12.05.2024 Cataract Oars SGG and SGX Oar Line | Gear Preview

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All right Dylan here with cataract doors. Outdoor Retailer 2017 and looking at our. SGG or line comes in a variety of colors. we also have the X wound here which is. the all carbon fiber finish and that's. just primarily in the carbon black super. light highest into where we Bank we also. have the SGX and the blue which is 30%. stiffer than the SGG line so couple. different lines and the ORS and then we. have blades here variety of blades the. newer one being the cut thread blade. which is more of a lowwater specific. blade and it's been really well done. really well for us it's kind of big in. the fish fishing drift boat guys seem to. really like it but it translates over to. the whitewater stuff as well and then we. have the original floater believed the. magnum blade which is by far most. popular and then kind of the most.

Highend is the razor blade the foam. core or carbon fiber wrap on it. and that edge protector just to help. keep the carbon. but really the biggest thing for us this. year is the sort of we agreed on the. kick quilt line what has been. traditionally known as the mini Magnum. and so now we have a removable blade. system for that so they'll be the mini. Magnum blade as well as the mini. cutthroat clips that's more of that. lowwater specific design and then we've. moved to a ground and painted shaft. similar to what's in the larger or line. and with a new breakdown system so it. all packs down pretty small seen a lot. of growth in the smaller boat market so. it's make sense to have something that. packages down really small you can draw. up your sedan or whatever and drive up. to some of these smaller creeks lakes.

and go fishing get access that way we. also have the new handle will be. introduced for 2018 into the line this. is just a prototype but basically it's a. thumb groove that allows you to index. the or based on feel so you know just by. feeling that handle that your blade is. rioted and that you go to make a stroke. and you're not going to miss so pretty. simple and pretty effective that will be. introduced for 2018 so that's what's new. this year and stay tuned go the website. and we'll let you know when those things. would become available

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