12.05.2024 How to Install the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Modded Client (COD4x)

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All right so get your Call of Duty 4 and the Cod  4X client installed and downloaded I'll provide  . any links that you might need in the Discord  where you may have come from to see this video  . so the first thing you're going to want to do is  extract both of these so you can see they're in  . raw files so you're going to need WinRAR or 7Zip  to extract them so you can right click and extract  . or just open it up and drag the folder from  inside to the outside and let it extract which  . may take a while so once it's fully extracted  you can close the RAR folder the zip folder and  . you can delete it I'm just going to put it aside  for now but to save space you're going to want to  . delete this because it has you know it's quite  big and and delete it from your recycling bin  . you're also going to want to extract the Cod  4X client from inside we're gonna do a manual.

Install so you just want to grab the file from  inside and drag it out and then you can once  . again delete this folder but with the code for X  client here we could open this up and inside is  . the manual install 21.1 drag this out and then you  can delete the original folder which I'll just do  . so we have this in here so we can simply open  up Cod 4 and drag the cod4 client inside and  . we can open this up and we want to hit  the install Command right here run this  . and it should say done press any key and  now you can go back to the Cod 4 folder  . and cod4x should be properly installed it  and all you got to do now is launch the game  . so the MP is multiplayer and the SP is single  player let's run the multiplayer really quick  . it's going to say got updated please start it  again so we just let it it loaded new files and.

Then we hit it again and it should boot up just  fine this time once you boot up the game it may  . actually show you my profile here I'd be very  thankful if you simply deleted that and created  . a new one so I don't have people running around  using my username use your own username and then  . you can go make your classes and stuff like that  and then we can go to join game and under Source  . we want to make sure it's Cod 4X so you're viewing  servers running the mod as well and you can see  . there's a lot of empty servers but if you want to  filter them to make sure you don't see empty ones  . you can just turn that off there press OK and then  refresh your listing and then it'll load and show  . only the ones that actually have players in it if  that's something you're looking for so it's pretty.

Active I'd say especially you know right now it's  the middle of the week late at night Pacific time  . so you know there's a decent amount of people  on you can find some games and play just fine as  . well as there's also AI if you turn off the view  empty E1 you can find servers with AI and people  . of course A lot of these servers may have custom  maps or content and mods but upon joining a server  . it will automatically download that content as for  some commands once you're actually in game if you  . press tilde on the top left of your keyboard right  above tab you can do slash CG underscore fov so it  . looks like it can go up to 90 so you can go all  the way up to 90 and set your fov in game to 90  . which will make it look a lot better also there  is not really any controller support because this.

game is just really old and there's no controller  support for it but yeah that's how you install  . the Cod4x mod and you know it's proper because  it's in the bottom right it says Cod 4X you know  . stuff like that but that's going to be it for this  video this is how you install Cod 4X for Call of  . Duty 4. and I'd really appreciate it if you guys  would hit the Subscribe Button as a sort of thank  . you for helping you could find this mod thank you  all for tuning in and I'll see you guys next time

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