12.05.2024 I Used Science to Outsmart an Online Casino

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How would you like to make millions by. pressing a few buttons on your computer. that's kind of what these twitch. streamers are making it seem like. that's three mil wait what. a large portion of the top twitch. streams right now or people playing. these online crypto casinos and making. ridiculous changes my little bro aubry. is streaming himself betting tens of. millions of dollars on these websites. it's crazy um me and steak have. obviously had a great partnership thus. far so obviously i want in but i want to. go in with an edge i truly believe i. have a strategy that a face on paper. should have us coming out with a profit. 100 of the time no trolls i'm tired of. the syrup sandwiches it's time we mack. on a lobby. right so these online crypto casinos. have been absolutely exploding in. popularity the twitch streamers are one.

Piece of the pie but you have people. like the nel gentlemen promoting this. stuff drake yeah drake. dog how'd they get drake legally. speaking the love doctor king of toronto. to promote this stuff it's just it's. it's not righteous and there's a really. dark side to all of this promotion. coffeezilla and the ordinary gamer did. like a hundred part ten thousand hour. series breaking all this down but in a. nutshell it seems like some of the. influencers and streamers promoting this. stuff are actually getting paid a. percentage of their audience's losses so. you use their code lose all of your. money on this gambling website and the. influencer gets a percentage of all that. money that you lost which is kind of. crazy because at that point you're. basically preying on the downfall of. your audience and directly profiting off.

Their losses but i mean if that gets you. a few lambos. who am i to judge i'm not the ftc ruben. i'm begging you given the current market. conditions i need you please step into. my business email. actually hold on okay i don't have any. email offers from rewbed but there's. quite a few similar websites that have. reached out this random one here is. offering 50. of their profits which how does a casino. profit right if the players lose money. so if i get 50 of their profits i'm. basically getting 50 of what my audience. loses but i mean honestly very pretty. solid scheme and if the market keeps on. dipping don't be surprised if i hop on. one of these opportunities can only take. so much pain everything revolving around. these online crypto casinos seems pretty. evil so i want to see if we can outsmart. them and actually turn a profit using.

These websites by now being random and. dumb about it i was initially thinking. of using one of these popular websites. like stake or rubid and maybe. implementing some strategy into their. dice or crash games but i've done. something similar in the past and it. didn't really work out so well i also. downloaded some data of results from. some of the games watch some videos. breaking down the code behind them and. there's a good reason why these casinos. are able to pay influencers tens of. millions of dollars per month they're. created in a way where you're just not. gonna come out with a profit. consistently but i remembered a really. sketchy website i've talked about. previously called pocket options it's. basically a gamified gambling version of. trading stocks or currency the website. calls themselves a brokerage but it's.

Basically an online casino same thing. they have all these suspicious. affiliates promoting them on youtube. they're definitely not regulated they're. registered in some islands off the coast. of venezuela you have these casinolike. crypto deposit bonuses and video game. type achievement badges it's basically. an online casino that's allegedly based. off of true realtime stock currency and. crypto charts and i believe the thing. that hooks people onto this website is. how simple it is you set how long you. want your bet to be let's say five. seconds then set how much you want to. bet and then press either the green. button if you think the price will be. higher once your five seconds are up or. the red if you think it'll be lower i. press the red lower button here this. line pops up on the chart and a five. second time five seconds go by the price.

Is lower once they're up i was right. boom i basically doubled my money and if. i was wrong i would have lost at all but. again i have a really interesting. strategy for this that on paper should. have a 100 win rate it's a betting. system that originated in the 1800s. called the martingale system so the way. it works is if you're betting on a game. where you could either lose everything. or double it you go into every bed with. the same amount but double it if you. lose or reset back to the default amount. if you win now there are three issues. with this plan one we don't have. unlimited money two even if we did the. website has a max limit bet of a. thousand per bed which is fine we just. have to start at a low enough number to. not hit that thousand third problem you. don't double your money when you win you.

Only get up to 80 percent but i think if. we multiply our bets by 120 instead of. 100 we can balance that out the only way. we can lose money with a strategy is if. we're wrong six times in a row i don't. know that doesn't sound too crazy right. i feel like that's entirely feasible we. just have to have a strategy that's. right once out of every six times i feel. like i could randomly press this button. and be right once every six times so i'm. not gonna do anything fancy i'll just. trade based on support levels and trends. and maybe experiment with the times of. our bets and that's pretty much it and. also if my original strategy doesn't. work i'll just use the drake one you. know the key is i hate to direct the. energy. anywhere else than what we believe in. so again i'm trading based on support. levels and trend lines nothing super.

Concrete but just as concrete as any. pocket option strategy you'll find on. youtube. okay 15 minutes in my heart is pounding. this is mad stressful good news we. haven't gotten that close to being wrong. six times in a row the highest number. i've had to bet with so far is 106. so. although very stressful it is working. we're up by 30 dollars 15 minutes in. okay so it's been another 15 minutes. here so about 30 minutes total and we. are now up by over a hundred dollars i. did have to go in with that 100 bet. amount a few more times but i still. haven't had to go in with more than that. which i think means we haven't gotten. more than three or four trades around in. a row i'm gonna grab a quick meal here. and let's keep this gravy train going i. air fried this chicken last night. thoughts the time you spent cooking if.

You dedicated to kickboxing you could. have got paid. things got crazy at this point i got 10. profitable bets in a row which sounds. nice but it actually got me worried. because if i can get 10 ride in a row. what's stopping me from getting 10 wrong. in a row. okay this is getting crazy so it's been. about another 20 minutes or so here and. we're up by another hundred dollars so. the count total is at 1200 right now. which means we're up by 20. why would you even become a lawyer when. you can make 200 an hour gambling online. ah i just got a few trades wrong in a. row so now i have to double 100 bet so. we're gonna have to go in with 230. dollars as a bet right now and if we get. this one wrong then we're at our final. attempt okay if it touches the support. line right here i'm gonna go long okay. we're going long 230 dollars okay we're.

In the green five not in the green ah no. one okay following our strategy because. we lost this 200 bet we're gonna have to. go in with 515 dollars and if we get. this one wrong. we're out. i'm seeing a little down trend here i'm. gonna go. short. 515 on the line. no no no no no no no no no no no no no. no no. this point our strategy was defeated so. i decided to just go all in with the. remaining two hundred dollars on a. random five second bed inimanimo catch. tiger by the toe one two three and you. are it five. four. three. two. one. great news we won psych they took my. money and claimed this was a loss which. is a little suspicious i guess it could. have dipped alone like the final. millisecond but i think they did me kind. of dirty with this one okay so this did. start out working very well but it's. entirely possible to get six trades.

Wrong in a row i guess you could start. off with a lower initial bet so instead. of ten dollars if we started with one. dollar then maybe we'd have like eight. or nine trades we can get wrong but at. that point you're barely making anything. and the risk of getting nine trades. wrong and losing the thousand dollars is. still there this pocket option website. is a little sus there's people on reddit. accusing them of not allowing. withdrawals and manipulating the prices. so now i'm thinking what if we follow. this up but instead of using straight up. casino websites we try implementing the. strategy into day trading on an actual. exchange let's say on an actual. regulated crypto exchange where you. don't have that thousand dollar betting. limit and you're not worried about. getting fined the real money you can. make with these online casinos is if you.

Have someone white label one for you and. then you offer influencers shady deals. to market it or if you don't want to pay. the 30 40 grand to have someone create. an online casino for you and get a. gambling license on an offshore island. there is an option with a lower barrier. to entry that is to amass an audience. online and then promote these casinos to. your audience who will inevitably lose. money on these websites and you can get. a portion of that so but all these. offshore crypto casinos are super shady. and if you try the martingale system. with any of their games you can't lose. more than like 10 11 times but i do. think it would be very interesting to. implement the martingale system into day. trading on an actual exchange so let me. know if you guys want to see a followup. video on that hope you enjoyed this one.

and have an amazing rest of your day. peace

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