12.05.2024 YHI Energy - Incell 48V Lithium Battery Unboxing

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Welcome to another one. product preview today we're taking a. look at the N cell s lb 250 or 250. empowered smart lithium battery until. our a Swedish based manufacturer with. some manufacturing in Mexico and sales. offices around the world. they make lithium batteries for. primarily the telco market but we're. looking at using these into other. markets in New Zealand so the smart. lithium battery is a for you 250 M power. lithium battery based on nickel. manganese cobalt technology it has got a. nominal voltage of 48 volts and we're. expecting to use these in the telco. market but also as an offgrid battery. with the SMA sunny island with newly. released and sell yes L will be connect. which allows communication between these. batteries and yes Mei sunny island. system so this means you could have a. very energy dense offgrid lithium.

Solution that could be reacting the. stacked for example of 90 kilowatt hours. into a single rack so let's have a look. at the battery so here we have it this. is the new 250 amp hour lithium battery. from himself so as you can see here on. the nameplate there 48 volt DC nominal. fifty 250 ampere so that's twelve point. seven kilowatt hours of battery capacity. in this box here so let's unpack this. beast 64 kilos so might be interesting. so here we have it beast in all that's. unpacked glory ok she's you know pretty. industrial but it is designed to work in. a rack with multiple batteries stacked. on top of each other to give you a. really good sort of battery system in a. cabinet with all your protection and. stuff and board I wanna cover here we've. got our 100 amp circuit breaker. each battery with its own hundred amp.

Circuit breaker you have comms in and. out a and B stick them up and down to. bus power connections here so basically. you can stack all these batteries up in. Iraq. nice bus bag going between them run them. all in parallel far up the cabin he part. with a pack here 40% stateof-charge. that's what we'd expect for a lithium. battery to be shipped you know that's. the safest stateof-charge range to be. shipping with him around and five. seconds to turn the pack on not there's. much more to see from here until we get. it connected to an inverter or a. rectifier system and then we can see the. comms from the battery of showing our. state of charge and temperature. information and what the maximum charge. would discharge rate could be on the. battery it was a battery by itself we. don't see that much information but yeah.

We'll get this hooked up into an SMA. sunny island system shortly and then we. can see what what sort of information we. have coming through it's one of the. aspects this battery here is you know. this is this is a four year battery so. when you think about our current range. of batteries being 2.4 kilowatts has. become the sort of Norman a. twoand-a-half-year package this is 12. point 7 kilowatt hours in a 4u package. that's that's more than five times the. density of the current batteries which. are which are going on out there so this. increase in density is quite a big leap. but when you're put in those big. offgrid systems and you're wanting to -. really yo get as much capacity as you. can into one cabinet this is going to be. a fantastic goto solution so there we. have it. this lb 250 now it's just a bit of a.

product preview whatever follow up video. with this connected up to a sunny island. so you can see the integration there and. maybe even one with eight of these. stacked into a cabinet to see what that. looks like if you're looking for any. more information please contact one of. your white rice sales reps or follow us. on social media and asks a question. there

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