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Before we get into the video make sure. to sign up on 500 casino with code hype. crew as it allows you to claim the. exclusive bonuses and it supports the. channel massively and guys we greatly. appreciate all the support all righty. boys today we're visiting Zeus we're. coming to Gates of Olympus again and. we're coming get a big win all right. let's do this thing let's do this come. on here we go bro I was actually playing. Gates yesterday on stream um and I hit a. 50x multiplier well that was pretty cool. oh that. was haven't seen uh 50x in. ages but it didn't really pay that much. I think it's like a 2. 300X um but it's still. cool. cool definitely ifx is is one of those. those nice ones it's not even Blue Blues. are nice and anything above blue i' say. it's really nice. Definitely yeah it's actually the the. only pink multiplier it's kind of weird.

There's no like 75x multi I would like. that. yeah and wisdom of Athena like. that 40 60 80 wisdom of theena just got. weirdest. ultim but it's never hit him though you. know I wouldn't know if I didn't read. the little info thing of. course uh yeah so let's see maybe maybe. Zeus will gift us one of those rare. multis. today. hope. please I actually just recorded G video. so it went pretty well hopefully the. look continues it's. good come on 20x actually awesome can it. connect that is the question probably. not wait. unless nice little $6. tumble massive $6 right there let's go. massive all right and the 50x loss all. right what are we doing. 800 I'm trying to do some big bonus bu. today though so we need to get winning. 4K buys I mean we get a Max win we do a. 5k buy okay I mean we can do it anyway. right if we get like a decent.

Win we get the balance up bro maybe well. uh run and then win again on the 5K and. then actually no Max on the. 5K that's the. plan okay that wouldn't be. too um too good for the casino what you. say five by Max win is what 250k that. that would just be yeah that would. just we we're talking about like it's. going to happen I I would it's not going. to happen I wouldn't be able to process. a win that. big yeah it it is pretty. hard I. bet oh I don't think we're going to get. it in this bonus 4X multi two spins to. go oh farx the the the massive multi. that we have here the setup yeah very. massive. all right well starting off been not the. best two losses what do you think we. should do I think we should do a 1K buy. because it's going to pay because the. third bonus always pays especially after. two losses all right trusty bro TR.

Process let's go process do you guys. trust. this I hope I hope so hope you guys. trust our abilities on the. slots oh the crown so close hey nice 2x. 2x keep those 2x multis. coming we need. more okay. actually I was going to say it doesn't. look too good on Interruption and then. it doesn't connect so I guess I can say. that yeah um yeah definitely doesn't. look great eight X eight. spins come. on why is it so dead why why are we dead. spinning so much mate. s hourglasses. bro a retrigger we kind of need bro. come on bro bro. please please. Rings purples okay chales okay. chales okay. chales we could look at those chales bro. man come on CH they just didn't want to. drop in doesn't matter how much you ask. they weren't coming. yep oh the chales again oh not again. chales today apparently okay another. loss okay another 50x back okay what.

Would you do here bro I don't know man. it's looking good three I need you to. make the next call bro what would you do. in this situation go go 12200 maybe. 1200 but it needs to pay like come on. cuz we're already down half the money. yeah it's not great it's not great. please bro Zeus help us out here. man yes nice nice nice nice. nice2 26 okay okay now it's looking a. bit better on the race bet as well don't. forget so hopefully it connects we just. we've already got a multi we got the. setup now just premiums please oh just. don't dead SP no wa Golds okay gold nice. all right don't one of these bonuses. I've seen them before it's kind of. looking scary the amount of dead spins. we're getting. oh oh nah bro. okay I've seen this before okay Zeus. thank you man really really do love this. bonus ourglass. somehow crazy crazy we're going to lose.

Money here that's crazy I've seen yeah. I've seen them before man it's just so. cringe after that I don't even want to. play this game. 30 30X multiplier we lost money and it. was pretty much all at the like first. spin all right well that was depressing. 1,00 just keep going up I think we have. to bro I think we have to if this pays. we can back but please. pay we thought the last one was going to. pay like I still don't know how it. didn't but yeah that's the thing that's. kind of worrying me now bro like if the. last bonus doesn't pay what. will we need a red multi I guess a blue. is not enough yeah I guess you're. own how about you dropping a a little. 500x bomb. please boom F Boom come on ourglass. Blues hey hourglass bomb. nope right what's going on here is he. even 20x and doesn't connect or just two. x's he'd loves to connect the two x's.

Though yeah talking about. them oh. buddy we're going to have to have a. conversation after this this this wasn't. going to happen you were me to give us. money you man give us profit every. single buy by the way every single buy. all right we're getting a multi that's. good. nice boom there it is I don't know how. you knew that but cool full line Rings. oh yeah the full line of. rings nice and it's 10 as well 10. Rings nice we got about the full line of. rings. thing when you get a full line of rings. for multi. guaranteed but are we still going to. lose money yeah we're still lose money. so it doesn't matter it doesn't matter. the Rings kind of helped but definitely. did help we still lose money run a back. screw it it was definitely the best. bonus so far so best bonus so far wasn't. even a profit that's the worst thing.

That is the wor thing we're trying our. best there that's when you know the. video's not going too well 8 minutes. into this and we haven't had a single. profit oh please Zeus welcome to slots. where anything can happen. mhm I feel like videos like this we. always end up winning in the end anyway. so yes we do actually though like the. last few like ridiculously bad sessions. just turned out really well well I feel. like I was going to say we're just going. to hit something crazy. bro red multi I mean I'm down come. on maybe maybe this isn't the bonus. where we hit something crazy but you. know it's the warm. up feel like we've been warming up for a. while here. though this whole has just been a. warmup. rings that full line of rings thing is. very satisfying I want that. again yeah usually when you get it you. get 10 as.

Well just a big stack however it's set. of a loss unless we connect. somehow. multi nice such a. this yeah it's another one of these like. kind of saves like last time another. loss it's not a big loss but it's it's. another loss we do it. again maybe 1600. okay I don't know man just anything this. is what five in a row I think we were on. like a I think more bro I think like six. or seven yeah lost count lost count at. this point yeah I think it's more it's. it's really bad like. um a normal person would just stop by. now but but we're not normal yeah. unfortunately we keep. going until he gives us something. please Hees just. anything is. good oh my. god Zeus right okay what's what's going. on here then this wasn't in the script. of the video like you're me to actually. heay something give give at at least one. profit you know one profit Ze isn't.

Listening he. not just tumble like crazy on okay never. mind 3 I get. gold I'm trying I'm trying to I'm trying. to stay calm here but hard when he just. keep. losing chares we got to hit the ches. surely nice okay more keep. hitting again it's a little bit how much. is that no it's not almost it's. close all right you want to just do 2K. by cuz like yeah we might as well we're. on like a 10 losing streak by now. probably we might as well. um listen after all that Max win is Du. come on do it now oh if we had a Max win. now all would be forgotten all would be. forgiven forgiven forgotten everything. we would actually be happy we'd be very. very happy and we will be. screaming please drop something in yep. right. that's all right it's a. start we get a 3X and see the multis are. just going to get bigger listen one. multi every spin even if they're small.

That's. fine they we build. up okay come. on. Golds anything. multi. oh we really need this to pay we we need. just to save. again I can't believe we're again the. loss I cannot believe. it yeah I it's just unbelievable at this. point oh my days Oh my. days it's a 10x as well it is a. 10x well I mean the bonus buyers have. been really bad maybe the base game go. go big spins yeah big spins base game. might be where it's at I don't know. where else the winds are where else. would it be. at we haven't profited on a bonus buy. once in 13 minutes of recording I'm I'm. sorry you guys have to watch this very. sorry but we promise this will be worth. it a big. win it's got to come. right and one of these come. on bonus two more scatters boom boom no. boom boom. oh my god oh my. god well we're going to have to put some. more we um I've got a crazy idea bro I.

Don't know if you're going to like it. all right well you want to do it my my. idea you just got to trust the idea do. you want to do. it yeah I want to do it let's just go. get some more money then give us a. second guys all right boys luckily D has. agreed to the idea of doing something. very very stupid listen listen oh we. need to. it's it must be you know it pay simple. as that it has to pay surely right after. so many losses ah let's just just click. it just click it just click it boom. let's go boom $3 rake back thank you. very much we're guaranteed $3 of rake. back from this bonus which is good. guaranteed something M let's see can we. please I'm not even going to say it. anymore go watch come on. M I for tumbles are his bed. size this one's I'm I'm this one's going. to pay it's going to pay you do you. think yes it's spins paying Al loan oh.

This is three grand already oh mate it's. three and a half. okay what just connected everything the. whole video we go without winning. anything and we just connected like. everything in that one great right. please keep connect yeah do more of that. please what we we might be on something. here oh just don't go dead now come on. can't was that we cannot waste that gold. I'm glad we got a good multi. too oh this ball come on purples Blues. come on keep going purples uh purples. Rings hourglasses R full R of rings no. we still got the multi though 6x profit. oh bro those rings have been so good we. got profit now we need the rest come on. the rest come on keep hitting one more. hit one more good hit at. least. Bo red. yep more Blues I don't know we need one. more hit that's like a th. hit 23x. bro purples we need purples come on.

Purples seven no seven purples seven. greens come on man come on I mean it's. it's very annoying it's not bad it's not. bad but for the setup we had at the. start I feel like we expected the setup. was just so good and the multiply I mean. what it's like yeah 28 hey bro yeah. after so many losses oh. God you going to say it just say it bro. yeah but maybe not as big maybe not as. big how big maybe like a a 36 36 okay. still massive but still very big but we. can work with a 3600 it gives us like. some you know backup money just in case. some some wiggle room some wiggle room I. like that listen after so many losses. I'm back to back is do I've said it. before I've say it again come. on red multi now oh my God right. now still do. it just be over if we got red there. over 2x we do need. more Yep nice okay purples.

Somehow nice let's go purples all right. come on actually give us more. multis. nice nice okay adding up slow doing. something we need premiums though we. need premiums yeah I'd love to connect. crowns you know we haven't connected. crowns rounds yeah purple that's going. to be Pur Rings nine Rings oh please two. more oh bro the premiums where are. they 15x isn't bad though I guess not. bad at all if we. connect yeah greens M hourglasses do it. it's good hourglass come on one more oh. just needed one. hourglass this is stressing me out come. on come on come on come. on oh. oh blues or rings come on no you. scammers where's the. blues purple. surely it doesn't want to do it we just. like one off 25x again set up I don't. get it we're getting how bro the set 25. x again like back to back. bonuses I've got I've got an idea let's.

Do five $100 spins down to 5K. we don't get. anything we just run back the 5K. by pleas yep oh we spin in which would. be even better oh my God great 8K bonus. imagine let's see maybe the base game. can help us base game just doesn't do. anything on this. game right all right three two one boom. boom Oh I feel like we've been getting. lucky the last two bonus FES with the. multies it's not with the tumbles yeah. the tumbles are just can we please. connect something whoa what a spin whoa. more multi though more I like how it. connects Lo from the first spin like. that eight Rings eight hourglasses you. better keep doing that. buddy you better keep doing. it nice okay gold come on keep keep. tumbling great nice it just doesn't now. come on we need more multis that's what. we need. come on Zeus. buddy. greens please man yep okay.

4X 10x Multiply eight spins ah it's just. I don't know 2K back red y good Rings. chales there's just so much that we. could connect he doesn't want. it he's gold. all right right we just need a big. tumble oh no a the. hourglasses mate. purples why oh why do you do this. Zeus this guy hates us all right we can. do a 2400 I feel like we're just slowly. slowly heading. down unless something like a miracle. happen I feel like our only chance was. the was the the FY the first one yeah. like it we needed that to keep tumbling. and it just didn't and. yeah we had. multi yeah that that bonus was set up. for. greatness and it just us. down not to. believe also we've profited like twice. today out of so many bonuses that needs. to be talked about. yeah unfortunately that is how it's been. and we don't even have a multi. here Reds are.

In a 100x bro do it just do. it nice 100x there we go. beautiful. beautiful yep something tells me we're. going to get half arm back. here I've got a sneaky. suspicion. multi a no. good Max crowns Max crowns do it why. not yeah we're just losing hope here. it's not. good. Reds purples I don't even know mate. purples yeah nice look at that and. there's the half half the money last. spin will be. dead and. yeah doing. 1,800 oh man this is pain session slowly. going down. torture it's very painful this one this. is a tough sit sit. through. yeah like come on man we connected a 20x. before early and it didn't even pay. profit like how is that. possible that's what we're dealing with. today that's just that's that's that's. just the summmer of the whole video 28. connect it still didn't do. anything that's just so depressing like.

That bonus was actually a scam bro we. have like eight dead spins in a. row didn't do anything they're all a. scam look at. them again we're going to get half the. money bu it's just always half Buck half. bu half. bu don't don't even know if we're. getting half back this time not going to. be that. generous yeah all right well let's just. end the video here SC screw Zeus this is. just pressing. now man we actually did profit like. twice today. bro not a day the gates unfortunate not. a. um well I guess that's going to be it. guys um yeah like we said like you can. see very unlucky session nothing else. can really be done there we did about a. million bonus buyers yeah thanks so much. for watching if you did enjoy please. make sure to smash that like button. subscribe to the channel check the Bing. comment as well we'll see you all in the.

next one. peace

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