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Dude why do we always come in when. there's just numbers. here see we get our blackjack win. there's been one. and literally every single time we go on. a little streak dude of losing. then we go back to blackjack we get. another double down and we come back. yeah maybe crazy. it's due that's that's what i'm getting. at. you know what happens bro. you know what happens as soon as you. leave someone some someone says in the. chat. multiplier holy . i'm leaving double on two turns. oh god. so if you've been harder does it take. noticeably longer. slightly noticed somebody literally made. it count. come on lady seriously. man there should be a countdown to. how many spins she has left brother we. literally haven't got a bonus in 25. spins is that 20 how many is that. 21 spins 22 now one spins we have not. got a bonus. i'm leaving this double bed in it listen.

It's mathematically impossible yep to go. next five spins has to be a bonus it's. guaranteed. now is it gonna be a good bonus we don't. know. we're hoping. i'm being respectful she isn't basically. i know if i ever see this girl to. run for the house i'm just here. to uh host the game ever see this girl. dude how to do her job. and if i'm calling out somebody i'm. being rude that's not calling them out. on it. yeah so like yeah even if you had your. own strategy you would not be profiting. at all. 128 winners it's going to squirt any. time. doctor winners. wow dude it's coming i'm telling you. within the next two hours. you're gonna see something crazy on. crazy time dude. within the next two hours i might just. stay the entire night here. once again i don't think you know what. that means because. something's happening bro something's.

Gonna happen. number two. problem is are we going to get milked in. time dude like we have 21 000. yeah. we're doing 2000 a pop i'm not leaving. i'm not backing down either dude yeah. deep breath you just gotta third stone. only play the game if you want to only. if it's fun if the come on man it's got. to be a bonus here pretty soon right. it has to be. henna. whoa. now. back. hey. there hasn't even been any crazy. multipliers on a number since she's been. on here like she's literally giving. nothing. you know. hey finally breaking that curse now the. bonus they're gonna start . scouting yeah let's go baby now listen. guys we lost a lot of balance here we're. gonna need a 50x or something yeah we. need a huge huge squirt i'll tell you. the time i got double four times oh. the band police let's go. come on man good board please.

Please man we need doubles. okay 5x is a minimum multiplier small. not too many of these eight nice yup. yup. maximum oh okay okay okay listen. a 170 thousand dollars guns oh my god. get ready hey it's lined up it's lined. up. okay get off that chair josh you're. gonna can't need something. oh scissors hey you're getting too. excited hold on i'm in here we gotta go. left. oh my god bro. all right. a crazy time. i got that i actually got that a few. days ago 25 x on pachinko. just doesn't break there's no break on. it anymore. face up with the 17 inch long nice. tony says do something in caps hey. what's up tony. good. boy if i wasn't uh if i wasn't driving. home tonight i totally would. we're just chilling tonight. first relaxants yeah champion sweater's. gotta be dirty bro. well not here at all you didn't wash it. man no way says hello how's that for.

Dirty how's that for dirty daddy. let's go guys all right. hey guys we have 430 dollars okay okay. yeah that's it all right brother what. are you talking about that's it. we're 400 bank [ __ ] dollars. here. come on here we go. now good luck come on. man welcome welcome welcome everyone. don't be shy as you can probably tell. there's a lot of space for everybody for. harry. potter where are we going guys danny. donut i want you to take over this one. bro yellow. okay i'm gonna let mitch take it over. bro yellow is saying yellow guys. the most popular toys. get the yellows in the chat come on for. good luck come on bro we need this come. on we need this here. was the most popular one that he needs. some more pokemon cards. to get the game started come on bro. we're on good luck. i guys. i can fly. yes. okay. guys 200 potential here we're talking.

About 100 thousand dollars if it hits 200. oh my god 100 000 if it hits 200 bucks fellas all right get real low get real here like what kind of stance we're going for which medium all right okay mom bro he's calling it's nice call buddy yeah that ain't over yeah it's not over another double be great though i don't mean to burst your bubble here but we have a 200 000 potential all right 200 000 potential here on this one guys i don't mean to burst your bubble or anything but if this hits 400 x this is 200 000 200 x that's 100 000 all right come on let's go oh come on holy boys it's going guys double please i told you oh oh my goodness guys oh my god oh my god guys congratulations 500.000 i think we should leave here let it sit at 500 000.

Let's just do this thing for a little. bit. holy . five hundred thousand dollars guys. that's 500 i told you that's your. record. that's right. my god. oh my goodness bro i think mike's. retired now. what a call get the mitch going. in the chat. mitch was feeling yellow let's go. let's go. oh. oh my goodness guys. was that 400 bucks a half a million. that's the match win you can get on. grades there would have been more than. that we got the max it was 700. glad we got the maximum god bro. half a million. half a mill. i wanted to quickly say that we also. have i'm so glad we got to be here for. this. let's go guys with. record win with the brothers. oh my. let's go guys. oh my god oh wow connor let's go bro who. would have up the 50 mom. holy . wow guys i'm glad we toughed it are we. stuck there where would you went mitch.

if we were playing right now i'd let you. take the call again uh. please i want you to pick the 15 okay. 15 bro oh right here right at that bunny. huh yeah. wow guys we have 500 000 in that bank oh. my god. should bring your own shania. here. now. it's nice. all right listen. we don't get lower than 400k we're. spending 100 grand tonight again i. literally told people last night that we. were getting to half a mill. we are we are. so we're gonna we're gonna put 100 grand. back in. um we're gonna leave at 400k no matter. what all right. you

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