12.05.2024 How to Create PlayStation Account on Phone 📲| How to Sign Up for PSN on Mobile | NEW UPDATE | 2020

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Welcome back to the channel in today's. video i'm going to show you guys how to. create a playstation account on your. iphones. so it's going to be all done with the. iphone no need to connect to a computer. or use the playstation for this at. all all you have to do is head over to. the playstation app open that up. then you want to click on sign in and. that's going to come up with the page. for you to sign in but under that it's. going to say. learn more so right above the sign in. area it says learn more so you want to. click on learn more. it's going to bring you over to the. playstation.com website. just because we cannot create an account. on the application has to be done on the. website. but using that link will bring you to. this page and then once we come to this. page you want to click on sign in in the.

Top right corner. and then once it loads up here it'll. give us an option to create a new. account. once we see that we want to click on. that. and then we just click on start and now. we can go through the process of. creating our account so you just want to. put your country and your. language and then your date of birth so. i'm just going to put a random one here. for the tutorial. and once you put your birthday you can. go ahead and click on next in the top. right corner. and then you're going to put your sign. in id which will be your email address. so just put in the email just that you. want to use. for your new playstation account so i'll. go ahead and do that right now. and then you have to put in a password. that you want to create as well so you. go ahead and make your password. once you're done putting your email and.

Your password that you want to create. for your new playstation account you can. click on next. and then it'll bring you over to asking. you your city and stuff like that so you. can go ahead and put your city i'll just. put toronto for mine because i'm just. located in canada. then you put your province or state and. then your postal code or. zip code wherever you're located in the. world. then you're just going to click on next. once you've done that and then here's. where you get to choose your online id. now you can change it once for free. after this so don't worry about that if. you. make one that you don't like but you. just want to choose your online id here. so i'll just click on one of these. random ones here that are available. and then you can go ahead and put your. first and last name so you're just going.

To go ahead and do that. once you're putting your name and your. online id you can go ahead and click on. next. and then here it's just going to ask you. if you want to subscribe for. notifications and emails for. uh promotions and stuff i'm not going to. put anything uh and then i'm just going. to click on agree and continue or agree. and create account at least. if you want to subscribe feel free to. click on one of those options up top but. if not click on agree and create account. and then your account has been. successfully created so now you can go. ahead and log into the playstation. application with this new account or log. into your playstation console and you'll. be able to use the new account. anyhow i hope i was able to help you. guys out with showing you how to create. a playstation account on your iphones if.

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