12.05.2024 Real Fighter Pilot Dogfights MiGs in Combat Simulator

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What's up everybody on patreon awesome. to have you here as promised dog fight. videos they're just fun so going into. the merge here definitely getting a fox. two lock chaffing and flaring all the. way. in th000 knots of closure about 480 is. what I'm looking for he's getting an. offset I'm going to wait boom there's a. line of sight and I'm starting that turn. don't want to do it too early but I I. like to go a little. early yeah cuz if if you think you're. late you're way late so I like to go a. little early and he is hard to see right. now I'm. just basically bming the last known. position right now and we're super fast. way too. fast oh looks like we got a a good lock. line. all right. awesome so I think he might have lost us. too it's kind of the beauty sometimes in. bfm you never know there you go he just. picked us.

Up wait and build some. angles and then second lead turn right. there boom this is right where I want to. be I want to keep doing that basically. doing little mini lead turns he's. pulling away by 20 knots. look at that M 29 just belching out. smoke all right little mini lead turn. here power to. idle boom snatching it back to. 8.8 that was that was a really good. opportunity there he is in the. sun waiting for another lead turn. opportunity boom lead turn again pull. him up into the funnel he's a little. rangy for a. gunshot he's pulling away these make 29s. they have a decent thrust to weight. ratio cuz he's just continuously pulling. away super rangy gunshot right now I'm. pulling lead I'm closing in a little. bit now he's pulling. away I don't want to bleed off all my. air speed so I'm going to ease off a. little.

Bit and then dig across the. circle so I don't give up too much. Come to Papa Come to. Papa this guy dated my sister don't you. ever date my sister. bro or if you do you better treat her. right let's just say. that oh and just uh while we're dog. fighting I am going to be. filming the fastest jet in the world. tomorrow so that should be a lot of. fun. let's throw a fox to his way just wake. him up a little bit let's see Reach Out. And Touch him. popop that a9x is just a thing of beauty. guys sometimes you got to do. it I did miss a good gunshot in this one. okay now this one we're going to go to. forward so I'm going to unload as we. watch this come down through the. HUD I didn't see a shoot on that one. brutal unload two forward I'm going to. go to guns get the radar out there. sweeping but I don't want to lock that.

Up so I'll team this back to get rid of. that lock and now I'm just sweeping so. now we got another mid 29 signal rwr. showing him to the 5:00 position 5 to. 7:00 somewhere back there okay I'm. getting slow again it's really easy to. get slow when you don't have a feel of. the jet so in DCS okay there we go we. got a good. lock let's go to the merge with this B. bad boy with this. Bandit here we. go all right so chaffing and flaring. into the merge just in case he's a. little. spicy trying to shoot me before the. merge. bro actually I think that's exactly what. he's. doing he that he's trafficing flame just. like. me well I tried to shoot him before the. merge just for fun. I think you might have done the same. thing 9.3 G's okay you got to ease off. in that case snatching it back to 9.2 oh. we're getting R way fast that's why.

Unloading. pulling unload getting way fast that's. just when I bleed off some of this air. speed now I'm going back to. Max I can't see anything we are graying. out H we're just in that Perpetual state. of like 9 G's I don't I know what it is. with DCS but they do not have a lot of. Pilots with good G tolerance. man cuz if you do a. good and then you pull down to get that. 9gs you can get 9gs like this game acts. like you can't get 9 GS without graying. out and it's just like we're not you. know it's teaching people to be dorks. and not be in the weight. room so instead of putting the gray out. in the game just tell people to get in. the waight. room all right going back. saying no Rad but if I go back to guns. and then pull back on the uh dog fight. switch it should turn on the. radar you can't like reach down and turn.

On the radar every time you go out of. dog fight. mode all right fuel's low got it all. right well that dick takes how many how. much do we have, 1500 lbs we got enough. to continue to play with this. guy yeah again I'm in a dog fight I'm. not going to reach down and turn on the. radar oh man that would have been nice. that would have been like a Christmas. gift I would have named him Santa. Claus all right I think he is trying to. get out of here too must be low. gas but we got to keep it parked in max. if you want a shot at this boom second. lead. turn yeah again we're just graying out. at 9 G's and every single. time oh hell. yeah. there we go we got both of his. engines see you bro see the end of the. line. man as long as we don't hit the deck. here there we go last bullet boom he's. gone now we got to make sure we're not.

Gone another one all we got another Mig. out here shoot we got to try to land. this thing. guys unless that's his rwr spiking. us we got 800. lb I mean we got if we we do have some. Fox twos yep I got a 9x on that side I. got one 9x left so if we get a lock on. whoever this Jabron is okay I think it. is someone else. actually all right come on come on baby. let bring it home and I got a Airfield. over to my right so I'm checking there I. could do a SFO to that Airfield if I can. get a kill on this jet relatively. quickly I'm pulling back to. Mill so I don't waste a ton. of gas 600 lb not bad again if we just. hang out and loer over top of this. Airfield at altitude we can go down to. zero let the J let the um epu fire wait. is he behind us the heck crap he's. behind us. shoot now I'm going to have to shoot you. down or try to shoot you down with One.

Wing there we go you definitely have One. Wing fuel's. low where is he all I see his tra in his. flare. yeah I know I know I'm easing off but. it's pulling hard right. guys I can just get a lock on this. dud we'll throw it a9x up as you know. what and we'll go. land we're out of gas I literally got to. get a shot in the next 10 second oh. no ah did you hear that it said. lock shoot all right I'm easing. off it's just pulling I got to get out. of. here a couldn't eject in. time happens to the best of. us

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