules and Commandments for playing. this game because this is just it is so. distracting to have these two babbling. while you're trying to figure out how to. play the game and then they're just. dropping the puck and going. whoopsie meanwhile if you drop the puck. on crazy time the actual crazy time the. the host literally looks like they're. going to get eliminated out back. as soon as they're shift. ends it's like this isn't even produced. by Evolution dude like I could have ran. this [ __ ] man give me give me. doubles on these 10 X's. please 200 down there that's that's a. good little Insurance give me give me a.

Double on this please double on this. please double on this please double. double double. oh so I think that's the best bet is. getting in and then just like doing like. trying to get like one or. two one or two good multis and then. stopping 510 X oh this is going crazy. there's no way it's Landing there this. is going bump [ __ ] Egypt dude. 10x go yourself 70 yes we'll take. it it's not good but dude we could have. had that 500x so I did lose a little bit. of money off of that one maybe I'll do. one more. spin maybe I'll do one. more maybe. another guaranteed a 3X next. spin guys I'm on a heater I am on a. heater all right 3x I am on a heater we. just unfortun had to torch everything to. get to this. point Let's do let's do a $300 cranker. 18x and then I'm going to do 1. 1,000 there we go 300 200x 3x base. multis I'm done let's go we're in for 3K.

Right now wow wow that's literally what. Luigi does in um Mario and. rabbits battle for the kingdom or. whatever that game's called it because. wow 200 200x too give me a double on one. of these bad boys give me the double on. this I forgot we have that we had. such bad. multis we had such bad multis minus the. 200x. wow dude if it that's not bad that is. not bad that's 30k if we hit it. okay go left go left dude this is this. is dropping like crazy. I'm going to spike my. mouse I want to bite it I want to bite. it I want to bite my mouse okay so. that's a break even on that why did it. drop that fast guaranteed a bonus next. spin. wow. wow dude this is just stressing me out. bro straight up this is stressing me out. we'll do another 450 yep that's really. good let's do a. 500 yep awesome awesome spin there. really good.

Okay I'm going to go out on a limb and. say we're not getting our money back. here. wow uh 105x here we go multiplayers are. you. ready. 30 what the 100 she's like chling. come on come on come on come on come. on no why are we doubling everything. that's. bad three doubles though 125x are. bust I guess if it goes hard left we. have 90 60. 40 go left or go. middle Christ dude we're we're. making a little bit we're making a. little bit guaranteed a. bonus did at this. point I don't even know what to feel. about this game anymore bro we keep. getting in so fast this is so. ridiculous should I stop I just got I. just insta got a. 180x I wonder what the highest multi. they can crank out. as okay this is is a good time to stop. oh look at that it kicked me out 150. 192 not the best multis Jesus hey the. corner 200x give me a double on one of.

These please 192 150 200 come on double. one of. these yes yes we got our 202 doubled we. got our 202 doubled we also have 85. doubled that's just about the worst spot. I could have landed I mean we do have. some decent stuff over here but I really. really wanted that I wonder if these. doubles stay if if it hits this I wonder. if they oh this isn't. good okay all right you know what it's. not the worst the world oh so all the. doubles disappear okay it put us closer. over. here bro like what how is it this. difficult no no no no no no no no no. no she likes to make you. wait come on come on it's almost there. okay good luck yes we got it. congratulations. dude they just straight wrong. dude they just straight up put it in the. wrong one and it's just moving like. nothing. happened. 10x I I get in this next spin but that.

10x going away sucks dude H how is this. game running like this is this is an. indictment on evolution right now like. this is. absurd they literally put it in the. wrong hole and there's just no it's such. a fastpaced game that no one's like. yeah dude don't do. that they just fire it right up like. they this is just crazy it's crazy this. is crazy okay here we go guys. here we go all right this is my this is. my audit of this game all right because. this is coming from someone if you've. never watched my videos before I have. been playing online casinos for 3 years. I've been gambling for like a very long. time I've played so many live games a. lot of people think these live games are. rigged I've even been a victim of that. myself um at certain times you know. thinking certain games are rigged uh. this game is so it's such a cluster.

Currently that it is impossible for them. to rig this. because you got Dumb and Dumber dropping. the puck here they're not even dropping. in the right holes I like the fact that. you can get doubles like many doubles. and you build your own multis in this. early game there's no way for them to. really rig this part of the game so this. is perhaps the most Fair live game to. come. out I mean I I don't know I don't know. that's just my thoughts on it I don't. know if it's true but how can you rig a. game that they can't even they. can't even figure out how to play it. they don't know they don't know how to. do. this it's the entertainment factor is. Next Level though this is just it's. quite the pleasure to watch 400x right. there wow I love. that oh double in the 40x go right. here I guess it doesn't matter where.

This ends up because they're just going. to put it in the wrong one anyway it's. pretty fire. though it's pretty fire oh she figured. it. out oh God so far away from that we just. need one of these gold multis I guess if. it goes hard left though that's not bad. oh oh nice I mean we're getting pretty. Fair drops. here we're up to 31k now oh 5x down. there I think what the best bet is is to. basically see if you get a good multi or. a good like placement on your first. symbol and if you don't you just like. you know kind of kind of leave it there. cuz like if you get an early one up here. it's worth doing the Second Spin see. like we have an early one here so I'll. do a Second Spin and then we're not. guaranteed the bonus so I'm going to. stop stop there 275 I we're still down. money because I ripped the first deposit.

I don't know what a game guys what a. game um if you guys enjoy the video make. sure you leave a like if you want me to. play more of this please let me know in. the comments cuz this was crazy. um editor go ahead and show how much. we're down for the month or up for the. month I don't even know I don't know. what's happening at this point but I. will see you guys here tomorrow uh enjoy. the rest of your day okay I was I was. going to stop and then I got another and. it's guaranteed six T so let's see what. happens. I bonus round begins join the bonus. round yeah let's do it 6X. here not good at all. I mean if we get of. course the double is just not good. either give me a 300 X I take a take. take a nice little wow okay so we're. guaranteed like 10K here unless unless. it lands. here go left please bro it's going to do.

it isn't. it okay 150 that's not bad that's not. bad 15 we'll take. it what it just. disappeared okay well we just got a free. 15K to end it off so we're up in the. video now editor go ahead throw it up on. screen holy . what a. game just play one more round p you're. going to have enough money. feed you want what this man just that is. demon mode I'm broke too poor for my. family he's like yeah just fire it up. fire it up. what is. this. let's go for another round I was on a. lower. bet it just. what it just straight up scammed. me I was on a $50 bet oh my hold up hold. up hold up hold up I never mind I'm done. I'm dumb I'm so dumb I was thinking of a. 300X I I just read it out to myself dude. this game has fried my brain I'll see. you guys. tomorrow. a

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